Citibankhomerun mortgage

C Aug 07, 2018

I was processing a home morgage with less than 20% down. So I attended a mandatory 1st time home buyers workshop for general information about getting a loan. There I met a CitiBank lender, Sandy Gimenez, NMLS ID: 626518, (Aka Sandolio Gimenez) that a after a very brief talk, mostly pushing his Citibank loans programs, encourage some of us to apply with Citi (he interviewed everyone in that room about income, debts and assets). To make the story short, So I applied, got a prequal and approval. The problem started later when he referred me to his friend a Realtor, Aricides Otero,

I told him I would go with my own realtor, but he kept insisting that I use his friend Aricides Otero since he was the only who had knowledge about houses and zip codes that would qualify me for Citibank program " Homerun" where they promise low down payment, no points, and no PMI. I told him that this was a red flag for me that's i would not continue. Also, I have a a score of 820 with no credit card debt and still my interest was being quoted at 4.625 and APR of 4.92XX and with 5% down even though I had at least %10, anyway stay clear of him and perhaps CitiBank. I believe what he was doing is ilegal, don't have the time to find out. Stay clear of doing business with him.

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