Citibank Ukthe worst bank ever

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I wish I had looked at this site before opening an account with Citibank -- I would have avoided it as I have had similar problems as other posters. The application process went smoothly and quickly and Citibank staff were ringing me almost daily to "help", but as soon as I tranferred some money in, no more communication and the lies began. I applied for a euros account and specified on form that I needed a card so I could access my money when travelling. Apparently this then automatically makes it so that the old card is blocked and you have no access to your money until the new card arrives with pin. I informed customer service woman that I would first transfer all my money back out again before ordering the card as I needed access to my funds. She then said she could make a special exception and I would continue to have access to my funds online and they would send me card for new euros account. BZZZZZZ! Wrong. A lie. I was blocked online and my password was no longer valid. Then the card didn't arrive within 5 business days as promised. Or ten days. Even worse, I did receive 2 letters stating that my change of address had been actioned, but they were sending the letter to my OLD address to double check. You guessed it -- the OLD address is the real address. No address change. Back on phone. Told to ignore letters as no address change actioned. Hmmmm. They don't understand why card not received. Spend hours on phone trying to get pin unblocked but for some reason it can't be done. I am calling India all day. Supervisors, who were ringing me several times a day now will not return phonecalls. And there is no head office -- only the option to ring India.
I call again next day, same. So, being angry and frustrated, I take precaution of transferring 99% of my money out.
** if you have this problem, make sure you do same!!!
I wait. Money transfers. Whew.
Then I call again, as still no (replacement) card.
Told I need to order a new one. (This is now a month after account was opened.) Decide to close account, but am told that -- despite passing phone security -- I cannot transfer the remainder of my money out as phone pin now blocked too. (Why???) Told I can request funds transfer by fax. I do this. Twice. They won't release my money. It's been a week now and still no card and no pin. Am I happy? Hell no. Two letters of complaint sent, but no answer.


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      Feb 19, 2010

    I have been a customer of this bank for 12 years. They are getting worse by the day. Out of the blue they changed my password (I think they changed the password rules and did not bother to let me know) and I have been unable to access the account for a week.
    Stay clear of Citibank they will soon fail or be bought out. Their stock is worth $3.

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      May 14, 2010

    I have a got mail, in that mail i have won an amount Demand Draft of City Bank
    I want to know about that the Demand Draft is realty issue by bank or not
    I have attached that scanning of draft which i have received please confirm me its is true or fake DD No. is [protected]
    Amount 500000GBP

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      Jun 25, 2011

    I have been with Citibank UK for the past one year. Luckily, I have not fully performed the switch from Barclays bank. Today, I was very disappointed with the customer service at the Oxford Circus Citibank branch. I wanted to deposit Euro into my Euro account and I was requested to provide withdrawal receipt for the deposit amount. (I had a receipt from Barclays bank (money exchange from GBP to EUR) + Euro currency bank statements from another bank with a withdrawal receipt)

    As per cashier, one of the receipts was from Sept 2010, so they won't accept it, as it must be a very recent withdrawal receipts. Thus, it means that if you have made a withdrawal from last year and you have not used all the cash and now you can not deposit to my Citibank account. I was not even allowed to speak to manager.

    I have now closed the account. Please do not consider Citibank, there are better banks out there in the country. I have now opened a Euro account with HSBC and they have accepted my cash without even requesting a withdrawal receipt.

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      Aug 22, 2011

    Citibank have some very good products but provide the worst customer services of any bank. Their Indian call centre is worthless; the staff are mandated to do nothing but read from a menu of fixed responses. It is impossible to speak or communicate with anyone authorised to make decisions. i have banked with them for 10 years and I have never received anything like an adaquate service.

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      Mar 01, 2012

    please complaint against city bank UK staff NA branch Mr addison Alfred he is defaulter of askari bank in Pakistan please provide the complainant authority my e mail address is [protected]

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      Mar 01, 2012

    very good waiting for my answer

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      Oct 16, 2014

    A Citibank customer for 20 years, I decided to switch. Despite all the hype in UK about the ease of switching, I found that Citibank are not in the scheme and I have to do it the long way. Google 'switch from citibank' and you will find the clever people at Citi have made 'switch TO Citibank' the resultant answer.

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      Dec 01, 2015

    My account was charged with 25 pounds. In the past, any standing order or direct debit, if there was no sufficient cash on my current account, was taken from the savings account. Hence I did not have to check regularly the current account balance. When has this changed? I find it PATHETIC and unacceptable that a bank like Citi is trying to get money from these charges, WITHOUT notifying the clients. Is it how bad the situation is with Citi, that they are trying to sneak around and charge clients when in the past it was not an issue. I should have received proper notification or a phone call before you would have charged me with anything. And I`m not talking about the Terms & Conditions, everybody knows that NOBODY reads those documents, 50 pages long with the smallest possible letters.
    So, Citibank has charged me 25 pounds and as a result, my current account balance went to negative. Now I received a letter saying that I`ll be charged 29.8% because of this. And asking if I have a problem with money. When my overall balance is 20k+ for years! Ridiculous. Shame on you Citibank.

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      May 13, 2016

    I am a Citiban UK Gold client, but have been extremely unhappy with the service provided by the relationship managers. They have changed my relationship manager now 4 times in a span of 4 years and apart from the first relationship manager, none of them get back to me on my queries without being reminded a couple of times (sometime I even need to copy their colleagues asking them to contact him on my behalf). They just don't seem to able to handle the number of Gold clients effectively, and I find it frustrating that I need to act as if I was a secretary, reminding him of his task. Please sort this out!

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      May 24, 2017

    I have been Citibank UK for over 15 years now and as of late the service provided has been a disgrace. A simple request to transfer 100 GBP from my account to my own account in another bank has now exceeded 4 days, with 2 calls per day to the support line who provides the same template message and false promises to resolve. This should have been a 30 sec automated transfer thru the Faster system !
    In the past, have had initial communications from relationship managers promoting products but when you follow up nothing else !!
    Sad to say but time to move !!

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      May 03, 2018

    This bank is a complete disgrace staffed by incompetents.
    I have been trying to resolve a problem with them for 4 years what could have easily been resolved with a few clicks and some thinking brains. The level of idiocy and utter disregard on behalf of an international institution is beyond comprehension. AVOID at all costs.

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