Circle Khostile work enviroment


Its so many things about Circle K, For one they do not care about their workers.Ive been there for five years plus I help run some of their high volume stores. I tried to go with the flow but I'm steady being put down walk over and I've done had enough, don't know one deserve to be treated that way. My boss recently quit and market manager was demoted for what reason I don't know but they bring in a market manager so hung up on her power that she abuses the leverage (Micro-Manager) is what she called. She brags about how she started at 3rd shift and promoted to store manager in 3 months (Impossible unless). Its a lot of favoritism in this company either you with the program or you get kick off the program or harassed to you quit. one thing I'm not is a quit-er. The new market manager told me that i wasn't worthy or even qualified to be a MIT (Manager in Training), even tho I've been there for five years plus I've trained store managers and help run good stores with great audits beside that they hire people of the street for that position. Since my boss left the store they given me hell really never took the time out to know me just judging me off of whatever and I'm a good employee never stole anything do what I'm told and still get bad end of a situation, why ? what did I do to get this type of treatment? We had a meeting and I was signal out . This lady had the nerves to ask me to quit and i said I'm not a quit-er after this convo things change my hours change, threatened to be fired more double standards which its okay for this person to do it but if I do it I'm fired, Even denied my right to go to the Doctor about my Pink eye. I called four hours before my shift and said I would bring a Doctor excuses and that wasn't enough was told if i didn't show up I would be fired, ( so unethical), then sent to another store and got suspended for at first a 80 dollar shortage which was the store manager fault because he shut the shift down wrong but money come back next day so now suspended cause I've went to work 3rd shift doing the store manager a favor and cleaned this nasty store up I've mean walls, restrooms, garbage cans outside, inside face and front, stocked all supplies, and mop several times in a very hot store, I admit I was tired, sleepy and hot and I fail to do the cooler, now this was my first time working over night at this store so I didn't know I was supposed to do the cooler and leave the doors open while I'm in a cooler (very dangerous at 3.00 in the mourning), but like I said they don't care about the lives of their employees. What do you do when you steady being push to the wall. I might get fired for writing this so I'm going to keep a copy of it and get EEOC involved for harassment and creating a hostile work environment .

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