Citibankcredit card

S Jul 18, 2019

I have charged a amount of close to S$30K to the Citibank Premiermiles Card for the insurance related transaction BUT I noticed that no point was awarded to these transactions.
I have called the Customer Service and they inform me that the transaction is exclude from the miles award as it is a insurance related transaction.
However, before I perform the transaction, I had checked the CITIBANK Premiermiles Card website and it is only indicate as follows:

a. Excludes purchases made on flexible payment plans, income tax and cash advances. Overseas spending is identified as transactions amount posted in foreign currency only

The 2 Citibank officers that called me had told me that there are other Terms & Conditions hidden in the webpage.
My point to them is, then they should keep the Term & condition link at the point (a) above.
As a customer, I will take it that only flexiible payment plans, income tax and cash advances transactions are excluded as per the 'term and conditions' listed on this page.

I have informed 3 citibank officers about this unfairness to a customer and they are still ignore my request to re-imburse the miles to me.
And when I told them that I want to further escalate, the 2nd officer told me that he is the highest officer that I can escalate and he will not reimburse my point. This is ridiculous and unfair to the customer.

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