I am a employee of the Cinemark Century Theater in Terra Linda. My issue is with a Senior Manager who has been unreasonable with her discipline methods, and tired of the favoritism that I think is being shown in the workplace. While I do fully understand the Employee Guidelines and that I am breaking them, her requests are not backed by any of these. I called in sick, because I had a fever at 101.3 and she told me to get a doctor's note for that one day. I did not call out any other days, and that was the only one. As it was a Sunday she requested that I would go to the ER and pay out of my pocket just to avoid a write-up. Her argument was about how I had swapped my shifts several times on Sunday in the past, but recently I have not done that. If she had looked a little closer, I only did that to my closing shifts, and many times I chose to still work them. I was also issued one for something when I was off the clock and had managed to get mixed up with a customer, when I think for anyone who has a reasonable sense of judgment could say I was not in the fault for. This could have been entirely avoided if another manager had done their job, and yet me and the other employee involved were written-up for it. I've worked for this company for nearly a year and a half, and these are my first two writes, both recent, and both written up by the same manager.
Upon recently I was given a full amount of days, seeing as the previous manager understood that I wanted that and needed that. Now that this manager is in charge, not only are my shifts being cut, but only the people she seems to personally get along with are getting a good amount of shifts. I think you could describe me as a good working, disregarding my cell phone use on the job. (I don't mind admitting that) I do everything I am supposed to and more, and I feel like I'm being disciplined for that.


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    Cinemark is unfair Feb 18, 2013

    I am also a Cinemark Employee who basically had the same issue. I was sent home because I failed to present my manager a Doctor's note about my absence. I've called in twice both time I was sick with a fever and vomiting both about 5 months apart from each other. When I walked in the door and my manager asked me if I had a Doctor's note and I replied "No, I went to the ER and they wanted me to pay a 140.00 copay just for my visit when my mother who is a nurse at a doctor's office told me what I had and treated me" I counted in my register and was already on the clock when my managers came back and called me in to tell me that I needed to go home and stay there until I present a doctors note. One of my managers even had the nerve to say "Have your mom's doctor write you a note real quick and bring it in" Which is TOTALLY ILLEGAL at least in the state of Texas. My mother called my General Manager to explain it further and tried to reason with him so I may return to work his reply was, "He knows the Cinemark policy" I didn't receive a write up nor did anyone ask me for a note the first time I called in which was back in October so I thought it was the norm that I didn't have to bring in a note if it was for just at least a day. The fact that he said I should know Cinemark policy is based upon assumption considering that when I first started at Cinemark I didn't receive a copy of any sort of employee handbook. I can't even describe the book's cover because I've never received or seen one. To be sent home and the threat of losing my job and suggesting that I do something illegal to cover my absence is ridiculous. Minimum wage isn't worth going to jail.

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