Coachlarge accordian zip wallet - poor handling of repair - defective zipper

I Aug 02, 2018

I bought a large accordian zip wallet and within the first few months the zipper began to snag. I sent it back under warranty to which is was supposedly repaired by one of Coach's Craftman... joke. Fast forward the zipper began to snag again. I could not deal with it right away because I was dealing with a difficult pregnancy. I reached out to Coach and they advised it was no longer under warranty but I could send it in and they would tell me what it would cost me to repair out of pocket. I was not happy with that but went along anyways. I get the wallet back in the mail, unrepaired with 10% off coupon. This is NOT satisfactory to me. The wallet is in pristine condition other than this clearly defective zipper that was NEVER repaired by their Coach Craftman... now I am the one left holding the bag... literally. Not a happy customer. ~ Ingrid Andersen, Miami, FL 33179

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