Clarks ShoesSole & heel disintegration

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I am a handicapped 74 year old woman. I put on my Clark's sandals this morning to drive to get some food. I noticed my sandals did not feel right but thought it might be my feet. When I got back in my car I noticed a large chunk of black "dirt" by the brake which turned out to be from my shoes. When I drove home I looked at my soles and found they were torn up and full of holes and large crevasses. I could have fallen very easily and shudder to think of injuries at my age!!!

I don't believe I had worn my shoes more than 6 or 10 times!!!


  • Ge
    Geri313 May 29, 2010

    My sister had the same thing happen while on vacation last weekend.

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  • Ja
    janjes Jun 01, 2010

    this is my second pair of clark's that all of a sudden fell apart . these haven't been worn all that much . this morning something felt funny so i looked down and the whole soul had cracked in half. when i got home i looked at the other shoe and it was cracked in half also! i couldn't believe it.

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  • Ca
    Carol V. Jun 29, 2011

    All twelve pairs of Clarks I owned disintegrated within a year of embarrassing! I called customer service and they accused me of improperly storing them in boxes. Whatever... I keep them in fabric hanging bags in a walk-in closet. They didn't even listen to my concerns. Pathetic.

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  • Wh
    whitneyj Aug 29, 2011

    I just had a pair do the same thing. Thought it was a fluke; guess not. Certain companies re-sole shoes free; it doesn't appear Clarks does this. I guess if their shoes commonly fall apart, it would get too expensive. Too bad; I used to be a fan.

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  • Au
    AuntieWarhol Feb 11, 2012

    5 pairs of my Clarks disintegrated, one pair last night while I was at an event, had to leave as I was leaving rubber rubble all over the floor. Clarks is the only shoe that seems to fit my feet which are wide at the top, so I don't know where to get shoes now.

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  • Au
    AuntieWarhol Feb 11, 2012

    My Clarks shoes that I wore maybe 10 times.

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  • Ai
    aislabyjim Jan 01, 2014

    I have suffered what will be my last failure of a Clarks shoe. My first experience was in June 2013 when on holiday in France the soles of my shoes literally disintegrated. The four year old shoes had hardly been worn but Clarks (non)customer service
    dismissed my complaint on the grounds of the shoes age. Yesterday the heel fell off a Clarks shoe with a Goodyear welted sole. I do not intend wasting time obtaining another not our fault excuse. The future sourcing of shoes by my family will not be from Clarks and I would council anyone else to look elsewhere.

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  • Ga
    gabndavsma May 13, 2014

    Heels disintegrated on my Indigo sandals after wearing a short time exactly like the picture of the Clarks. I cannot find a site to report Indigo but ran across this one. I suspect the shoes are made the same as the shoe heels look the same inside and out. Buyer beware..

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  • Cr
    creaturefoot Sep 26, 2014

    I too had two sets (Pairs) of Clarks shoes where both soles disintegrated spontaneously. It was very embarrassing and inconvenient.. Once at a meeting and the next at a funeral. It made a major mess and I had to immediately find some where to buy new shoes. I don't buy their (Clarks) shoes anymore.

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  • Re
    Rebeccarf Sep 27, 2014

    The same thing just happened to me! I was wearing a pair of Clark's sandals in my kitchen. The heels felt mushy and funny. I looked down and huge chunks had fallen out of the heels that looked like chunks of chocolate cake on my floor It was such a singular thing to happen that I thought it could not be an isolated incident so I found these comments! I have had good luck with other pairs of this brand but then this...!

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  • Da
    Dave the shoe Oct 14, 2014

    Like others, I had a pair of Clarks shoes which I hardly wore and the soles disintegrated. I took them back to the shop and was told that I had been storing them incorrectly - in a cupboard - and the Clarks head office had instructed them to offer a £10 "goodwill" payment in such cases. I declined. I shall now take it up with the MD, referring to this site, and ask Trading Standards to investigate. These shoes are obviously not fit for purpose. Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 customers are entitled to ask for a replacement or a refund for faulty goods.

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  • Ro
    Rogerl Jan 20, 2015

    Same problem. Shoes disintegrated at a Cambridge College garden party; fortunately the porter's office came to the rescue & loaned me a pair of trainers from lost property. Talk about embarrassing. Same thing happened three years ago. I returned the shoes to Clarks. MD replied essentially saying 'tough' & sent a £15 goodwill voucher which I sent back as insulting. I've heard nothing since. I found this site because a third pair has developed 'sticky' soles which I suspect is a prelude to another collapse. I think the two latest pairs happened because they hadn't been worn for a while (black shoes not worn since I retired). Appalling service & I'm never going back to Clarks.

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  • La
    Lavell Mooney Jul 05, 2016

    I see about the same complaint that I have. Wore my shoes Saturday shopping, they have not been worn that much, I have seven other pair of Clark's besides other shoes. I am retired, just wear them to church and shopping. Well, the rubber on the right heel completely came apart disintergrated spontaneougly on both, leather pulled apart, the same on the left. I tried to send a e-mail, no response, tried calling, put on hold three different times for 30 minutes, who has the time to stand around waiting. I will not buy another pair of Clark's, so disappointed, was so angry, with my shoes falling apart while shopping, nearly barefoot. I went to the store where I had bought them they said that wasn't the first ones, to contact Clark's company. Well no such luck.

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  • Ir
    Irene McLean Jul 09, 2016

    the reason I purchased the clark shoes is the rounded toes and no seems on top of my foot, I lost a big chunk of my left shoe I would gladly pay for repairs, cannot discard a pair of perfectly good shoes, I just need the left shoe resoled, any suggestions ? I am poor and cannot afford to replace faulty shoes. I will not get in touch with Clark after reading the comments from customer dissatisfaction with the company, of course I will never buy clarks again, cannot afford their poor quality, I the mean time I am minus a pair of shoes, thanks a lot clarks !

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  • 4j
    4joy Nov 22, 2016

    I have a pair of Clarks shoes that have had the same problem- the heel of one shoe is crumbling. The model is #38231. The shoes were purchased some time ago, but only worn once or twice (they weren't comfortable.) I was going to give them away, because they look brand new.

    Has Clarks addressed this problem??? I will spread the word.

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  • Gs
    G. Stearns May 31, 2018

    I have worn Clarks shoes for many years. I have one pair of sandals that is brown. Since I don't have to much to match I seldom wear them. Today I wore them while shopping. While in a store, I noticed my balance was off. Looking down, I found large clumps on the floor. The heel had broken in many pieces. I had to cancel the rest of my shopping when the other one also started to come apart and my walking became difficult. I thought this was a one time incident until I Googled Clarks Shoes and found so many people having the same problem. Since I am 88 years old, I am lucky that I was able to get home without any further incident. I am so disappointed in a product I thought was the best.

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  • Ve
    Veronique Peterson Oct 21, 2018

    Same problem here... I have a pair of Clark mules, with about a 2 inch heel. Hardly ever worn them, and had them stored in a plastic sweater container under my bed. The leather is pristine, and the soles showed very little signs of wear. Pulled them out, just the other day, to run errands. First stop was to get my bloodwork done. As I was walking out of LabCorp, my footing felt strange on my left foot. I was too embarrassed to stop, as I walked out of the lobby, to inspect what was going on. I basically hobbled out to my car. As I returned to my car, and looked down at the shoe, I saw the whole heel had crumbled apart. All that was left was the hint of some sort of spring mechanism for heel support. I thought "WTH!"... Returned home because I surely wasn't getting anything else done with those shoes. Shameful too, because they are the cutest pair of shoes.

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  • Te
    Terri McCrary Feb 09, 2019

    Well, I was hoping to find out how to get replacement for the two pairs that had the same thing happen. Guess from what I see here there's no hope that will happen. I love Clark's but can't buy anymore unless I hear they have solved the problem.

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  • Li
    Lisa Loftus Apr 25, 2019

    I have had a pair of Clark's leather mules for several years. I have worn them maybe 10 times (I have a lot of shoes). They were stored in a box. I wore them yesterday and the sole disintegrated as I was walking into work. Luckily I keep a spare pair of shoes at work!! I called Clark's customer service and they said they were too old and it's a problem called hydrolysis that happens when shoes are stored in a box and rarely worn - so in other words "tough toenails" to me. I advised I saw a lot of complaints on-line regarding shoes that weren't "too old", but it didn't matter. I will not be buying any more Clark's shoes.

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  • Wi
    Wittnitt Apr 28, 2019

    Pulled out a pair of the most comfortable Clark shoes I ever had. Hadn't worn them for several months. Picked them both up and on both shoes the top had completely separated from the bottom and the soles were all gooey and cracking in half. Couldn't help but laugh but disappointed after reading all these other complaints. Asked my sister if she had ever had anything like that happen to her ...and what do you know...a pair of Clark shoes! I dont store my shoes in boxes so that excuse is a bunch of marlarkey!

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  • Jk
    jk## Jul 24, 2019

    I have been a fan of Clark sandals as they fit my feet so well and are quite attractive. I have six pairs as I like them in many colors. A year ago the oldest pair had the sole completely disintegrate on one shoe. I decided it could be age and threw them away. The top sandal portion was still perfect. Today I wore another pair which are much newer and I have worn about 6 times. I noticed black pieces on the carpet. Turns out this shoe sole is completely rotted. Such a shame to have such a fine sandal with such an inferior sole. Will not purchase again.

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  • Pa
    Pandora518 Feb 20, 2020

    I had the exact same problem. My shoes were older so I wrote to Clark's explaining that I wasn't seeking compensation but I wanted to understand what had happened because I have other Clark's shoes and didn't feel confident that they, too, wouldn't fall apart while I was wearing them. They explained that they were aware of a problem with the material that was used in that and several other models of their shoes and that stopped using that material. They also insisted I select a pair from their website and they're sending them to me! I was quite impressed.

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