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company closed still owe tax deposit us$296

On September 2018, I went for a Time Sharing session and given a 4 days Hawaii Trip with Return Airfare . As printed and required on the voucher I was given, I have to pay the company Holiday Travel of America US$296 so I did. It is near a year, I don't hear anything from the company for the trip I was looking for. Recently, I found out the company was closed down. I need my Tax Deposit US$296 back. I called and emailed but can't reach anyone.

this company has closed down and didn't return my deposit check

I have a travel voucher from this company and have already given my preferred dates of travel including the "Tax Deposit" check for US$ 296 in order to ensure that I can use the voucher.

7 months later, I called the phone line on the voucher and was advised that Holiday Travel of America is "closed or no longer doing business" and was referred back to the company who awarded me the voucher.

I checked the website and they are still up.

I received no phone call, no mail or check to refund my money.

scam - travel services

Do not do business with this company. I attended a presentation with an unrelated company and holiday travel of america was the company that was supposed to honor a vacation & travel package. They say they "never received any voucher" from me. I literally took a photo of the actual voucher before I sent it off. I forwarded them the image which they could easily verify with the company I received it from had they felt the need to. They just continue to lie and say they "never received anything" and can not honor it because they supposedly do not have the voucher in hand. This is complete bs. What the reality of the matter is, is that they do not want to honor anything they don't have to so they do not have to spend the money. They will find any excuse to not have to pay out for what they are supposed to do. I have pictures and proof, and yet they still do not want to honor it.
Stay away from this company. As you can see in other reviews they do this to myself and many other customers frequently. Pure scam.

owner unethical behavior

The owner of Holiday Travel of America, Richard Romanello claiming 43 employees needed to buy an used Universal Remote Control URC MX-980 on eBay. Pics of the used item and description where listed on eBay. Me a seller on Ebay agreed to an offer and shipped the item. Ten days later, RR is asking to return item on my expense and refund the agreed money plus return shipping cost. RR stated the MX-980 is not working as his "buddy" programer could not reprogram it. I pleased RR repeatedly to follow the procedure indicated by URC, that is using an authorized store for reprograming!
RR wrote he has 7 (seven) other MX-930. I asked repeatedly before refund and return to provide the serial number of the motherboard. RR did not answer. He forced through eBay the return and refund and got me a negative performance appreciation.
I am wondering why all complaints about RR's company have no impact on sales. I would avoid RR and his company at any price!

doesnt return phone calls/manager extrememly rude

I booked a trip back in April to travel in October. They make you choose two different travel dates a week apa in case they cannot book one of them. Upon booking my trip I called and told them that I had to travel on Oct 1 and if it was not available I would need to cancel. They told me they would contact me 21 to 45 days prior to my first travel date and let me know. No one ever contacted me so I began calling and getting transfered to an Estrella's voicemail who never returned my calls. I also sent emails and was never answered. I then called again and said I did not want voicemail and they put me through to Estrella again. I explained I had not been contacted about my trip and needed to know what was going on. She in return said that they have a high volume of calls and cannot return all of them and thats why I have not been contacted. She also said that my travel date for Oct 1st could not be granted because they couldnt get me a room for that date. I asked why wasnt i told 21 to 45 days ago about this and she just repeated herself saying they are very busy.. Really? they werent too busy to take my $1000 dollars for this travel package, but tthey are too busy to contact their customer regarding travel accomodations that they pre sold me? Estrella ended up saying she was the manager and no one else was above her that I could speak with. She never apologized and just kept repeating herself that they are busy. She ended up putting me on an eternal hold and when I hung up and called back, she kept answering and hanging up. I feel like I am in the twighlight zone and cannot believe the lack of customer service. I thought I had booked a trip and I guess they were too busy to actually do what I had paid for. I cannot find any other info on this company to contact about the insanity I just experienced. I would really like my money back.

  • Mk
    MkStItCh Sep 22, 2014

    I am confused... If you were told from the start that they might not be able to give you the date you wanted then WHY didn't you just choose NOT to book with them???

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  • Mk
    MkStItCh Sep 22, 2014

    And before you say it... YES I read that you asked and they said they would contact you.
    This still leaves one to ask WHY WOULD YOU EVEN CHANCE IT???

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  • Pr
    prncesslap Sep 22, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My complaint is more about the way she handled the situation. They lack customer service and don't even abide by their own rules which are ridiculous to begin with. Never was I told that I would have to provide two travel dates and a sixty day notice when booking a trip. The whole package they sell people is a SCAM!!! And "Estrella" is under qualified to do her job and has not the slightest knowledge in customer service.

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  • Mk
    MkStItCh Sep 23, 2014

    The first 2 lines of your complaint reads, "I booked a trip back in April to travel in October. They make you choose two different travel dates a week apa in case they cannot book one of them."

    How can you now say that they NEVER told you that you had to pick 2 dates?

    Because you are making things up to make it sound better for you... This leads me to believe that you needed to give notice to them if you wanted to cancel as well.

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  • Pr
    prncesslap Sep 23, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At the time when I purchased the vacation package, they did not tell me about booking two travel dates. I learned that the first time I tried to book a trip. Why don't you get a life and not worry about my complaint unless you are a part of this horrible company which you probably are. Explains why you're so interested in my claim. Estrella is a horrible "manager" and had no clue how to handle customers and should go work for the DMV or better yet do the world a favor and get out of a customer service based industry.

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false advertisement

Horrible company to work with,
Liars, don t waste your time. lots of phone calls that get you nowhere!
Gave them a second chance and their service was even worse.
Customer service is terrible, specially if you get a girl named Chris, well trained in giving negative answers to any question you have.
Really difficult to get hold of anybody, and according to them the USPS always loses they re mail.
Waste of time, worse company ever!!!

no trip for almost 1 year!!! big scam!!!

I have to agree with everyone else on this board, this company is a complete scam! In May of 2009 we received a free "Hawaii trip" and a free " Mexican Cruise" for purchasing a timeshare with Global Exchange Vacation. In June we sent out our request for an October Hawaii trip with 2 different dates along with a check for $60. They sent us a confirmation letter with the dates, then told us that our trip was not available! if we wanted we can upgrade for more days or a different location but it will cost us more $$$. Then we ended up trading our Hawaii vacation trip for vacation coupon book. We tried booking our new trip with more $$$ ( an all inclusive Caribbean trip) to Dominican Republic and we were given the run around for months!!! They finally confirmed a Feb 2011 date and gave us the hotel information. We were familiar with the hotel (RIU hotels) because we have stayed at one before in Cabo. MX. They quoted a discounted fee of $800 for the trip ( no flight included). I went to the RIU website and searched the exact trip, and guess what? I found a better deal straight through RIU than I did with Holiday of America!!! We called the supervisor Nuvia ( the one we have been dealing with for almost a year!!!) and told her why we were getting ripped off with their supposedly "discounted prices???" She had no answer and told us that the quotes came straight from the corporate offices and she will see what she can do. We called her back on December 23rd 2010 to find out what was going on with our Caribbean trip??? Nuvia answered and asked us if we could hold for a moment, 5 minutes later she answers and we asked her what was going on with our February trip, she told us that they are closing for the holidays and will not return until January 3rd!!! She could not even help her last customer!!! Terrible customer service!!! We are currently trying to book our Caribbean trip and our cruise that we just submitted and were asked to change our dates. We will not give up scam or no scam!!! They will not get the satisfaction. I never, ever, ever complain on-line for companies but this company has done it for my boyfriend and I. Please, please do not book anything from them, stay away!!!

  • Ia
    Ian Reyes Sep 11, 2013

    Horrible company to work with,
    Liars, don t waste your time. lots of phone calls that get you nowhere!
    Gave them a second chance and their service was even worse.
    Customer service is terrible, specially if you get a girl named Chris, well trained in giving negative answers to any question you have.
    Really difficult to get hold of anybody, and according to them the USPS always loses they re mail.
    Waste of time, worse company ever!!!

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do not use use this company!

My partner and I attended two timeshare presentations (different companies) and we were supposed to receive a 5 day, 4 night cruise to mexico and a 2 night, 3 day to hawaii. We sent in the money for the taxes and fees (for both trips) and received a letter requesting our preferred travel dates. We sent them in and thought we were good to go. Wrong!

So our first set of preferred dates came and went and after receiving no call from holiday travel, we called them. They stated that that weren't able to confirm us on those dates, but still had our second preferred dates listed. We asked over and over again for them to confirm them (so that we could get the time off from work) and they wouldn't do it, saying that they only were able to confirm them about a month out. So we get to a month out of our second travel dates and call them once again and surprise, surprise... It’s not available (unless you pay more money and upgrade!). Ok so we push back our dates again. And then again. So we called again 2 days ago and we questioned the cruise trip first. Sorry, still not available. Then we asked about our second trip and the representative said that they were unable to give us 2 trips due to their policies. Never once was this told to us and we had spoken to them at least 10 times by this point and in addition they had gladly accepted my check for taxes and fee for both trips. I asked to speak to the manager and pretty much, I was told getting my money back would be the easier thing to do. Never once did they try to accommodate me or speak to me on how we could resolve the issue.

This was by far the breaking point. I want absolutely nothing to do with this company. It is nothing but a scam and all they do is play games with you. I honestly have no idea how this company is still in business. There's no guest service, it takes forever to get a call back (if they even do decide to call you back) and they treat you like crap because the trip is free. If I can give you any advice, do not use this company! So as of right now, i'm waiting to receive my refund check in the mail... Until then i'm out $350+ dollars!

no refund when promised

After sending in my $78 check in November of 2009 and over 20+ calls to Cynthia requesting them to send out the travel package, I didn’t get the voucher until April of 2010. On several occasions I was told that they were shipped to me but a tracking number was never provided when asked. When I called to complain, I was disconnected on the phone 6 times and was told "the check was in the mail. After waiting 7 more weeks they decided not to refund my money after all.


the ultimate runaround!

My husband and I received a travel voucher from Holiday travel of America for 2 days, 3 nights in Hawaii. We sent a check covering all the taxes and fees and set our sites on a mini vacation. We were contacted by the agency and told our first request for dates were not available. Our second request was in August (we requested in March/April) and we never were contacted again by the agency. I called to request itenery information and promptly got the run around, being told that they are booking into October, and our dates were not available. We were also told "you should have called us to check in". We were more than a little irrate! After getting nowhere with their "supervisor" I told her we wanted a full refund for our trip. She said we should receive it within 10-14 days. I asked "and what if we don't receive it?" their answer was "call us back"...what a crock!!! I guess we'll see if we get our refund!

  • Sh
    shirley dickson Jul 29, 2010

    Well count me on this list. I too was told all I had to do was to go to one of these presentations and I would win my trip to Hawaii with free air fare. Well it took me 4 months just to get to getting my paperwork for the fly away. Lady name Gena I spoke with all these months. Finally got my paperwork which I sent to Holiday of America. They sent me a form to fill out along with $400.00 per person(2). I gave them 2 dates. Not available, gave them more dates, still when time came, which u have to wait up to 60 days before travel time, still not available. Today 7-29-10 I call for to see if my date for 9-28-10 guess what not available. Go figure! Promotional thing my butt. RIP OFF! I wouldn't advice anyone to fall for this scam. Now she also tells me I can't book in 2011. It would expire. This has been going on for 18 months. Now I'm calling back to see if I can get my money back. If they don't I'm contacting my lawyer. And u wanna know something else, the very comp. that these people sponsor for which is Summerbay Resorts, I have a timeshare with. I'm contacting now also. I was just told on the phone that I would receive a check in the mail 10-14 business days. I said if I didnt they would hear from my lawyer. These people should not be in business. VERY UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER. I will update this if I haven't receive my money.

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This firm takes advantage of the consumer. We went to a 90 minute presentation then got the voucher for a weekend stay in Napa. Several back and forth in getting our date booked, then when it was finally done they had booked us for yet another 90 minute presentation, which I declined. I was told that if I declined the 90 minute prez the certificate I orignally got (when I attended the first 90 minute prez) would be cancelled and void. I could NOT believe it! Its a scam to cheat people out of getting the services promised to them in the first place! SCAM.

  • Th
    There's no free lunch!! Mar 22, 2010

    Like many others my husband and I went to a free lunch and program on timeshares for holidays. we didn't buy but opted for the "free gift". What a rip off! We spent over a year trying to get our trip to Hawaii planned. There were never any vacancies and we were constantly put off for many months and then there were still no vacancies. We did finally get our $100 good faith deposit returned and were promised free hotel accommodation in lieu of the Hawaiian trip. That also never eventuated and they did not return any calls or messages. This has to stop. Fortunately all it ended up costing us was time but I think of the many people who might have taken this one step further buy actually buying into the whole timeshare concept.

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  • Do
    Dori V Jun 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Add my complaint to the many who have been scammed by Holiday Travel of America. I just received my THIRD letter telling me that the 'free' B&B vacations dates 'cannot be confirmed'. I'm giving up- which is what they are counting on, I'm sure.

    This is why Timeshares have such bad reputations...they deserve them.

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  • We
    wendyandnorm Aug 31, 2010

    I went to a 90 minute presentation in October 2009 and got the voucher...sent in the deposit...every time I request dates they are not available. They sent me one saying if I wanted to go somewhere else it would be easier...left phone messages everyday for 1 week with no return calls and submitted a contact us on their website. Fianlly get a return call 1 week and 1 day later and was told there were no availabilities untill November and I could submit 2 dates in that month but they could not tell me if anything was available. I mentioned the letter they had sent offering additional properties and they told me that it was only good for the one location that we had chosen (but never available). TOTAL SCAM!!!

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never give cruise

Toured a Thousand Trails campground and received "free Cruise" as reward. Had to send in $325 to cover taxes and port fees, which totaled $140 on cruise lines web site. Followed instructions to the letter. Got approved for two possible dates 6 months later, but were told we could guarantee a date if we would upgrade. Received several phone calls offering upgrades and guaranteeing dates. We declined, and as dates approached, we were told they were filled, but upgraded cabins were still available. When we declined again, they offered us a vacation coupon book instead. We declined and were told we could try to pick new dates again, but fine print said offer would expire before these dates arrived. Still waiting for refund of my money. Bottom line is if you don't spend money on an upgrade, you'll never get a cruise. Their final upgrade price was higher than I could get through AAA. Total scam. Shame on Thousand Trails for profligating this scam!

holiday travel of america timeshare ripoff scam trips — fern park, nancy nguyen scams customer with fraud

Holiday Travel of America Timeshare Ripoff Scam Trips --Fern Park, Nancy Nguyen Scams customer with fraud

This is the classic bait-and-switch trick used by Timeshare companies. Holiday Travel of America is one of the worst companies with the most deceiving, scheming customer service. Fern Park is their customer service manager that heads this scam operation. Nancy Nguyen along with other service representatives will tell you a series of deceiving offers and inconsistent claims to trick you into signing papers. Shame on their conscience for openly lying to customers with their eyes open! Oh yeah, they won't even blink when they lie to you. And afterward, they will deny everything they ever told you. They actually hope and wish that customers have hearing problems. That's terrible sales strategy! These people should go back to elementary schools.

Holiday Travel of America lured me into attending their meetings to learn about buying their timeshare properties. If you do not buy anything, you are still entitled a gift of free trip to Hawaii, that is with airfare and accommodations. They keep repeating and emphasize that when you go. (if you do buy the timeshare properties, they also offer other more enticing trips, I wonder if those are scams too).

I went to their meeting, followed their instructions to complete many forms. Paid $100 deposit for the trip. They say the rest is free. And make you choose three dates of possible time. After that, Holiday Travel of America confirmed my dates by mail. Now, before my travel date, I received nothing, feeling kind of uneasy, I called Holiday Travel of America. They told me, the dates I chose were filled and not available. They told me to choose some later dates. (umm, thanks for letting me know beforehand) I just wonder what would have happened if I didn't call?? I went through my calendar and picked many dates. Holiday Travel of America told me next 2 months is not available due to Holiday travels. I was told to call back later. I called back two more times, and was told everything was booked again for Jan Feb, March, April.
At that time, I was concerned that my tickets would expire by April. I was told by two customer service representatives at Holiday Travel of America that "It's ok if the expiration date passes, it's not your fault, we were booked and if you want to do it later, we would still let you travel, we will work it out with you. Don't worry about the expiration date, just call us later" Since they told me this, I did not insist them to book me in before the expiration date, (I couldn't anyways, it was all booked).
I called back in May. They now told me my offer expired. And if I want to travel to Hawaii, I would have to pay $169 per night at one of their hotels, in addition to holding my deposit payment. Nancy Nguyen and Fern Park repeatedly lied and attempted to trick me into signing papers that would force me to pay extra to travel! Nancy and Fern Park called me everyday rushing me to sign a contract with them. They repeatedly lied about the content of the contract, hoping I won't read it. In fact the contract said nothing about a trip to Hawaii, it stated 20 other unrelated locations. I personally manage sales managers at my company, it was easy for me to spot the sales scam. I stood firm and simply want them to honor their original offer.

I told the customer service representative Nancy Nguyen, and the supervisor Fern Park what I was told previously about them still honor my trips after April. They told me "there's no record of that conversation. We cannot offer you anything now unless you sign the new contract". Fern Park was extremely scheming, condescending and rude. Be very careful when you speak to this woman. She will scheme the conversation into her way. I was surprised that they now claim I had made up the fact that they extended my expiration date. They just tell you they have no records of it period. But yet, they have records of the exact date you sent payment, and every other call that you made. But they don't have the phone call where the represenattives told you the extended expiration date. They won't even try to reason with you, they will simply be jerks. Fern Park and Nancy Nguyen will play dumb to deny everything they ever said. including anything they just admitted 10 minutes ago! It's impossible to talk to these liars! They are not human.

  • Ba
    babesintoyland Aug 13, 2009


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  • Po
    Potters Nov 23, 2009

    I am in the process of trying to get them to honor their certificate voucher. I attended their 90-minutes sales pitch at some hotel just south of Disneyland. It seems very suspicious so far. I sent them $100 for the government imposed taxes and several sets of dates, but so far they have not validated any of the dates. When I called, they offered me $600-$1200 discount on some other destination. I just wish to take my 2-night, 3-day trip to Hawaii which they promised in writing. They said that it a year goes by and they cannot honor the dates, they will either extend the expiration date or return my $100 in full. Hmmm. I guess we'll see about that. After having read about so many who were scammed by them, I am starting to have my doubts.

    This may very well be a class-action lawsuit in the making.

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scam charges

Drove 120 miles to look at land, was promised a trip or cruise for 2. Chose the trip for 2 for Las Vegas. Sent HTOA $170.00 as requested and was given dates to choose from. Did everything they requested, this was in Jan., 2008. Now they do not answer the phones most of the time, if I do talk to someone they tell me the computers are down and they will return my call as soon as the computers come up.

Needless to say, there are never any calls returned. The document I received at the land office says, 'Timely validated certificates expire one year from the date of issue. All travel must be completed by that date.' Last year when I questioned this I was told 'oh, no, that's not true.' They get the money and then just put you on ignore.

they booked us to san jose, ca not san jose, costa rica!!!

I can't believe these people!!! My husband booked us a trip to Hawaii with the return flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. The woman- Michelle- told him that was fine and set it all up for us. When we left Hawaii and got to LAX we looked everywhere for our plane to Costa Rica and discovered that they had booked us a flight to San Jose, CALIFORNIA!!! We frantically found another flight- paid $1, 000 and were not able to get ahold of HTA because it was the weekend. Finally we got ahold of them on Monday and they said that they don't book flights to Costa Rica. Huh. THey could have told my husband that when the lady arranged the flight!!! AFter much debate and persistence, my husband was able to get some stupid coupon from them saying that we can get major savings on hotels around the country. This company is CRAP. Don't go near them!!!

[Resolved] keep putting off trip

This seems to ba a scam, they keep putting off the travel date sence July, 31, 2008. They always say they are booked and give a new date to call back and recive a new travel date ! Same old song and dance once again ! So if it comes to a $100.00 lesson then it is what it is ! Will never use Holiday Travel of Amercia to book vacations or any outher Travel agent ! Will do it online myself. There loss in the long run ! Are there any Honest Travel agents in Amercia anymore !


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Holiday Travel Of America's response · Jan 22, 2009

    I am sorry your dates were not available. Your deposit is held in a client trust account which is non interest bearing. If you would like a refund, please contact us and we will process immediately.
    Thank you,
    Customer Service
    Holiday Travel of America

fraudulant concern

This was a vaction cruise received from visiting the resort demonstration at Lone Oak Resorts in Texas. Nothing feels right about this company; from the stationary used to their lack of communication. There will be no promised cruise, I am certain. Don't get coaxed into their hoax, unless you have money to throw away.

  • Ro
    Royal Justice Jun 04, 2009

    Your instinct is correct. I actually wanted to see how this type of business works because I was doing research for a book. I went through with the program.
    Holiday Travel of America end up telling you that the dates you chose were not available. and any other dates you want to book is also not available. They will postpone the trip over and over again. Until the expiration date. They will tell you, it's ok if you call back after expiration date, we will still book you. So, you call back then, they will suddenly say it has expired and they never promised to book you after expiration date. What??!!! you wonder. I don't have hearing problems. I know what you told me earlier. Basically, you have been lied to. They will deny everything they ever said to you. And they will say anything to get away with the free trip.

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  • Gv
    gvkos Dec 09, 2013

    The companies business model is to deny and delay in an effort to get as many people to drop out of the offer as possible. It is no coincidence that this company is affiliated with the selling of time share product. People need to file complaints with the appropriate regulators in an effort to shut down the business in an effort to save other individuals the aggrevation.

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[Resolved] this needs to stop!

My husband and I attended a 'program' in Yakima, WA for Holiday Travel of America. After trying to...