Coachrosemont il outlet mall coach store


I have been a coach customer for many years nd I love the customer service provided there in comparison to other purses around that price range i.e Michael kors I usually always but retail well my husband does I have bought outlet a couple times but this store location was the 2nd time I had been nd if it wasn't for 2 of the other ladies working there it would have been a nightmare especially with the racism in our country right now it's ridiculouse that I'm spending money in a store nd someone who doesn't spend just walks nd leaves get treated better than I do. Me nd my mother walk in to buy a couple things my 3year old want to use the facilities I was about to walk out but I heard another lady ask a sales associate named Victoria for the restroom nd she said of course this nd that so since I had like 3bags already choosen I thought u know what I'll ask her so I go up to her to ask for the restroom she looks at me super crazy nd says no bathroom I'm like ok i just clearly heard u tell that lady but I just shut my mouth nd walked out I was about to not purchase anything but since my mother stayed in the store I had to come back I was going to tell her drop everything our money is no good here even if everything we ate wearing is coach I was about to walk across the mall to Michael kors when a young lady named Claire comes up to us apologizes made us feel like the reason we shop at coach if it wasn't for her I would never be going back that lady Victoria was so rude when we went to check out she never apologized she just stood behind the counter looking at me crazy I did not even look at her because i felt unsafe she looked at me like I was in a bad neighborhood.. but the girl behind the counter I believe her name was Yassmin made me feel ok nd safe. My experience was so bad with this Victoria girl I had to take time out of my busy schedule to write this complaint it was truly horrible I hope u guys can do something about this because she cannot be tarnishing coach brand name with her horrible customer service nd overall cannot be judging people like that it's not right because the lady she allowed into the restroom did not purchase anything nd I did but besides that it's just wrong trust that my family nd co workers will be heading about this

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