Citi Trendshad a physical argument with a employee and the manager stood there and not said a word

It's a lot could someone give me a call at+[protected] thank you and have a good day. One of the associates thought someone was stealing but we thought she rung it up because we told her we didn't want it bagged so she handed it back so we left went in the next store for a customer to come tell us that she said we was stealing so we went back to pay for it as we were making the transaction she was very rude and unprofessional she was cursing and yelling at us telling us to be quiet and get the [censored] out the store by then we was asking for a refund because I will not do business with anybody that treats their customers like that and I will not be promoting a business like that I will and have told my family and friends to never shop there because of my experience! The manager name was Erica she just stood that and allowed her to talk to us and go back and forward like that the employee name was Trina! I'm highly disgusted because we spend a lot of money there and most people wouldn't have tried to come back and pay for nothing that they had already gotten away with but being that we are honest we did the right thing! This is unacceptable and if this is allowed I'm pretty sure we won't be the only customers you loose because of a rude unprofessional employee!

Jul 04, 2019

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