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Clear Rate Communications Complaints & Reviews

Clear Rate Communications / internet service

Bethany Belford Smith on Aug 22, 2017
We are a municipal government who transferred all of our AT&T service to clear rate a year ago. We have had very few interruptions of service, but now we are having trouble with email attachments and are told that they are working on it. Meanwhile we have over 400 email service water bill...

Clear Rate Communications / house phone

Taylor plum on Jun 5, 2017
Have a friend with a medical condition and has been without a house phone for over a week. Trys to call and get someone out to the house to fix the phone but just want to give her some [censor] excuse as to why they cant come out to fix it. Poor service, this company isn't worth a...

Clear Rate Communications / internet

Mikes55555 on May 29, 2017
I call this company telling them my internet keep goin out they send a text to check outside box he say its good the problem in the house ok so i went 3 months with no service an they made me pay the bill then all of a sudden the internet started workin again mind you no one touched it i...

Clear Rate Communications / unethical behaviour

AngryElder on May 8, 2017
My mother who is 82 years old was taken advantage of by this company! When she was getting ready to move they talked her into getting a cell phone because it would be cheaper! (a cell phone for an 82 year old who has problems with the tv remote) but they neglected to tell her there would...

Clear Rate Communications / I am complaining about getting tricked into a plan I didn't want!

Nisa Martinez on Apr 21, 2017
I got a phone call asking if I wanted to make my bill cheaper and I said yes because I had just lost my job and I thought it would make it easier they told me it would not affect my internet service with centurylink at all. But my internet got disconnected anyway I called both companie...

Clear Rate Communications / falsely representing to be division of frontier

aletra on Mar 7, 2017
My name: aleetra williams Address: 1406 10th ave huntington, w v 25701 Ph: 304-525-4365 A representative from clear rate communications, named darius id # 5827 called said he was a part of frontier phone service wanting to give me a better price on my phone rate. The price he quoted wa...

Clear Rate Communications / phone service

pamelaparsons1 on Jul 23, 2016
I have been without my landline phone for 31 days I have had several repair tickets and still no phone. I keep getting the run around about getting my phone repaired and no one has bothered to come and fix it . 31 days Is a bit ridiculous. all of my neighbors have phone service and has had...

Clear Rate Communications / phone service

Very Disappointed 2 on Jun 14, 2016
This company is the biggest joke in town!!! I have an elder mother that lives alone. I tried calling her all day and kept getting a busy signal on the phone, so I drove over 50 miles on 6-13-16 to get to her house. Once I got there I found out she had no phone connection. I called your...

Clear Rate Communications / scam company

Reviewer74151 on Feb 2, 2016
My brother is disabled and lives in West Virginia. Clear Rate called him and offered a better deal on his telephone rate. He accepted the deal. He never received a bill and disconnected the phone. We paid the bill plus a large reconnect fee. A couple of months pass and they disconnect the...

Clear Rate Communications / internet/phone

Connie Merriss on Jan 6, 2016
I received a phone call one day back in December out of the blue from a company called “Clear Rate Communications.” A very pleasant young man said that he could lower my phone bill with Verizon. I told him that I was happy with my Verizon service and was not looking to change anything. He...

Clear Rate Communications / telephone

Reviewer38942 on Nov 18, 2015
Last week, I switched over from CenturyLink to Clear Rate because I wanted to pay less for my telephone service( $29.99 per month for a year) while keeping my CenturyLink high-speed internet access. However, when Clear Rate took over my phone line last Thursday, my CenturyLink internet...

Clear Rate Communications / telephone service

kelaine on Aug 14, 2012
This is the complaint I sent directly to clear rate communications: I recently received a telephone call from your company, clear rate communications, regarding a wonderful rate on telephone service. I asked the second representative who took over the call if it would affect the bundle...

Clear Rate Communications / no service

macranderme on Mar 5, 2012
My step-mother who is hearing impaired and uses a walker had lightning hit her home on Feb. 29th 2012. The outside phone box wihich is attached to the house was blown to bits. She has had no phone service since the 29th this is the 5th of March. She lives alone and has no phone. Clear rate...

Clear Rate Communications / no service, but wants $282.98 for services. provided

This company called my wife and told her they had a lot better phone service package than our present carrier (verizon), she said she would talk it over with her husband (Me) and get back to them. We talked it over and we decided to just stay with verizon. A couple days later people were...

Clear Rate / rip off's

This company calls up customer, tells them that ‘they are’ your local phone company and bamboozles you into their service, with a one yr contract too boot. Good service or not, they rip people off every day! I called them once and the lady on the other end of the line was very...

Clear Rate Communications / fraud/no service provided

My 80 year old mother-in-law was contacted by Clear Rate and convinced her to switch to their service in December 2009. She was without phone service for a 2 week period. When family tried to contact Clear Rate, they were told that we could not be talked to since we were not on the...

Clear Rate Communications / misrepresentation of savings

The sales person who sold the phone service promised a $15.00 a month savings to my phone bill. I spoke to them about having a bundled service with Comcast that include phone, internet and TV...they said I would save $15.00 a month and they would take care of every thing else. I wa...

Clear Rate Communications / seizing a phone number then no service for 12 days

On The third call they finally told my mother to answer yes to all their questions. They seized her phone number on December 16, 2009. We were not able to get verizion back until December 28, 2009. All of the 12 days my mother had no phone service incoming or outgoing then they have the...

Clear Rate Communications / poor service

Clear rate communications is the worst company ever!... They have very poor managment and do not listen to thier customers at all.. They just want their money and keep you as a customer even though your disatisifed with the service. When asking for a manager you are always told they are...

Clear Rate Communications / phone scam

After hearing all the details of the phone service I declined the offer because Verizon was way cheaper than Clear Rate, within the week I received a bill from Clear Rate, they had not only switched my service without my permission but the rate was double what they originally quoted. Now I...

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