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I live in Limpopo but was in Jhb for 2 days. Yesterday I bought a bottle of Andolex Throat Spray (Red liquid) at Southdale Branch of Clicks as I had to see a doctor in that area (I never go to the south normally). When I got home I saw that I had been given (in a sealed packet so I couldn't open in the store) the green liquid, which is not what I use. As I never go to the south of Jhb normally, I went into the nearest Clicks (Fourways) only to be told that they would not help me to swop it, I would have to make the trip back to the south where the product was purchased and exchange it there. So it appears that each Clicks store is an entity on their own and customer service doesn't matter. I will go back to Southdale when I go to Jhb again, but only if Clicks pays for the petrol it will take for me to go so many kms out of my way, just to suit them, AS THEY MADE THE MISTAKE IN THE FIRST PLACE. I am utterly disgusted.


  • Al
    Alkindo Sep 01, 2010

    I went to look for a Wok at Clicks. The Kambrook Wok was marked and advertised as a special for R299.99. I wanted to buy one for my daughter and one for myself and a friend of mine that was with me, also wanted one. The gentleman at the till informed me that they were R649.99 and I went and fetched the advertisment and told him that he must call the manageress. Well, needless to say she had an attitude and told me that she is prepared to give me ONE at R299.99 but I was not allowed a second one and obviously that meant my friend could not get hers either. I think it is PATHETIC as I often go to Clicks and have COMPLAINED BEFORE THAT THEIR ITEMS ARE NOT MARKED OR INCORRECTLY MARKED. I can understand why so many people complain, as ANYBODY gets employed irrelevant what they do the reputation of the store. I am HIGHLY UPSET, as it isnt my fault the staff do not do their work, yet I am told I may not get the item at the MARKED price!!!

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  • Av
    Avinios Sep 02, 2010

    I received an sms that I did not pay my Clicks Credit card. I checked my payment history on my account and I paid the card on 27 Aug 09. I phoned Clicks credit card division and they put me through to collections. I had to wait on hold between both calls and the phone was hung up after I’d given my details. No one phoned me back and they knew why I was phoning. I tried to get through again but was left on hold again so I stopped because I was calling from my cell. This is now costing me money and it should not because I did pay my credit card. I want someone to contact me from there but getting through takes forever.

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  • Ru
    Rustaff Jan 13, 2011

    I had to wait 30 minutes to have a faulty steam iron which is still under gaurentee to be exchanged. Only after I asked to speak to the manager or area manager was the iron exchanged be a different shop assistant. I used to feel secure in buying goods from clicks but now I wondre

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  • Ba
    Bandy Oct 18, 2012

    I have often seen items incorrectly priced at Clicks - when you get to the till they say - "oh someone forgot to take the special price sign down" - check everything you buy at Clicks because this is how they catch people out to purchase at a special price and by the time you get home and realise or check your slip, it is too late and a hassle to drive all the way back.
    see attached a small example from Clicks in Doornkloof Centurion.

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  • An
    Anita Nieuwoudt Aug 11, 2014

    I went to Clicks Capricorn Western Cape this afternoon. I stood in the row what I thought was the rough looking at the shelves and stock on the shelves. I was waiting for clients to be served and as soon as a place went open I went to the front to be served. A coloured lady with red hair and glasses came to the opening and asked me if I was standing in the row. I was very confused at that time because I did not realise there was people standing in the row at my right hand side and even that I was standing at the wrong place. I tried to figure out what was going on so this lady said I WANT TO KNOW WHO WAS STANDING IN THE FRONT OF THE ROW. I could not answer her because I did not know. The other people did not even notice me standing in the front to be served. I felt so embarrassed so I just walked out of the shop never to return. I will never purposely go to the front to be served if there are other people in front of me.As I walked out I heard one of the clients in the row were laughing so what her comments were so that everybody could see I don't know I just walked out. This lady could just said to me you are standing at the wrong place I will find out who was standing in front of you.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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  • Ts
    tshifi May 23, 2015

    I thought I was mistaken by clicks bad attitude thinking it was a once off but now I realise that's how clicks operate. I will never set my foot in that store ever again. Click key West in west rand. I went in a rush to buy a perfume on Saturday 21st 2915. I couldn't find what I was looking for there was a lady nearby she was busy with another client. The other guy came by wearing lucks uniform I asked him he said to me go ask that lady I said she busy with a client he told me now how would I help you because I don't work thus side I said I don't no if u work hear or not he gave me a nasty look showing that he was a irritated and anoyed by me and told the go and ask the lady like I said. I said you know you have a bad attitude he looked me in the eyes and walked away I called the store manager who came and the gut changed his story saying he said can you please go ask the lady since I don't work this side fun enough even the lady who was busy with the client who saw nothing stood up for the guy saying no the other client was long gone and I was available king through her teeth to support her colleague. The worst thing was both of them in front of their supervisor they kept on saying this lady is lying and both throwing hands at me in front of her. So this shows how disrespectful they are. I was so upset shaking and agree by both their attitude I just gave to leave that store and will never set my foot there again..

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  • Lo
    lobotl Sep 17, 2015

    I would like to first start by saying I have always received a good service from all the clicks stores I have been to all over the country. the staff is always professional and helpful.

    However yesterday was a very different and rather a very bad experience for me at the VALL MALL CLICKS
    Adele Lienbenberg a pharmacist assistant was extremely rude something I have never experienced my entire life as consumer/customer.

    I had medication that I needed to order from a Dietician for my ill mother. as the Dietician explained that the medication can only be ordered by click. I was waiting at till where Adele was working. firstly she didn't greet me, she didn't even make eye contact, she just said to me "I’m busy I can’t help you" politely i showed her the "prescription I got from the dietician and she just said go to the front i can’t help you here” with a very bad attitude and she was very rude in front of her colleagues and other customers.
    i tried to explain that the gentleman i spoke to said they will be able to assist. she took the "prescription" and chucked it on her colleagues till while he was busy with a customer, her words " you said you can help so deal with it" she went to the back and left me standing there puzzled, in my head i thought she was coming back but i waited for almost 15min not knowing what is going on.
    i then asked the gentleman who was busy assisting a customer to call her and that was a show i have never experienced. she was shouting and screaming at me and did not even acknowledge me as a customer.

    fortunately Lerato her Manager came and defused the situation. she was very helpful her and the other two colleagues who helped with the order. that's the kind of service i have always receive from clicks not the appalling service Adele Lienbenberg gave me. she is not well trained to deal with customers and is giving Clicks a very bad name.

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  • Be
    besteel Feb 29, 2016

    Clicks most certainly feels NOTHING for customers!!! I read all the complaints and see no improvement whatsoever. On Friday 26-02-16 I asked my husband to get me a box of Migril tablets at the chemist at the Metropolitan Centre in Bethlehem since he was on his way to the Municipal offices situated right next to the centre. Upon his return he informed me that he was overcharged. The price indicator at the Chemist indicates R83.?? at the till he was charged R90.60. He does not have time for schlep thus did not go back and stand in the queue at the chemist again, as they said he must do. He asked me to take up the matter in writing. I have absolutely no confidence that any attention will be paid to this complaint at all. I also do not expect any reaction. "Sorry" is unacceptable and a stupid useless word, it does not rectify the matter at all. This afternoon I decided to make a trip specially to that Clicks to take up the matter with the manageress personally. With no success whatsoever. As a matter of fact she is a rude unpleasant person, who abruptly informed me the Chemist must rectify the matter. Needless to say there was a queue a mile long as usual, I also do not have time to waste 30-45 min. waiting in a queue and goodness knows how long till they go to wherever to fetch the money they overcharged me with. I mean obviously there is no money at the chemist that is why you pay at the till. They take your money there thus they should pay back your money there too. I have a suspicion that this is just a way of discouraging customers from complaining for being overcharged . Probably 1 out of 10/15 or more people will complain. They just leave the matter and the money rolls in to the company's (all retailers use this "trick") . This is not the first time we have been overcharged at Clicks either!!!

    To add fuel to my fire I'am also still waiting for a replacement family card that I have requested telephonically and via the web site about 8/10 weeks ago.

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  • Mi
    MissTracy Apr 22, 2016

    I had asked pharmacist Mary Matjila to give me a full month's prescription but since last month I hadn't taken a month's supply she felt she could only give me the difference. However, she has given me 16 days worth of one medication and 26.5 days worth of another medication.

    This has cost me undue amounts and completely messed up my quantities. I am unemployed since last month and need to watch my spending. So how can this pharmacist be so down right irresponsible? And for a person with a degree not to be able to count properly?

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  • Me
    Menia Jun 03, 2016

    Since 9 December 2009 I have received my husbands medication from Direct medicine and I experience problems with the account. Everytime that I have paid the account it has net been deducted and keep on appearing on the statement when the medication is delivered. With every payment I am faxing a confirmation through to show that I have paid. What are they doing with the confirmations are they throwing it in the dustbin or what? I have phoned in again in the week of the 19th August 2009 to let them know that the accounts has been paid and one rude black lady tells me that I have faxed it to the wrong fax number. But this is the fax number that appeared on the statement and that is what I told her. She said that the fax number is for despatch and I asked her why did they put an incorrect fax number on the statement but she have received the payments and that she will sort it out. On the 31st August I have received and sms from direct Medicine to tell me that I must pay the account. Now I am asking myself where is the communication is in the accounts department? I have received very good service from despatch why not from accounts as well.

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  • Gu
    Gurrone Jul 13, 2016

    This store is undergoing major renovations presently. As I entered the store getting my basket, an object stacked up against the door fell onto my back lunging me forward. I was in terrible pain and shock.

    The till supervisor came over to see whether I was bleeding wanting me to lift my blouse in front of the workmen in the shop, I told her this was not appropriate, as we walked to the back of the shop she then says it was probably my bag that knocked it over, casting blame on me. I was fuming, not even offering me a glass of water. She told me I’m taking this the wrong way. How else can I take this? She was blaming me for getting hurt.

    I got hurt why she could not be accountable for this and apologize. I asked to see the manager but was told that he was taking in stock. I was disgusted at how I was treated. I was flat on my back in total shock I now have to go to the doctor at my expense and time, this is unacceptable.

    I called head office and spoke to the area manager the same day. I was promised feedback the next day. I received no feedback at all. I’m still in pain. I can’t believe I was treated in this manner. Instead of empathay +apology i get blame.

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  • Si
    Sistee Oct 28, 2016

    Staying in Geluksdal, I used Tsakane Mall Clicks for convenience and as a close Clicks to my home, my son was manhandled by the store manager and was dragged to the store back office by the security guard and the manager himself accusing him of stealing a Vick Vapour Rub I sent him on that Sunday morning. only to find that he bought it at spar and it was receipted.
    I escalated the matter to the regional manager whom she also protected her colleague, I escalated it further and the senior manager invited me to the store for a meeting to amicably resolve the matter because I intended to open a case of assault and deformation of character as people looked him as a thief at a mall because of the picture a clicks manager portrayed without gathering the facts. The senior manager was so matured and professional, we then reached an agreement that the manager will pay the medical costs.
    I was also mistreated by a temp lady at the same Clicks P, permanently an employee at Phulosong Dispensary Public hospital . She got angry with me when I told her that I need specific tablets (ADCODOL) she told me I know better and she refused to assist, I told the same manager and the other customers in the queue told the pharmacy assistant not to bring her stinking attitude they give to patients from the hospital. Click is not a government entity.
    The manager just asked what tablets I wanted and he asked one of the girls to ring them for me and I paid, I told them that I'm going to report this treatment at Clicks Head Office which I did and till to date I haven't heard from Clicks. I sent follow up email instead I decided not use Clicks Tsakane Mall Pharmacy, I rather drive to Carnival Mal or Sunninghill close to my employer branches I never had issues with.
    My query is with the Clicks Group itself for being arrogant towards the customers.
    when you do Clicks survey they just ignore your response if it does not meet their expectation, so In solidarity with the customers saying that Clicks doesn't care about it's customers.

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  • Ch
    charlie 12 Feb 06, 2017

    on 24june 2016 i bought a Philips wet and dry shaver on the 05th of February 2016 it broke so today on the 06th Feb 2017 i took it back i was told that i require the slip to which i showed them that i only have the Eft receipt which was the only giving slip i have received from them as i left all the proof in the box day of purchase. My inquire is why can't i get my broken shaver replaced if i have the proof that i bought it there on the said dated, all other appliances i buy from them i only get the same Fft slip as i only pay buy card. this is branch carltonville in gold street

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  • He
    Hestet May 25, 2017

    Clicks by Olympus sentrum is pateties. Slegs een tou vir voorskrif medikasie en selfmedikasie. Ons staan in tou vir self medikasie en moet dan hoor hulle help nie daardie tou nie moes in voorskrif tou staan om gehelp te word. Dit nadat ons gevra het of iemand ons gaan help. Nêrens word aangedui dat slegs 1 tou gehelp word.

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  • Ga
    Gabisile Mbalenhle Ngcobo May 30, 2017

    Yesterday at Clicks Westgate Mall i purchased a Aunt Jackie's tame my edge gel and this morning when i open to use it it had mold all over it and the expiry date is not clear as to when is it expiring doesn't even have a year of expiry date at this point in time im very disturbed and so annoyed and flabbergasted as to how such a store with high standard can sell expired goods I believe the store should do routine checks now and then because we not allowed to open the package in store and the expiry date is not on the box outside and i will expose this to the media and social networks

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