Citibankvisa infinite privileges

M Aug 02, 2018

P.S.: the below email was previously sent to [protected] but NO ONE replied me yet.

To whom it may concern,
My name is Yongsok Lim and I am a card holder of Citibank Preferred Credit Card.
And I am writing this email regarding one of the privileges of my credit card which is the High Tea Service.

I have been using this card for 2 years now and I tried booking the service before but as it was fully booked I never had a chance to use it and I didn't try much to try book either ways.

However recently I wanted to try use this service and have been checking the website often for the past few days for a booking. (

But had no success at all. EVERY SINGLE day it shows FULL FULL FULL.
I clearly understand that this service is limited to 100people monthly on a first come first serve basis but is this service REALLY being provided?

Reason I am asking is because I checked the webiste on:
July 22nd: shows fully booked until August 27th
July 23rd: shows fully booked until August 28th
July 24th: checked at 08:00am but shows already full the next day August 29th..
And today shows full again until august 30th...

Understand that it is first come first serve...
So my question is: What time is the "refresh" time for the availability of the next day??

Is it at midnight 00:00 hours?
If so on July 24th I checked at 08:00 and August 29th was already full...
Means there are people who books for the High tea set between 00:00 and 08:00?

So at the moment August 31st is still not able to book. If I check TODAY at 00:00hours it will be possible to book for 31st August?

If not... I dont understand the logic of this booking system...
And I really wonder if this service is really available for the card holders or if it is
just used to advertise the privileges.

Not only the high tea but for the hotel dinner as well.

Please do not give simple replies such as:
"sorry but it is first come first serve so you need book fast"
Because I think I am being VERY CLEAR about what I mean in this email.

So can you CONFIRM to me that that if I want to book I should standby in the website
at 23:59 and the booking will be available? IF NOT... then how should I book for those
prvileges that I am entiitle to?

Thank you

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