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We bought a Giles home, the Game Changer model z8356a, in July 2011. We have had nothing but problems out of it. We will have to remodel this home in less than 5 years and we are paying for it for another 10 years. It is ridiculous! The home is not level and doors do not shut properly, we complained to the dealer, Clayton Homes in Pelham, Al, but they never did anything. Within 6 months two of our bathroom faucets popped off causing water to go everywhere. The wall cabinet in the master bath had to be replaced, which they did replace but never fixed the big spot on the ceiling but they never came to check on the 2nd bath when it happened. Neither tub is caulked at the floor and we have to keep a towel down to catch excess water and I am scared of what the damage is gonna be like when we have to fix it. Also wishing 6 months the staples in our den carpet started coming up and we had to just pull them all up, this is the cheapest carpet I have ever seen. In the first year The vinyl in the kitchen had spots where the nails for the sub flooring was coming through and had cuts in them from everyday use. My kitchen cabinets are that cheap pressboard and have all swollen up and are peeling from normal spills. When it was delivered there was cracked walls in every room that they had to replace and the island in the kitchen was out of square Andy they never fixed it properly, just tried to cover it up. The overall design of the this home is very poor, there should have been more thought in the placement of the dishwasher and refrigerators. The furnace blows a contractor every winter and we have to replace it. The laundry room is a joke, not near big enough and again poor design, the laundry room door and the outside door open into each other and is a real pain to use and the location of the dryer vent cause the dryer to have to sit out from the wall and if it is half an inch out too far the outside door hits it when opening and closing. The racks in the closets are not installed properly, they are not attached to the studs and the anchors have pulled out of the Sheetrock, and again poor design. The vent on the roof has been leaking for years, we have repaired it four times and it has leaked into the master closet causing mold. All the trim is different and not flush with the windows. We were told there were no other options for carpet and were not told of the other available options that I have seen online since we had ours built. This has been a nightmare and we regret ever buying this home and will never buy another home from Clayton Homes. I wish they would refund us what we have paid and take this thing back so we could get a better home! And I agree with the class action, they should have to pay for all their crappy construction!


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      Nov 24, 2019

    What class action!?!?!? I bought my home in 2011 & the floors are falling out from under me! There is mold growing in my extra bath! None of the baths/showers were caulked! I'm paying a note on a mortgage with 21st Mortgage that is not going down even though my payments have gone up $50 since 2011! What class action suit?!?!?

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