Citizens Bank$150.00 promotion during march 2018 for online banking

A Aug 20, 2018 Review updated:

I noticed a promotional advertisement online for new customers to open a checking account during the month of March 2018.
The promotion was for a reward of $150 awarded to the new customer within the first 90 days, if a one time deposit of $500 or more was successfully direct deposited within the first 60 days of opening the checking account.
This promotion never advertised any "codes or any outstanding promotional buttons " to be pressed in order to be eligible for this promotion.
I simply applied online as the instructions noted and simply deposited over $500 into the account by May 2nd of 2018.
I waited until June to call and inquire about this promotion and I was informed that I would be eligible after August 3rd of 2018.
I called back on August 6th. and was disconnected twice by representatives. I again called August 9th. and was put on hold for over 40 minutes twice. After finally reaching someone that person started to ask for a promotional code, of which never existed and then attempted to transfer me to a supervisor but was disconnected again.
I called back August 15th. because a representative informed me that I had to wait until the 14th. of August in order for the system to complete some sort of monthly maintenance.
I called back again and was finally transferred to a supervisor who informed me that someone will reach out to me within 3 days from a research department.
Someone did call me 48 hours later but stated that I was not eligible for the promotional $150 because I did not press a button online which would have allowed me to be eligible.
My question to that person was;
I have completed the same online promotions with they're competitors within the same time frame and was awarded the promotions within the first 60 days without any issues, but citizens bank is different...,

This whole issue smells of SCAM!!! There needs to be better training all-around for staff members handling these types of issues.

I will follow-up with a complaint to the regional corporate office.


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    9wood Aug 18, 2018

    odd how its weeks for them to do a promotion

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