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On November 24, 2008 Cole Chevrolet in Bluefield WV mailed the payoff to our Nissan Exterra. It took 11 days for this check to post. In the mean time Citizens automated withdrew my November payment from my checking account after we had called to cancel this service. I spoke with an Ashley B who informed me it would be 2weeks before my reimbursement check with be cut. I am filing charges against this company with the WV Attorney Generals Office, Secretary of States office, BBT Bank and WV State Police for the illegal transfer of money from my checking account.


  • Mr
    mr nkansa david Dec 05, 2008

    PLEASE I NEED A LOAN TO COMPLET MY CONTRACT .i have been given a contract an american NGO and i must compleat it by augurst 29 2009and i have come short of money .so please help me by given me the money, i even have the documents of the contract.THANK YOU FOR ACCEPTING MY PROPOSAL

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  • De
    DeEtta Jun 14, 2010

    I have trouble with them sending a statement each month. So I sent a check with the account number on it and told them I didn't get a statement. They said they never got the payment. Which I sent them a fax from the bank showing they cashed it.
    A thumbs down for Citizen Automotive Finance. Don't do business with them.

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  • Sm
    smdv Oct 21, 2010

    We also have had repeated problems not getting statements and have paid on time every month by phone. After calling again and again to get statements on time we received one that said we were past due! Collections called reporting that they had reported us as past due yet we have all the necessary documentation to prove that we were not ever past due. Try talking to a decent customer service rep...yeah right. Absolute rudeness! I can't refinance fast enough.

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  • Br
    brownbaby2012 Dec 15, 2010

    Citizen's Bank has also been completely unreliable with me. Their workers, even their managers, are incompetent. A couple of weeks ago, I tried to send a wire to England.

    I paid the amount of money in pounds, and the money was immediately withdrawn from my account. Everything was fine until a week later when I received two letters in the mail. One said I was paying a bank in England the amount of money I sent out, and another said that the bank in England wired the money back to me because of an incorrect IBAN number.

    Because of the international exchange rates, I lost a few hundred dollars. Believing there must be some mistake, I called my branch of Citizen's Bank, which then directed me to their wiring company. The woman immediately pointed out that whoever had done the wiring (the banker) had added "IBAN" to the beginning of the IBAN number, making it wrong.

    I called the banker, who claimed that it was my fault because I had signed the paper, letting him send the wire. I was unaware, at that time, that "IBAN" had been added in front of the correct IBAN number. I thought it was just the place where they were putting the IBAN number, and the rest had been typed correctly.

    The banker said that I had presented him the IBAN number like that, which was a complete lie. I had typed out "IBAN :" (with a colon before the number, nonetheless!) so that I would know where to point when they asked me for the number. Also, my question to you: shouldn't a person who banks for a job KNOW the correct format for sending a wire? Why would I tell you the correct format? That's like a doctor needing to ask you which scalpel to use when you ask for a surgery!

    The banker (who turned out to be the manager of that branch) was extremely rude and began to string me along. It was not until I called the regional manager, who was also rude to me, that I had things sorted out. Only after I hassled them twice a day for a week did they grudgingly agree to give me back the $10 outgoing wiring fee, $13 incoming wiring fee, and the several hundreds of dollars of mine they lost due to their incompetence.

    Good riddance, Citizen's. I'm going to get my money tomorrow and close my account with you!

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  • Hi
    Hibanachy Sep 11, 2011

    I had no complaints on Citizens bank, that is until I closed my account. So, 2 months ago I closed my account, 2 months later I received a letter saying that I own them CASH. I called in a confusion, after two hours and 5 different people, I got the whole tale. Apparently, I enrolled in the overdraft protection back in 2007 or something. Now, at the time I enrolled, it didn't have an annual fee. But, apparently at some point, they started to charge annual fee…which I had no knowledge of what so ever. When I close my account, apparently I didn't close the overdraft protection program, and the annual fee is slap on my face. Since, I took all my CASH out when I close the account, they couldn't take any CASH out of my account, now they chose they want to charge me interest on it ($20 a month). I got a letter 2 months later, saying that I own 70 some DOLLARS…I tried to reason with them, because 1. I have no knowledge of the annual fee. 2. I don't know why they didn't close overdraft-protection program when I close my account. 3. I didn't receive any statement for CASH, until now. so why should I pay for the interest???

    The customer service refuse to do anything to help…So i either have to pay them all the CASH, or they will keep billing me with more interest every month.

    What a F****UP bank!!!

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  • Ke
    kevin kelly Nov 16, 2011

    THE MTG originator LYING to my face when I had no info in front of me. This was 11/15/11 @ 10am @ the Citizens bank in Marshfield. A lying wench, the mtg originator, told me Citizens had no fixed 10yr mtg. THEY had reified me 16 months earlier and still wanted full assessment/refi- fees of 1400, then she backed it down to 1200. I'm hoping to attain my mtg away from these lying thieves.

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  • Do
    Douglas P. Dec 21, 2011

    This week my checking account was hit with FIVE $37 fees for non-existent overdrafts. This is what happened:--

    I checked online to be sure the funds were available before making a withdrawal from the ATM. They weren't. The website lied. You charged me $37. This subsequently caused four more $37 fees to my account, because the first one caused it to be short for other things that posted.

    This is THEFT!!! and FRAUD!!!.

    Please go back through my account history and abate ALL the ridiculous fees you assessed to me this week. Plain and simple, or the US Attorney and Comptroller of Currency will be hearing about this.

    You FRAUDULENTLY REORDER the posting dates of transactions that post to the account to maximize the number of $37 fees you can steal from me for each instance.

    I'm writing this letter on behalf of my girlfriend; she is so upset, she doesn't have the stomach to lodge this complaint herself. I don't want to post her account number or any other identifying information in a public forum, but will be happy to provide all those details if you can actually find the courage to reply to this complaint.
    Thank you.

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  • Mm
    mmattocks Aug 26, 2017

    @Douglas P. No bank fraudulently reorders your transactions. You just spent money you didn't have. Its okay.

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  • Tw
    twentierl Feb 03, 2012

    same thing with us. their website showed a balance and no pending transx, when i took available cash out, i was then hit with fees. they had a bs excuse.

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  • Mi
    Mike Sharpe Feb 03, 2012

    If you were a real man, your account wouldn't be overdrawn. Wanker.

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  • Mm
    mmattocks Aug 26, 2017

    @Mike Sharpe They don't do that at all. Lol but sorry for your experience.

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  • Ke
    KEWigglz Mar 09, 2012

    so a few years ago i had an account with citizens... i regularly checked my account both on the phone and online before making a purchase to make sure i had enough money... well they lie... you never had close to the amount they say you have... i mean i should have kept better track of how much money i have but sometimes life gets busy and you should be able to rely on the tools that you are provided.. so needless to say i over drafted which they didn't tell me until 2 weeks later.. at first they told me it was my fault it took me a month to get the fees removed and to close out my account.. i decided to give them another chance... i opened an account 3 weeks ago... same exact thing... they post all of your transactions but they don't adjust your balance.. why should i be punished because they can't do their job correctly..

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  • Ga
    gatortracks Mar 09, 2012

    "should be able to rely on the tools that you are provided"

    Agreed. A check register is the #1 tool.

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  • Ti
    Tired_of_Stupid Mar 10, 2012

    "They lie"??? You expect them to be psychic, and know about a debit you've made or a check you've written before it posts to your account? PLEASE tell us how they're supposed to manage this.
    Why should you be punished? Maybe because you tried to spend money you didn't have? That could be called fraud, you know.

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  • Br
    brainchigger Apr 16, 2012

    This is the worst bank I have ever dealt with in my 40+ years of banking. I had to complain to the BBB to get them to
    finally send me a freaking bill on my car each month...and that lasted about 9 months. I just got off line to pay them
    this month when it hit me I didn't get my statement once again so I'll have another late charge on my acct. now.'s where you go to pay online

    You won't BELIEVE how hard it is to find this site in order to make a payment. NEVER get your car loan from these people!

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  • No
    notimpressed23 May 10, 2012

    Tired_of_stupid, obviously you have never had the "pleasure" of speaking with customer service department!
    Same thing happened to me, my balance showed I had 385.00 in my checking account had not used my debit card since Monday, then i made a transfer from my checking into my savings, which they told me two days later that my account was negative because the funds were not available, i made a 100 dollar transfer from 385 but the funds weren't available?! how is that possible, they then took the transfer i made out of my savings back and debited my checking account a second time for a transfer then charged me fees.

    Wow citizen's bank you are terrible and really should be put out of business.

    p.s. tired of stupid, if you Google and actual research citizens bank, they have numerous law suits against them at the present time for continuing this practice.

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  • Ti
    Tired_of_Stupid May 15, 2012

    You'll notice that the "if you disagree with me you must work for (fill in the blank) company" posters NEVER actually answer the question you asked. I guess that's the only thing they can do when they can't answer without admitting fault.

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  • Al
    alleycat303 May 22, 2013

    This company is BAD...I think the dealership I purchased my car from had some kind of incentive with this company because they told me that they had tried several companies for financing and only this company had the best rate. This was a lie because I applied to 5th 3rd to refinance the loan and they told me that I had already applied and I was like uh? The rate I got with this company was like 4.2 or something like that and I thought that was strange due to my credit score being very high. 5th 3rd bank had approved a 3.0% loan for me from the dealership. Now, when I went to get the payoff letter from this company, they wanted $25 to FAX the letter...Are you kidding me is what I asked I had to wait until they mailed me the letter to refinance my loan. On top of that, when I refinanced my loan with 5th 3rd they charged me a $150 fee, which I couldn't figure out since I was already approved and my rate was more. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE! If they dealership you are at says this is the only people they can get you financed through, I WOULD WALK AWAY!

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  • Dr
    DRoberts31 Aug 12, 2015

    I am beyond disappointed with the auto services. First off my contract says my payments and $415.00/month. I have been paying $450/month to try and pay it off faster, or in case one month I have problems the extra credited money possibly could be used to cover it. Nope, I tried getting a deferment for a month bc I has brain surgery and had been out of work and they said, 1: I couldn't get a deferment until I was back to work, then 2: I had no credit bc since I had been paying $450 that was my new payment amount. You cannot change the terms of a contract without my consent let alone without me even knowing about it.

    I had asked to be taken off auto pay and was informed during my conversation with Gianna that it had been taken care of. Come the next month it was automatically taken again, creating an overdraft fee, and when I called to talk with a supervisor again she told me that Gianna didn't have the knowledge nor the clearance to perform that service.

    I am so upset with everything and am going to refinance as soon as possible. This is the most obserd, sketchy, and incompetent company I have ever dealt with.

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