Church's Chickenfood : chicken not cooked properly/order messed up

V Nov 25, 2017

I went there got the 8 piece mixed special on Thanksgiving Day. The cashier gave me a box that wouldn't stay closed so I looked in the order box and she put thighs, legs and two wings, one breast. I took it back in and the manager lady said she would fix it. more chicken was cooking. My box was setting in the return area set for returns. the box was all wet inside from the chicken not being properly cooked or drain. No! the order was not fixed like the manager said. they put another short thigh in the box and returned me the same chicken back to me. I looked in the box when I got home and called the manager lady back and she said she would fix my order the next time I return. No. I took it back an got my money back. There need to be employers that knows how to cook food.They could give someone food poison one day. The waiter was going to the cook and another employee complaining about a customer returning food. That is so unprofessional. She looked like she had been up from a drunk all night. Won't be going back there no day them same people are working. I will make sure I go when a certain ones are working only. Spoiled my Thanksgiving meal with that mess. NEED BETTER WORKERS WITH THAT CREW THAT NEEDS A WHOLE LOT OF TRAINING. I have worked in the food business for years so I know.

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