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I have a complaint with Citibank Philippines Credit Card Company...
First, Girl A has been a cardholder of Citibank for more than 8 years now and due to unexpected circumstances, she flew to London because of job offer. She then asked us to pay her monthly obligations with Citibank which apparently after a year, we failed to do so until it accummulated interest and charges later on. After about 2 years of non-payment, the balance becomes higher and higher without the knowledge of Girl A... We received demand letters here and there until I finally decided to pay since the law office offered a huge discount... From PHP57,000 to 16,644.25... I called up the law office and confirmed the offer and asked them to fax me an agreement letter stating that after payment of PHP16,644.25 on agreed date, Girl A's account will be cleared and closed and they will issue a certificate. They did fax to me the written agreement. After paying, to our dismay, they called me again and told me the amount I paid was not enough. It should have been more, according to them. But I refused to pay more already since what I followed was our oral and written agreement. After paying last July 2007, until October 2007, they NEVER issued us a certificate. I directly called up Citibank Office and told them our complaint but they gave us broken promises. They said Law Office or Collecting Agencies are greedy and want to ask for more, it is however their strategy to collect more, and they said they will issue us a certificate closing the said account. It is already January 2008 but no certificate was issued. I tried to make follow up with Citibank but now, they wanted to talk to the card holder already when before they never asked about it and that since we are not the card holder, we took the responsibility to pay & they never demanded us "the card holder should PAY"... the bottom line here is that, we PAID, we have EVIDENCES, we have an Agreement letter about discount/amnesty, why are they holding and pending Girl A's certificate?

This doesnt happen to me only, this is happening to some of the peers I know also, to my boss, to my officemate and some friends. When you pay, they will NOT issue a certificate regardless of the agreement letter they gave you. The harrassment won't stop.

Citibank must do something about this because as what i know, they are now losing clients and transferring to other much better credit card services..


  • Ka
    Karthick RN Jul 24, 2007

    I received a call from 91-44-43960700 and he was saying about the CITIBANK medical insurance facility and was forcing me to pay the premium. Since I told that I do not need any medical insurance after a very long compulsion he scolded me and disconnected the call abruptly. I have tried calling the no. many a times but did not get connected. The above no. belongs to Airtel Landline and I have confirmed the same through the customer care. When I try asking their address to the Customer care, they say it is secured and we will not leak it at any time. I don't understand what is the need of giving secure to such no's, to promote their third grade speech.

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  • Di
    DINAKARAN Aug 20, 2007

    Yes. I've got the same problem. Somebody from 044 43960700 called me and told about the medical insurance scheme which is free of cost cum add on services to the existing visa credit card customers. He said its free, but he asked me to pay 1900+ to get it. What is the meaning of free? I don't know, how poor they are in the knowledge. They don't have common sense. Then he asked me my Date of birth, card number, and expiry date. But before telling the card information I just realized myself and asked him give his details. Suddenly he got anger and gave the phone to his manager. The manager (other person) he is also a rude guy, told the very same thing. Finally I told that i am not interested and i wont get it. Then he forced me to get the card. Then i told that if you do like this i will cancel the credit card and its account. Then he disconnected the call and vanished. Then the next day I tried to the same phone number 044 43960700, but only one ring is going and disconnecting. They manually blocked the incoming calls. So, please if anyone gets call from this, first get the details of whom you are speaking and get his mobile number, and ask them to call from his mobile, or you call to his mobile. We should stop this bad guys / company. Please Do not give any of your private data to any one thru phone like credit card number, etc...

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  • De
    deepak kaushik Sep 13, 2007

    Somebody has called me today from Citibank asking money for no-dues certificate for a card that my father was using 10 years back. After paying all the dues we closed the card, but bank kept on sending the statements of dues which we have told customer care about and they specifically said that this card has been closed and you don't have to pay. these statements are system generated.

    Now today, somebody named " PREETI " claiming to be manager of no dues department in citibank asked me that you have to pay Rs. 2000 for a no dues certificate. She has told me that if i don't pay that legal notices will be sent to my house. Her number i am mentioning here so that in case some Citibank Official reds it he should have the full information. Her number is "011-41410061".


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  • Valerie Sep 18, 2007


    This is to lodge a complaint against Citibank Credit Cards section. They have been constantly harasing my father Mr K R Kutty by sending SMS and phone calls asking for a payment of a card that doesn't even exist!!! According to them, my father has a card numbered xxxxxxxxxx6015 with an outstanding amount of Rs 6141. However, my father is in possession of no such card and they havent been able to provide proof of any such card existing.. I have had the worst experience with Citbank Credit Cards.

    I am hoping no one will ever use them. I hope this matter will be taken seriously as it's a case of sheer harassment.

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  • Mo
    mom Jan 04, 2008

    as long as you have the agreement letter,that's OK

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  • Valerie Mar 13, 2008

    On 12/1/06 all my accounts were drained of funds. The Banch Manager told me to call customer service to file a report. Report process took longer than allowed by citibank they will not review any of the problems I address because their system 'only will go back 60 days'. 60 day dispute period is unreasonable as instructions and requirements are almost impossible to comply with. Filing a dispute was a mute point by the time I was able to meet with a branch manager or until I was able to obtain correct information by a telephonic customer service representative.

    When I discovered that my three accounts were drained of all funds, I immediately went to a manager. I was informed, I was responsible for finding the missing monies. Once I 'found' my money, they would review the information and get back to me not sooner than 90 days. A 60 day limit was imposed to obtain the information. Only the bank has authority to review it's records as it is confidential information. No crisis resolution department was available to assist me. Over $20k were missing and never returned to me as there was no investigation.

    I requested a review of my entire banking history, at a charge of $2.00 a statement. (Several bank personnel, in the branch and customer service recommended the shredding of all statements to prevent ID theft; the information was to be accessible online or through the branch. I was not informed of the $2 fee assessable to each statement.) I did ask for 10 years of statements from all of my accounts. Months later, I was informed that MY SIGNATURE CARD AND 6 1/2 YEARS OF BANKING INFORMATION WAS LOST.

    The available statements revealed a pattern of thousands of dollars over the course of the years that were deducted from my accounts 'erroneously'. There were two $150.00 charges for two bounced checks that I never wrote, nor did the checks exist. When paying bills on line, dozens of times the money was debited from my account and not given to the debtor. Resulting in late charges and the amount I specified to pay was debited from my account twice. The problem lied in the 5 second limit to input information into the online banking process.

    Demographic information on my account was changed several times. I did not receive statements for three month periods and when I did begin to receive statements I found several thousand dollars missing again. All the demographics were changed on personal accounts---statements addressed to my spouse, and we were and are currently involved in divorce proceedings. The manager of the branch told me that they don't check ID to change an address and it can be done at the branch or on the phone. At this time-----they had no signature card to compare a signature with as it was lost when they moved my files, and they went to another country. I have been unable to have any of these issues resolved as the 60 days had already passed.

    To date I have been unable to find any recourse. I worked on this diligently for several months because Identity theft ensued at the same time involving all my creditors, virtually anything involving my money and credit. I spent hours a day for months. Subsequently all my affairs required crisis resolution, I became very ill and have been for over a year.

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  • No
    Not a dad Mar 18, 2008

    You have already done your part. These collection agencies are really sneaky when it comes to collection. But since you agreed to pay, they actually killed their own case, because you can readily claim that you paid on the basis that the amount paid, which they accepted, was the full amount that they demanded in exchange of waiving the rest. The collection agency already obtained a discount from the principal amount when they bought the receivables from the card company (I estimate their discount at 75-85% off principal), everything they get above it is profit for them. Further, as many Philippine lawyers have told their clients, "WALANG NAKUKULONG DAHIL SA UTANG" (no one gets jailed for having a debt). While not exactly true, a 5-digit amount is usually not aggressively sought after, because of the costs of litigation.

    Finally, Citibank is not alone in selling their receivables. Card companies that are not insuring their receivables are doing it, so moving to another card company will not solve your problem. The best way to use a credit card is to pay off the entire balance each month.
    This post was made while searching for "citibank philippines card services".

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  • Valerie Apr 13, 2008

    For 26 years a citi bank card holder, and somehow I was late last month on my payment for the very first time. My interest rate went from 9.9% to 29.9% just like that! That is loan sharking Robbery Called customer service (Out source to India) and was told "yeah you got Jacked" it's in your agreement to do this...You now have to pay 6 months of 29.9% Then we will review your account, after being on hold for 14 minutes

    No help at all! Where is the justice. I am not done with them, the Business section of the LA times is very interested in the story as a feature with thousands of other citi complaints... I guess I am not alone... California Consumer Affairs recently told me that banking issues are now #1 complaint.

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  • Mk
    MK Apr 22, 2008

    This also happened to me but with a different company, which is Standard Chartered. They offered a "discount program" for 40% off the outstanding amount payable in a 6-month period. While we did ask for some documentation on this arrangement, we were given none (not even by email). Nonetheless we pursued the arrangement diligently.

    When it came time to make the final amortization, the company called and said the approved discount was only for 30% and that we need to adjust our final payment to almost double the original amount. Of course that threw a monkey wrench on everything especially since we're budgeting our hard earned money for the upcoming school enrollment of our child. I said that since we were talking about adjustments I demanded for additional time to comply but they refused stating that the amount is expected on the next scheduled cycle of payment.

    I have never felt so used and abused in my entire life. Not only was I not provided with proper written documents on the arrangement, Standard Chartered now has the temerity to change the rules to their favor at the last minute, and while they can offer up explanations for the changes, the consumer now seems to have no right whatsoever to request to seek any justifiable extension or consensus regarding the matter.

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  • Valerie May 19, 2008

    I closed my credit card just a few HOURS of the closing date of my next statement. I would have earned over $200 cash in rewards. I asked to recoup my rewards or at least re-open my card to get them back and was told I could not do that!

    I tried to e-mail a complaint online, but their online system would not let me, saying that I was no longer a customer. It wouldn't even give me an e-mail address! So I wrote a complaint letter voicing my disagreement and the letter I got back was only 2 sentences long, saying that it's too bad and my rewards are forfeited. I understand the rules, but to come within a few hours of my statement deadline (I was leaving for vacation that week), I was very upset.

    I will NEVER do business again with Citibank. I didn't even get the courtesy of a response, outside of a 2-sentence form letter!

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  • An
    Anatalia Mercado Jun 10, 2008

    For three months in a row, I have paid more than my bill. I was real close to the limit, so CitiBank stuck some extra charges on to make me over the limit. They charged $5.99 for credit information. Then, since that made the account over limit, they charged a $39.00 over the limit fee. By the time we found out, it was the next month, so we just paid enough to get down under the overlimit. Then they charged more imaginary charges that month when we paid more than was due. So I sent a hundred dollars to get it under the limit, and they charged another $5.99, $39.00 late fee, and an $8.00 finance charge.

    If I paid this card off right now, about half of it would be actual purchases. The rest is creative bookeeping.

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  • Ja
    jay Jul 06, 2008

    Citibank raised my rate fro 8.2% to 13.99 on my AT&T Universal card. After 3 days of phone calls A supervisor said that they were randomly selecting people to raise the rates because of their losses in the sub-prime mortgage collapse and because of the poor economy. I have had this card for 18 years.

    Needless to say I froze the card at the low rate until it is paid off and the card is canceled as of the expiration date on the card.

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  • Jc
    jc Dec 02, 2008

    In Oct 2008, a courier went to our office looking for me and delivering a Unionbank credit card that I DID NOT applied for. I refused to accept the card. Then after a week or so I received a billing statement from Unionbank credit cards charging me Php1, 500 service charge for the credit card that I did not get to hold and have the courier return the card to the credit card company. I called the customer service in the name of "Janet" and I told her my concern. She told me that I am not obliged to pay and that I can cancel the card to totally deactivate it but she cannot serve my card cancellation at that time because the system needs to be re-started so she asked me to call again. I cannot contact the service hotline today, Fri oct 24, it says the line is busy.

    I already sent CANCELLATION requests to the customer service and they even requested for personal information to process the request. They told me that it will be automatically cancelled if they did not call within 3 days so I assumed the account was already cancelled since they did not call, but to my dismay just this day I received a billing statement for November 2008.

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  • Pi
    Pinay in SG Feb 05, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. I made an arrangement with the collection agency. Half-way through I noticed that my bill still has the original amount so I called the agency and told them that I want a certificate stating I paid X amount and that I owe them only X amount. I wanted to make sure that they give me something in writing. When they didn't send me any certificate I called them again and threatened to stop payment unless I get a certificate. That was 2007. It's now 2009 and I still dont have a certificate. And as far as I know, they still send me bills with the original amount plus tons of charges to my parents place.

    I'm migrating to the US for good. Anybody knows if this will affect my credit rating there?


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  • Ka
    katethegreat Feb 18, 2009

    Citibank did not stop transactions from my Credit Card over Christmas Last Year. Unaware that I was over my limit I continued to use my card. I then found out I was $700 over the limit. As I was unable to pay this amount off over a year, I received bank fees in that 1 year period totally $960.

    I have written several letters to them but they refuse to refund the fees.

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  • Re
    ReRe727 Feb 18, 2009

    Honestly, shouldn't you know your limit and how close to it you are? Doesn't that at least in some way fall on your shoulders a bit? What if it were your debit card, would you have chosen not to pay attention and let your checking account go into the red? Personal responsibility for your own actions; Citibank didn't force you to use your credit card, did they?

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  • Bo
    Bob Apr 28, 2009

    Why are you help financing the hostile takeover of Arcelor steel by Mittal? Mittal lays off American workers and Weirton Steel is one of those plants. I work for Weirton Steel that employs about 1000 people. we used to employ more than 13000. mittal lays off people so that he can shut plants down to control pricing. don't you see what OPEC does to the price of gas? Don't use our American money to put Americans out of a job. If you do help fund Mittal Steel for this takeover I will cancel all my dealings with your business and wish that all Americans follow suit.

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  • St
    Stanley Apr 29, 2009

    I am complaining about my citi-shell gas card. I opened this account in September 2007 and was informed that it would be reported to all 3 credit reporting agencies.

    Seven months after this, it still was not being reported as they had promised. So far, I have contacted customer service about 350 times via the telephone, 3 times via fax, plus five letters in writing sent to their correspondence address, all to no avail!!!

    They still refuse to comply with my simple request- report the account to all 3 credit bureaus. I have also had to file a complaint with the BBB and 4 other consumer protection agencies, also all to no avail!! There has still been no resolution.

    Their customer service agents are downright rude and snotty and I will never do any type of business with them again! They lie and give me the runaround. On my last credit card statement, I noticed an interest rate of 53%. That should be illegal! These people are crooks and they should be renamed "###-i-bank"!

    Please avoid citibank and their affiliates; it is certainly not worth the cost and hassle.

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  • Kb
    KBryant Jun 06, 2009

    DON'T GET CREDITCARDS OR LOANS FROM CITIBANK PHILIPPINES. Citibank Philippines is a 'b.s.' company. They allow 'agents' to convince you to get loans, cash advance, etc with very tempting terms. When it's time for you to terminate your loan(lump sum payment), they will give you a different computation that will increased the amount of the lump sum payment. If you complain they will point you to different Citibank departments and ask to wait for days. Since it's been years ago, no more recordings(of conversation with agent) and then the agent's company will tell you that the agent is no longer working for them. So, you'll end up paying more because the interest keeps adding up while your waiting for the case to get resolved. DON'T GET CREDITCARDS OR LOANS FROM CITIBANK PHILIPPINES! I WISH THEY GET BANKRUPT!

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  • Fe
    Felix Jul 04, 2009

    It was nice to find out (by chance) that Citi cards had raised my APR on all 3 of my accounts without notification!!! I've never been late or not payed at least the minimum each month. 3 months had passed since they raised my rates! I verified with Citi and they confirmed that they had my correct address. Funny how they can get my bills to me!!! Oh and another convenient tactic for them, they have no way of refunding of the diff. sorry. Nice how we (as americans) can bailout (not by choice) the credit companies only for them to turn around and raise our rates without reason, just cause, or NOTICE!!

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  • Pa
    pat famulatte Jul 23, 2009

    Due to ONE missed payment while I was traveling my catch up payment is 110.00, didn't have it so i sent in what I could and now have a outstanding payment of 80.00 due August 1st. which is fair, however my monthly payments after this will be 80.00 where before this unfortunate missed payment was 15.00 min payment. I have never missed a payment before and I just cannot work 80.00 into my budget. Where can i go for help on this matter.?

    Regards, Pat Famulatte

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  • Gr
    GRILLINGGRAND67 Jul 27, 2009

    In 2007 I paid more than $600.00 in unfair overdraft fees. I just find out that I should have filed a lawsuit about it. However, my health at that time was fragile; I was just trying to get myself well, so I just paid the fees and didn’t fight. but I still have the records of it.

    This was a BOA – online bank alert received - You will be assessed a $35.00 Extended Overdrawn Charge on 07/16/2009. Make a deposit of available funds prior to the cut off time posted at the ATM or Banking Center on 07/16/2009 to bring your account balance positive and prevent this fee. – MY DEPOSIT WAS MADE - 07/14/09 in the Amount of $150.00. However, several charges of $35.00 have been assessed against my account sending it into an overdrawn balance. This is very unfair and I am not going to allow myself to be victimized any further. If need be I will go to my bank branch and picket the bank. Many of my senior citizen friends and family who no longer bank with this bank, will be there in support, we are MAD AS HELL AND WILL NOT TAKE THIS ANY MORE.

    P. S. I have also been advised to go to a PAY PHONE and call your 1-800 number. This is also being sent to 100 other people and they in turn will inform 100 people themselves. These unfair charges must STOP!!!

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  • Pa
    Parker Jul 27, 2009

    I worked for a hospital as the investor of my retirement benefits violated my rights underling the violation age act. I contacted numerous Attornies as this person cost me my family life as my complaint was ignored, pleading for my funds I I require housing food and resi ume to my private life. The Attorney also violated my rights, He stated he was representing me and refuse to represent me. My legal issue was of mutiple legal issue as this party violated my housing right. This person as I viewed publicly subjeected me to public intimidation as I was threatened to suggest this person was a law enforcement party that I refuse to adhere to advances nor welcomed. After filed complaint began invesitgated. I was contacted by the settlement services of Citi Bank UK. They notifed me of my assets they were contacting me to release my funds through this litigation conflict.
    I have been waiting for my funds as I want to move into my new home in Indiana. The parties still has not respected me and give me my funds. I filed several complaints against Radio stations television network as they have no right to mistreat me. I was called excessively by 3143154870. In my complied complaints Filed I specifed I wanted this indivduals to stop calling me as thier contact is unlawful and I do not want them to call my cellular number, I filed a news tip, I contacted the FBI, I contacted the state police and filed FTC complaint this person will not stop harassing me. This is nor my family or any party I want any parts of. I filed a incomptency complaint, harassment an aggrivated telephone harassment complaint. A cvili federal complaint and a civilian federal complaint has been filed as I am the plaintiff. I want his person to face prison execution for the infrigement of thier deliberate hatred and mistreatment unalwful as I encountered as a citizen. I have filed a immigration complaint

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  • Sh
    Shirley 1 Jul 28, 2009

    The BOA seems to intentionally and consistantly charge the overcharge fees to send an account into overdraft. With the charges they have made against my account, I could have paid all my bills with money left over. I can understand a one time charge, but to continue to redeposit (through their online bill pay system) after putting the account into further overdraft condition is ludicris.
    Shirley, FL

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  • Jc
    jc valdez Sep 14, 2009

    can credit card companies prevent or hold a person from going abroad? just this morning a attorney from AIG went to our house and told my mom that i have to pay 19, 000 pesos on or before friday or else they will get all the things they could get in our house. plus i cannot go abroad.. is this all true? do they really have the power to do this?

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  • Ke
    kerriblack74 Oct 06, 2009

    I have been a good paying customer (always on time) for 12 years and they tried to raise my rate this month from 13% to 29%. They said it was due to the economy that their prices had to go up. They claimed they sent me a letter in the mail stating this and I had 20 days to decline it, but if I did so it would close my account. I never got the letter, nor did I want to close my account. I had to be on the phone for an hour getting transferred to 6 different people. Finally an account manager said they can keep it the 13% for 6 payments, keep my account open, but then after those payments my apr will go up to the 29% no matter what. The nerve of them getting a loyal customer pay for their mistakes. I do not work on Wall Street so I should not have to pick up the slack for those on WS that screwed up the economy. It is not fair that honest people who are just trying to get by suffer because of jerks like Citibank!

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  • Br
    Britokusa Nov 13, 2009

    Long established card carrier with no debt outstanding monthly. Variable APR being increased to 20.99!. HOWEVER, if I transfer another balance i get a rate of 9.99% This all seems odd, I would be curious if other customers are being treated this way by Citibank. Also customer service 18669159424 i have found to be very difficult, not able to provide any information at all. Will not connect you with the person you speak to, s manager. All I can do is opt out and cancel the card. Disapointing after so many years. Its interesting the letter comes after I just recently paid the annual fee. I really would hope thats coincidence. Anybody else concerned or am I over reacting and should expect this treatment from Credit customers in the current financial climate. I always pay my balance off every month. Thank you

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  • Kv
    K V Suresh Babu Mar 06, 2010

    Date 5h March 2010.
    From. Place: Bangalore.
    Mr. K V. Suresh Babu
    M.N. Technical Institute,
    Kammagondana Halli,
    Jalahalli west, Abbigere Main Road,
    Bangalore – 560 015.

    The Manager,
    State Bank Mysore Bank,
    HMT Indl. Estate, Jalahalli Branch,
    Bangalore - 560 031.

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: Compliant against Amount has not received after Inserting the card at ATM Counter on 01/07/2009.
    Ref: SB A/c No 64019277647 of SBM HMT Ind. Est. Branch
    Debit Card No 5046454772800026887
    This is second reminder for this same problem of my SB A/c No 64019277647 I operated with my ATM card First time on 01/07/2009 at 06.05Pm at Indian Bank ATM counter at new BEL Road Dollars Colony, Bangalore. The amount of Rs.2000/- was not received through ATM machine but amount was debited to my account and on 02/07/2009 entered in my pass book. On the same day I.e. 01/07/2009 at 06.15pm second time I went to the HDFC ATM Counter at New BEL Road same thing was repeated Rs.2000/- amount drawn, was not received by me, but has been deducted from my account. So Rs.4000/- been deducted from my SB A/c. in total.
    The Amount has not been credited to my account in spite of several reminds to the manager of SBM. Personally and no action was taken to my first Letter
    Kindly re credits the amount the amount immediately along with the penalty /interest as per RBI Norms. If no action is taken, I am forced to report to RBI. As a salaried person. I am put into lot of problems due to delay in settlement of this amount of NO FAULT OF MINE Early compliance is solicited.

    Thanking You,
    Yours faithfully,
    Copy to
    1) RBI,
    2) A.G.M.
    3) Senior manager ATM shell.

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  • Rp
    RPJF Mar 24, 2010

    I have been getting charge $30 a service on a savings account they have told me numerous times they would reimburse the money and have not they basically draned $1200.00 of my money and they told me if I close the account before i get the reimburment they would not give me the money owed THE ON SUPERVISOR DONNA DG11200 just told me on the phone she is not giving me anything and was completely rude

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  • Sa
    Sally Apr 12, 2010

    After being a loyal credit card customer of 20+ years in good standing, I was insulted to get notified that my account was one of the accounts "chosen" to have a new annual fee of $60 starting April 1, 2010. I could avoid this fee by charging $2400 a year...a ridiculous requirement imposed on me. It was simpler to close my account (which I did), as I had no balance owed. What kind of business model drives away the credit customers that actually pay their cards?? Not only did they lose this account...they have lost any future business I would consider with them. I have multiple other credit cards with little or no balances, that I will be glad to use in the future. I will admit, I never complained about Citibank or praised them in the past...but I will now jump at the chance to tell people to avoid them at all costs.

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  • Ab
    Abidubi Apr 19, 2010

    They talked me into not making my minimum monthly payment and told me they were going to freeze activity on my account so that I could get my balance down. They didn't. After six months of paying the payment on time via auto pay, they told me that I misunderstood the deal and that I was only to bring my account into some sort of good standing. The problem with this lie is that I would never have made such a deal, where I pay more than $700 to eliminate $166 in overages. I was told after they took my money, that I was still acquiring late fees and over balance fees and paying for my credit protector, which even further demonstrates why I would never have taken such a bad deal. They never informed me of the fees that were building up, obviously so they could rake me over the coals. These financial institutions are destroying our economy. Please, if this has happened to you, report it to the Federal Trade Commission and the office of the Comptroller of the Currency, so that action can be taken.

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  • Al
    alvino1578 Apr 20, 2010

    may tumatawag pa naman sakin from CitiBank na pinag aapply nila ko for Creditcard nila. buti na lang hindi ako pumayag and not interested to apply...

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  • Ro
    Rokave May 26, 2010

    I had a checking account with this bank and I had a heart attack and was hospitalized and had open heart surgery my son who by the why is 15 went to the atm to deposit a check into my account for $20 and he accidently put $200 and not knowing any of this nor my wife she used my bank card and put my account in the negative I spent a month in the hospital between intensive care and intermediate care When I got home found out what happened I told the bank on the first I would bring my account up to date and I did then had my tax refund deposited into the account because I was told that would be okay. The day my refund hit the bank they closed my account and said they would mail a check to me. I was not working got behind on the mortgage so that money was going to help be get back on track, now I have no idea where or when I will get that money late fees adding up everyday. I think it is sad to treat people in this manner over a stupid mistake and I would not recommend this bank to anyone.

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  • Ob
    Obsessed May 28, 2010

    In January we were informed that our mortage was late. After the shock wore off, we researched the problem. We had just started paying online and messed up our accounts. We thought we made two payments, one to our mortage and one to our second mortage. In fact, we made both to our second mortage. We informed Citi of our mistake and said we would make one and a half payments for the next two months and then we would be caught up. They said it would affect our credit, we didn't have a credit cards "the reason for a second mortage." Our goal is to be debt free, except first mortage, in five years. We told them our credit could survive a 30 day late hit. Now the kicker is the second mortage is with them too, and they applied our second payment to the principal, which is four payments worth. They have been calling us three to five times a day every day since. It is the first time we have ever been late and we have been treted like dead beats.

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  • Gu
    Gubbert Jun 03, 2010

    Grand Street Citi bank on the Lower East Side is the worse when it comes to customer services. They are great with taking your money but when it comes down to after care depending on how much money you have in the bank determines the level of care you get from them. I was in the bank and they treated me so wrong with withdrawing my money I had every type of document that was needed for my daughters pass book account including her number I just didn't have the book on me. And they kept me there for 2 hours and they still said no even after I verified myself because I had called the complaint number in their presence. I walked to another bank seven blocks away they gave me the money in about 15 minutes of me being there. I was going to the new bank to close my account as well. But after their service I had decided that I would stay and open a business account with them a few months later. I still horbor ill feelings towards that bank. I always think on that day when I reach my millionair mark and I go to that perticular bank to close my account and transfer funds to another bank. Which will happen soon...It is sad that they treat struggling people the way they do and it is not even their money and they make less than harder workers just by babysitting other people money..

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  • Ba
    badtrip Jun 06, 2010

    badtrip talaga yang citibank eh wala silang maayos na contrata bahala sila.. paiba iba sila ng desisyon

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  • Mr
    MRR-GAM Jul 19, 2010

    Prior to 2008 I had a good relationship with Citibank Mastercard with a Line of Credit of $20, 000.00. As a business owner when the recession first started to hit, rather than lay employees off I used the credit card to cover expenses maxing it out almost immediatly. Citibank raised my interest to 24% and I reacted. I quickly laid the employees off and in Oct 2008 started a regimented payment of 1.5 times half the montly required payment every two weeks. Essentially making 13 months of payments exceeding the minimum by half more in a 12 month period.
    Regardless of this every quarter Citibank has reduces the credit line to just above the interest for the upcoming month. Thus eliminating my ability to use the card if necessary. Further, I've asked for a reduction in interest as I've maintained a very good payment record. I had very few minor problems prior to the recession. To date there has been no consideration. This is NOT good customer service in my view.

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  • De
    Denverr Jul 30, 2010

    I am holding citi bank credit card from last 8 and 1/2 years and had no dues. i cleared all balances in my card statements. but some time back citibank personnel started calling and they started telling that there is a due amount pending form me. after clarification it was clear that this balance is from some one who was working in Bharti telecom and the card no. also is different, which i have never came across. after this clarification they stopped calling about one year back. but again they started harassing me for this balance which was clarified before. it looks like they extracted information from me and mixed up the information with that card details & freshly started harassing me. i request you to please help me from this harassment and have fair and clear investigation in this issue.

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  • Jh
    JHILIK SYAMAL Aug 18, 2010

    I have received a notice staing that i had asked for a credit card which is wrong.There was a scheme
    wherein citibank had send a card. Suddendly in 2008 i was told that there was an outstanding on my account.
    I was surprised and i contacted them.They said that as it was there on the card without any enquiry forced me
    to go for rewrite.I have been regularly paid the emi asked and it was completed on april2010.Surprised to find
    another outstanding.Is the bank not harassing people uselessly by adding interest and giving notice.Please
    advice me what i should do as i am no longer in any position to pay them.

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  • Ka
    KatJ61 Aug 27, 2010

    I had a credit card that i used for my business for 6 years and paid all my bill on time. all of a sudden they decide to close my acct because my credit rating didn't meet their standards. i had 68, 000 i wanted to redeem and was told my customer service that i had till the end of the month.

    well, i just found out that they wiped out all my miles along with the closed account. even though i had another citicard that wasnt closed, they would let me transfer it!

    I plan to cancel the rest of my accounts with them.

    they are robbers!!

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