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Hello, I hope this reaches someone that will take the time to address this issue. Today I was passing through the area and stopped into one of the stores on castle hayne road (by Oakley road). As I entered the store I was not greeted, or acknowledged. There was a lady wearing a red shirt, brown hair and glasses standing by the coffee area. She seen me walk in looked up and continued to do whatever it was she was doing. I walked around the store still not acknowledged. As j work customer service as well, this was very unprofessional. I chose not to buy anything and instead just left, I was never told thanks for coming. Have a nice day or anything. I was unable to see her name tag. I hope the other employees that work that store have better manners than her. Thank you for your time
Have a good day.

Sep 08, 2019
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  • Je
      Sep 08, 2019

    I don't think anything said was negative as an assistant at circle k, it is protocol to greet every customer that comes in the store, and thank them as they leave. Everyone has their opinions. Sorry you went through that.

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  •   Sep 09, 2019

    “She seen me walk in looked u” I guess is good that you were “seen” by someone. Politeness is usually a given but some clerks are busy or just not friendly. Leaving without your purchasing anything over no greeting is childish.

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