Quagga Clicks Pretoria Westinconsiderable poor service and lack of decision making

Be Sep 11, 2019

I have been a client for clicks for over 2 years. My medical chronic was dispensed by them and they advised that they have delivery services as well for people who are working and cant get to the shop in time to collect their medication. They have been giving me a extremely good service. I could get my medication in time and the service was excellent. This month I was expecting my medication as normal and passed 3 days, still no one pitched. I called clicks to advise what is the delay and the informed that unfortunately Head Office decided to terminate the services inconsiderably. As clients, we were not contacted of such decision and taking into consideration that some of us are on chronic medication, we depend on this medication to survive and I had to default my intake for 4 days ...

I feel that is very unprofessional and inconsiderate. You gamble with peoples lives to such an extend and you don't inform us whatsoever. The service proven to be excellent is now a disgrace because you have no respect for people. Did you even take this into consideration for those older and critical patience who were benefiting from this service, how is going to inconvenience them ? Have you considered the repercussion having us going to queue long lines for a service which was accommodate us to minimise the strain and frustration to get serviced ? I am very disappointment to say the list because we have been loyal customers to you and this is what we get in return ? What is the use of having your services if we don't get satisfactory joy out of it ...? I think you better gather around the table again and reconsider this decision, not for you but the business as well as your customers who deserve this service. Not everyone is privileged and have cars to get to your shops and the delivery service is very imperative and is a demand, not an option as you may perceive . get your act together and re-activate this service for those who are more disadvantaged and desperately requires this service

I hope you will reconsider and feedback will be supplied to all the Quagga Clicks customers going forward

Please note this will also be posted to Hello Peter ... this is a band service and very inconsiderate taking into consideration how many people critically depending on this services to keep up with their health ...

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