Citibankcitibank is siding with a disreputable moving company in my dispute

P Aug 04, 2018

I recently opened 2 disputes with Citibank regarding Professional Moving and Storage. I asked for a reversal of the deposits of $300 and $717.08 that I gave to the moving company due to the fact that they did not provide the service they contracted for. The move dates were supposed to be June 28th or 29th. Once the moving company got my deposits, they would not communicate. The one time I got through the man told me he had a call in to the driver and would call me right back. After no phone calls for 2 days regarding if they were going to show, the 2 men show up at 6 PM on the 29th. The man immediately begins trying to get me to sign manifest papers even though he had not compared my goods to the list. He starts telling me how much more the weight will be, the cost of blankets will be, and that my furniture needs crating. These are all items the moving company had said on their contract that I was not supposed to allow, not to sign anything and that I was to contact their customer service immediately to handle this. This man was also making these decisions without comparing my furniture to the list I had made with Professional Moving and Storage and he had not even looked at my furniture yet. When I finally realized this was an obvious scam I called the 2 customer service numbers repeatedly but of course no one answered. They had not communicated since they took my deposits so why would they answer now. How was I to resolve this with customer service as requested if no one answers. Not knowing what to do at this point, I told the men to get off my property. I could not see any other way to handle that situation. What person would have sent their goods with 2 men that showed up at the last hour in a box truck, refusing to speak my language except to say sign this and pay me more money. The older man asked to use our bathroom and stayed forever smoking, The room stunk of smoke. The younger man kept grabbing his crotch until mu husband requested he stop. Again I ask who in their right mind would have sent their goods with these men? I was sure I would never see my goods again. Especially if customer service refused to pick up.

Now Citibank is siding with Professional Moving and Storage. They are saying I have not provided documentation proving that the service was not provided? How do I document that? I called immediately for assistance. Who in their right mind would have continued that process with the movers? I can not document something that was happening in real time. I feel justified in sending someone away that was trying to steal from me. I have no idea how to prove that customer service would not assist me. I requested that the moving company return my deposits, but of course there was no response to that.

Citibank's handling of this issue has been awful. I receive email communication days after it has shown on their site. By then I have limited time to respond. I have provided the receipts for my deposits. I have detailed the transactions with the moving company from start to finish. I have no way to prove the calls. My order has been shut down on Professional Moving and Storage's site so I can not pull the details back up. It now says to call customer service. Isn't that funny? This company has it all worked out. They communicate only through internet. They do not provide the contract via email; only by accessing their site. Then they shut it down so you can not get back to it. They will not answer phones.

I will admit that I was an idiot to have contracted with this company, but I would have thought Citibank to stand by me on this. I have done everything I can to prove that this company did not fulfill their contract and had perfected their scam. I simply want the deposits reversed. I have never had a dispute before. This is not something I would pursue if I did not feel passionate about my stand on this.

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