Circle K Storesgas not received due to severed - still charged $63.99

C Aug 06, 2018

Date: 6/23/2018
Store Info: 2211310
Auth #: 705460
Stan: [protected]
Invoice #: 445979
Store #: 9761727
Site ID: 131609
Terminal ID: 001

I stopped at this gas station about a month and a half ago to get gas and the pump had a severed fuel-line that wasn't roped off. I started pumping gas normally and became concerned when the pump didn't auto-shut-off at the $30 mark (I drive a Scion xD and it usually takes about $30-$40 to fill from completely empty). I disengaged the pump and the pump continued to "pump" the gas. I became concerned that gas was going to leak everywhere, so I ran inside and informed the attendant who told me "the line was just severed, I haven't had a chance to rope it off so just remove the nozzle". I ran back outside and removed the nozzle and he was correct; no gas leaked anywhere. I checked my gas level (pictured below) and confirmed that no gas made it into my tank. At this point, the charge made it all the way up to $63.99 for gas that I didn't receive. I went back inside to get a refund/use a different pump, but the attendant informed me that "only the manager can perform pump refunds". I told the attendant that I lived in Northern California (about 6 hours away), and he said to call back on the following Monday and the manager would refund me; no problem. I called back per his instructions, and the manager told me that he was aware of the severed gas line, but that Circle K and Exxon Mobil did not allow him to make refunds over the phone. He informed me to call around/dispute the charge with my bank (which I did), when my bank told me that the merchant must refund me the amount. I called the manager again to tell him this, and he gave me another contact to call (Exxon mobile). Exxon mobile told me that they only supply the gas, and that Circle K or the manager must perform the refund. I called the manager back, again, and told him my findings. He told me that he would call Circle K and process the refund (1 week ago), but still hasn't done so.

Essentially, I've been chasing phone numbers for about a month, and have had no luck. The branch manager refuses to process a refund over the phone. I really need a refund because I was charged $63.99 and didn't receive what I paid for (my tank can't even hold that amount).

I hope you all can find a solution, because this is my last option before I have to file a police report with this station.


Circle K Stores

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