Circle Kservice was unacceptable

B Sep 28, 2019 Review updated:

For a customer to be at that Circle K on a daily several times a day on a daily definitely consider myself a regular there for the cashier to not accept my dollar bill because it had a half inch tear in the dollar bill right after I explain just what happened my soda just spilt and all I needed to do is buy another one I just walked out the door there she would not accept it and said they can accept my dollar bill like it wasn't good enough it was still in one piece I was completely unacceptable and I will not be going back to that Circle K if it's the last thing I do completely out of line disrespectful and that's all there is to it the older lady I don't know her name working at Circle K on 67th Avenue and Greenway about a half hour ago so morning shift completely unacceptable and I just wanted to corporate office to know that I will no longer give my business to Circle K I'm 67th Avenue and Greenway and in hindsight I probably won't be going to circle case. Unless something is done in regards to the situation this is completely unacceptable


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      Sep 28, 2019

    On a daily? Lmao

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  • J
      Oct 07, 2019

    All of circle k employees are rude as hell thats why I quit going to circle k they might not miss one but when loads and loads of people slowly one by one quit going there because of their useless employees who cuss at customers [censored] about their jobs and talk on their phones instead of taking care of customers maybe then they will notice and it’s happening already at least around here people drive out of their way to just go to a different store!

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