Chrysler Financialscam and fraud!

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I have been hounded by Chrysler Financial collections even with a payment only 11 days late. I get repeated phone calls daily sometimes 6-8 on my cell phone costing cell usage. The people calling are very rude and demanding even after I told the supervisor I am behind about a month. If you want to pick up the car you are welcome. Instead I get daily 6-8 phone calls of demands for paymnet phone pays, unacceptable I am not paying, short of causing me a mental breakdown and or heart attack and or stroke. I am tired. I can not ration with these people. My cell phone records prove their calls. I have tried to return the calls and I get no response. These people need to be stopped. I filed a complaint with the ftc and ready to file another. I am just running behind. At one point I left the car at the dealer cause I couldn't take it anymore. Even on their own mistake I was being called. I picked the car up made a payment and let Chrysler Financial know I will be running a month behind. My friend listened on speaker phone friday night and was unable to understand why when I stated then pick the car up. I as of Friday was late by 14 days. This is every month not a one time thing. My cell phone goes off about every 2 hours. I can't take anymore. I am trying to save my credit by paying at all. I really would much rather leave the car with the dealer. Even when I set the payment a few days or two weeks late on line I am still called asking for my payment and I ask don't you look at online status before you call? I can't take much more. I even mentioned I have been behind with other companies a month and only received a courtesy to remind me. These people don't give courtesy calls they give demanding, frightening, intimidating phone calls. This is wrong. Something legally needs to be done about Chrysler Financial debt collection procedures.


  • Ti
    tina Feb 26, 2008

    I totally agree. I owe them $80 since I made a partial payment. They call and call and call. They are so rude. I had a women today tell me what the heck was my problem and she guesses that I just pay whenever I feel like it. Then called again and got another rep that huffed & puffed cause I didn't have my account #. Then talked to a man that said he doesn't understand what my problem is cause I make this X amount of money. Everyone needs to come together and bring a case against them for harrassment.

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  • Wi
    William Mar 04, 2008

    Why don't you just pay your damn bills and you wouldn't have anyone 'harassing' you.

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  • Kr
    kris weeks Mar 14, 2008

    I am having the same phone calls and contacted josh trigsted at 866-775-3666. It is a firm that deals with creditor harassment cases. I have just begun on this so I don't have any progress but he did say I had a good case to sue them. I have been 1 payment behind for 2-3 years and I'm 1 payment from paying my loan off and these phone calls started evryday 2- 5 times a day. good luck on yours.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Swearingen Apr 12, 2008

    I have only had my jeep 6 months and every month I get calls from chrysler at least 5-8 times a day. I am tired of it and nothing seems to be getting though to chrysler that my payment is NOT late until 10 days from the actual due date, that is why that give you a 10 day grace period!!! I am going to seek legal help in this matter to bring chrysler to their senses and for them to quit calling that many times in a day!! I hope that everyone who has this problem will do the same!!

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  • Valerie May 13, 2008

    I was involved in a purchase of a 1999 Dodge Ram. The dealer misrepres3ented the true facts and circumstances to Chrysler of the contract and applications of both parties, instead the dealer sold the truck in truth to the supposedly "co-signer". The truck was never rightfully titled to the rightful applicant and true purchaser. The down payment cash of 4000.oo was made by the true purchaser not the co-signer. And the title was never, included with the real purchasers name as two parties co-signer and purchaser, the payments were made timely by the true purchaser until Chrysler financial found out it was to late.

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  • Cr
    Craig May 21, 2008

    I am really surprised that Chrysler will make NO ATTEMPT in trying to keep customers happy and help them not look like A-Holes.

    The “PT” I bought from them at 18% is now almost $6, 500 upside down and NO one wants to re-fi it. They will not even do it.

    So, my Poor Trash Looser is turning into a pain in my butt!

    No wonder Mercedes dropped their sorry A_SES!

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  • Ja
    Jack Jun 04, 2008

    The only person right here is William. Ryan - late is late. In this economy, can you blame a bank for being assertive on a loan? You wouldn't have gotten the car unless they signed the check. If the car is a priority, prove it. To say "I have been 1 payment behind for 2-3 years" -- as if that is acceptable? Within that 2-3 years, can it be said you probably went on vacation, you probably went out to dinner 1 extra time each month, you probably reallocated that payment to something other then Chrysler despite their efforts to rectify the situation. Across the board -- every bank is going to want to be the FIRST one to get paid in this economy. Listen to how everyone wants your tax stimulus check -- that is the world we live in.

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  • Th
    the truth Jul 07, 2008

    as a former employee of the lovely Chrysler Financial, I know how the harrassing calls might fell. The employees are encouraged by the managers to talk crazy to people on the phone (anything to get them to make a pymt). I was told a number of times that I needed to be more agressive. The employees are encouraged to call family, friends, and yes even your neighbors. I know, because I've done it. If you want to stop the calls or get some pay back. Next time they call, get and address to send correspondence, then send a letter asking not to be contacted about the debt. I would say to even send multiple letters to make sure that they got at lease one. If they call you after having recieved the letters then that is grounds for legal action on your behalf and you might get that car completly paid for, courtesy of the lovely Chrysler Financial.

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  • Ma
    marsha mentz Jul 21, 2008

    they are the rudest company ever!! i will be paying off my loan once i sell my house and i will nevvvvvvvvvvvvver use CF again...buyer beware...stay away from this company for your financial needs...they are the worst lender and even if you pay 8 days late...they call and call...horrible company and the worst staff ever!!!

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  • Mi
    mike polzin Jul 25, 2008

    leased a new jeep through chrysler last year. misfortunate enough to get ran over a few months back. life ruined. out of work, in hospital for months, multiple surgeries, probably no chance of returning to a normal functioning life. fell behind on jeep payment when in hospital. continuous calls everyday and night from chrysler. don't care about my condition or story, just want their money. ### company, ### product, extremely rude employees. ### chrysler! i hope their quarterly earnings continue to plummet until they have to go into bankruptcy. don't deal with this company, do yourself a favor and stay away.

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  • Mm
    M. MORGAN Jul 28, 2008


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  • Mi
    mike c Jul 28, 2008

    Dude, When you buy a car you are promising to pay once a month, an agreed amount... Since when did the bank state on the contract you signed that they would be fine if you are a month late. You are not the victim, they are because you broke you promise to them to pay. No one needs to be curtious about it. If someone owed you money would you be nice about it? month after month. I bought a dodge, make everypayment, and have no issues, ever! The onlything I get annoyed with is them calling asking if their service was up to par. I can understand getting harrased, and if they ask when you will paythem say: "your guess is as good as mine?" and laugh it off. If you cant pay them have fun with it. But pay it off before complaining, they are just doing their jobs. best advice, dont live on credit. No offense.

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  • Tw
    Twyla Thornton Aug 04, 2008

    co-signed for my friend to purchase a vehicle, we traded that vehicle for another they was paid in full, why would they put that on our credit report. The car we got from that trade we realized they charged us to much for it and the interest rate was sky high, no one would take this vehicle as a trade because of this. They finance another vehicle for us but won't take this vehicle as a trade, they also stated that we was charged to much, and the interest rate was to high at that point we was told they would pick up the other vehicle the next day. not... we called the next and was told we had to find someone to take over the payments. they came and got it about 4-5 months later. they tried to charge us with those payments and late charges. Now they have all three vehicles on our credit report. They had the nerve to call my job and tried to garnish my wages. I'm in because they need to be stopped.

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  • No
    not happy consumer Aug 26, 2008

    We have recently returned our 36 month leased vehicle (Chrysler town & country) with preliminary inspection and repairs done as required. We have actually returned it 2 days early and provided a copy of the returned plates from DMV. Since then, we have received at least 10 calls from Chrysler demanded payment of the buy out vehicle. ($15, 000-). We have explained the situation to Chrysler consumer service, Chrysler remarketing and spoke with Lorenson Chrysler Dodge (our dealer Old Saybrook CT). Nobody seems to care and change their computer data. They demand full payment of the vehicle with no mention of return of the vehicle back. We made the payments on time in the course of 3 years and return the vehicle before the end of the lease. We feel harassed. What can we do ?

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  • Mi
    Mitch Oct 24, 2008

    Some of you just dont get it !!! They need to uderstand the current situation with the economy.If not let them stick their cars where the sun dosent shine.They are partially to blame along with our government.They always knew that the price of gas would sky rocket, but never did anything about the mileage problem.That is the reason that they will most likely fail in the near future.If they want to keep customers, be nice and understanding.It might just save their sorry ###"s...

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  • Ro
    Ron Wilkinson Dec 02, 2008

    I'm 30 days over due. I have been this late before. I payed it off last time and I will pay it off this time. Now Chrysler Financial is calling me three to four times a day. I just got a call and the one before was fifteen minutes ago. I have had a Chrysler Pickup for three years and I've never experienced this kind of harassment.

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  • Ka
    kate clancy Jan 29, 2009

    Obviously I have the cell phone number of someone who they are trying to reach. Over the course of months I am receiving daily calls from them. I have called the number they leave five times & asked them to remove me from their automated list and I am still receiving daily calls.
    Is there something else I can do? Or call?

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  • Sc
    Scammed Feb 20, 2009

    CF calls me at least 16 times a day, its funny I don't even own a Chrysler, they are rude hateful and ignorant to say the least. Now they are calling for my 8 year old son they won't give me an address all I have is there phone number, I have asked them to stop calling every time they call.

    Then the person they call for I now have all his information his name is rick k. I'm being more discreet then they are I will be contacting the FBI on this situation, anyone else having problems.

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  • Sh
    sha Mar 10, 2009

    this company have been very nasty to me and harassed me when i am only 2 days late even thou i have a 10 days grace period i reported them to the attorney general office today in ky

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  • Sh
    sha Mar 10, 2009

    these people act heart less and over charge me. very very very rude

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  • Hi
    HitokiriCraig May 05, 2009

    I've used Chrysler Financial for the past 6 years. I have had late payments, but even when I was a month behind they NEVER called me. They just sent me another bill with a late fee. They do give you a 10 day grace period before they charge you a late fee. I've found the best way to stop them from calling is to PAY YOUR BILLS! Or maybe not get a car you can't afford in the first place.

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  • Di
    digiman May 21, 2009

    I am seeing this from a different angle. I am one of those neighbors receiving calls from Chrysler Financial. We do not own nor have we ever owned a Chrysler. I have two phone lines. One for business and one for personal use. I have been receiving numerous call on BOTH LINES and we aren't even a customer. You can be sure that we will never become a customer either. It will also be a cold day in hell before I help them in any way with our neighbor.

    I will make no excuse for the neighbor but I will not be put in the middle of a situation I have nothing to do with. I personally hope that Chrysler fold with a big whump!!!

    As to the people who are taking the side of the collections people, I found myself in financial difficulty in the 1980's. My wife and I dug our way out and paid everything off in full. The tactics of some of these companies such as CF, work in a counter productive way to resolving the issues with honest customers. When a person is dealing with a disaster, it doesn't help one bit to stack on enormous late fees, etc. There were several times that we were making every attempt to pay on time but money wasn't in our hands by the time we needed it. When we did get the money and sent it the hole was deeper. We managed to do it but I am not a fan of the process. I am the owner of a business and have been since 1974. Believe me I know about cash flow and during the time I mentioned I held down two jobs as well as trying to keep the business alive.

    There are times that call for aggressiveness but there are also times that call for teamwork with your customers. I am still using the suppliers that worked with me during the tight times and I still have many of the customers that I worked with. The long term relationships have become strong and very good ones. Those customers and suppliers are among the most loyal ones I have. We have also prospered greatly since those tough times. The business' that were inflexable are also that few that I still do not do business with.

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  • Ko
    koonsjim May 26, 2009


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  • Ri
    Richard T Bodeker Jun 26, 2009

    If you want help there are severl ways to get remedy. first go to look at the videos the password is buschbeer, and find out what you can do. there is anouther way to get remedy file a commercial lien or a lien of obligation on chrysler to stop collections and the calls. look it up on the web and follow the instructions carefully do your do dilagence. find out all you can, and do something about it and stop complaining. information is not the same as legal advise.

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  • Ch
    Chrysler Late Fees Jul 07, 2009

    Is it legal for Chrysler to charge late fees...2 days late and they charged me $62.50...???

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  • elizabethvitale Jul 07, 2009

    Some legal issues I do know others not so. Chrysler Financial reps can be very threatening and I would give my car back if I could. I think the lease or purchase agreement and then asking an attorney is the best view of whether in fact the fees can be assessed. I know everytime I am late I am charged interest and a phone pay cost. It is a rip.
    Elizabeth Vitale

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  • Rs
    rstannard Aug 04, 2009

    i turned my lease early (3 months) and waited for the lease end statement, instead i received harassing phone calls and then a statement stating that i owe $13, 000, because the vehicle was repossessed. let the phone calls begin, we called chrysler financial and asked what was going on with this, they were very rude, and just said you should have paid your payment and we wouldnt have repo'd the vehicle, and stated they were going to start legal action, well about 8 months of harassing phone calls at work, home, and cell phones from chrysler, and then a collections company, i get a phone call from their attorneys asking if i was going to pay up, i explained the situation to them (they were actually nice about it), they said watch the mail we will be serving you. we responded to the summons, went to court and won our case, and chrysler has been ordered to send a proper lease end statement. the long term damage is a repo was put on my credit report, i had to buy a second care from a dealership that deals with people that have repo's wich costs me more money then it should, i did a mortgage modification and had to take an extra point on the interest rate, because i had a repo, so anyone who wants some sweet revenge in a class action lawsuit im for it, im going to take legal action on them to cover the cost of the point on my mortgage for 30 years, pay for the car that i had to buy from the bad credit dealership and smoke them for all the headache and stress, because they couldnt handle their business the right way.
    by the way i was not in default on the lease to begin with, paragraph 21 on the lease contract states that you can turn your lease in and how it was t be handled.

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  • Lu
    LuvHorses Aug 23, 2009

    If anyone starts a class action suit count me in. The day after you dont make your payment the phone rings off the wall. And the the threats start. if you dont call by a certqain time. GOTCHA... I belive the law is 30 days to repo. And then they play games like returning payments for what reason who knows. Then you are 30 days late and bye bye credit fico scores. if you return one of their calls all you get is a recording. What happened to Humans. I guess we are in the JETSON era. All Robots with no heart.

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  • Ry
    Ryan1 Sep 25, 2009

    Chrysler Financial Representatives are the most rude and incompetent people I have ever had the displeasure of talking to. I have leased 2 vehicles from Chrysler Financial. I pay my payment via their website EVERY month. As of last month, they re-organized their website and many people including myself were unable to make payments online because their new website sucks and would not take the payment. They said it was my responsibility to make the payment on time and I have other payment a $12.95 processing fee or they are going to report 30 days late on my credit report. I talked to 5 different people and every single one of them were absolutely rude. Screw Chrysler financial. When I turn in my lease next week, I'm purchasing a General Motors or Ford product.

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  • Do
    Done! Nov 02, 2009

    A class action lawsuit would be great! Unfortunately they are in the positions of power. Hope they are enjoying the bailout money that comes from US! I see Toyotas in my future!

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  • De
    Deadbeat Nov 18, 2009

    Wow. If all you deadbeats effectively used your time to take responsibility for your lives instead of blathering online, there may be resolution but then again, this is probably all you've known.

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  • Sc
    scotty2 Nov 20, 2009

    Until Chrysler Financial pays back ALL taxpayer money (CFC used TALF money to pay off TARP loan) we all have an obligation to ### this company out.

    Chrysler Financial uses Detroit police officers as repossession agents. Chrysler Financial has multiple phone lines (one they record for legal purposes and another phone line to get nasty with customers). The non monitored phone line is known as the "black phone." Chrysler Financial has an automated dialer system that can show any caller i.d. on outbound calls it wishes to show. This is known in the industry as "spoofing."

    The above mentioned items in paragraph two were all revealed under oath by current Chrysler Financial supervisors and employees during an arbitration hearing in September 2009.

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  • Bo
    Bob Popolopolis Dec 19, 2009

    Actually, it's very simple. It takes a little time to understand, but you may see the logic in my post:
    1. It starts at the dealership. Research THE car or truck that you want. Look at JUST the car or truck that you want. A dealer cannot MAKE you sign a contract. If you can afford just the Neon, DON'T sign for an Intrepid. It happens more often than you think.
    Also, take a calculator, take a calculator, take a calculator. Figure out how much you'll be paying a month AND a year. You tell them you can afford $300 a month, and the dealer says "It'll only cost an extra $35 dollars a week. You can afford an extra $35 a week, can't you?", while he's nodding his head. The answer is "No". Otherwise, you just kicked your payment up another $150 a month, ($151.67, to be more precise).
    2. Buy what you can afford. Yes, you can lease a Charger for the same cost as purchasing a "lesser" car, but after shelling out all that money, month-after-month, what do you have to show for it? Empty pockets and an empty driveway. You have to give the car back at the end of the Contract. Speaking of which:
    3. READ THE CONTRACT. Read it twice BEFORE you sign it. Read it again AFTER you sign it. Ask questions. Think of standing before a judge, with this coming out of your mouth: "I didn't know" followed by whatever is written anywhere in that contract. Is says on the contract that you have READ and UNDERSTAND, then you sign. In court, you lose. Period.
    4. Cars are expensive: Gas. Insurance. Maintenance. That's just a small part of it.
    Now, for the rant about the finance companies. These people are under-the-gun. They have to hear it from the customer. They have to hear it from the supervisor. You are right, they cannot MAKE you pay, but, if you don't want the phone calls, pay the note.
    5. "Give the car back"?? To whom? The dealership doesn't want it. They've already been paid. By whom? By the finance company. Give it "back" to the finance company? Why? The finance company didn't sell you the car. They lent you the money to buy the car of your choice. They want what they lent you: the money.
    6. "I'm not going to buy (your company's) product anymore! I'm taking my business somewhere else!!" This is an idle threat. After the horrendous payment history you've just produce, no one else will touch you. If they do, it'll be with some ridiculous interest rate, that you probably won't understand because you DIDN'T READ THE CONTRACT. 7. Oh, and Chrysler Financial's specialty USED to be to finance those who no one else would finance. Essentially, they took you when no one else would.
    Bone up on the intelligence, people. It's hard enough trying to make up one payment. Try making up two or three. Meanwhile, those $30 late fees, and $30 bounced check fees, and that 20% interest rate is eating up your money. Good luck to you all: customers and service representatives alike. Oh, and to the customers: that "rudeness" tends both ways. Be polite, and you'll likely be met with politeness. If the reps are rude, chances are it's a reflection of what's on the other end of the line.

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  • Sh
    Shell1969 Dec 30, 2009

    Not everyone's complaint is the same s**t does happen! I had fraud with my bank my account was $1600.00+ behind the bank took my checks for one and half months until they got their money. I called Chysler to explain the situation, I wanted to defer the payment for two months till I got caught up. ( All the other creditors were understanding) neverless they do not listen. They women told me I should borrow the money. Well, I was borrowing money for the GAS HOG I bought from them ($10.00) a day( 10 miles round trip) just to go back and forth to work so I could pay them. I told her I could not even get my son anything for christmas! In her next breath, She said, " Can you get to a Western Union?" What part of I HAVE NO MONEY DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND? I never had any intension of not paying my debt. They continued to call repeatedly, my work (after I told them they could not call my work or I would lose my job and never be able to pay), my cell, my boyfriend's cell, which they call at least eight times daily, and my parents house over and over. We both spoke to them several times and always got a diffrent story from them. Do they document their calls apparently not. I sent them a check as soon as I could and they continued the calls over and over. I do not know exactly what the laws for harrasment are in Ohio, But I know in California they are not allowed to call your cell phone. ( Law attached below) but apparently they can call from there! (See Photo document) Don't get me wrong I have come from a Dodge family. I have a 69 superbee I love, but I would never go through Chrysler Financial again. If there is something that can be done, count me and my boyfriend in as well.

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  • Ci
    Cindi K Mar 02, 2010

    I agree. Chrysler is horrible and if we continue to let them get by with this, they will continue these questionable activities. I recently called the FTC and was referred back to my local Attorney General's office to take care of this matter. She was very kind, but stated that the FTC can only step in when there is a pattern of questionable activity. If we are sent back to our State officials, then the activity is not traced.

    People, file your complaints on the State level with your Attorney General and then call the FTC and ask them to take your complaint as well so a pattern of activity can be established against Chrysler. This company full of crooks is literally falling between the cracks between the local State Government and the Federal because there is no follow-up.

    These idiots that get on here and state to pay your bills and this won't happen, probably live in mommy and daddy's basement and have not yet entered the real world. The major thing they have is their car payment and the expense of their sound system. Those of us that are on our own, not that people hit financial snags and not all of us has help to pull out of it, sometimes it just gets worse. We didn't take on something that we couldnt afford, we merely didn't have the ability to see into the future by 4 years or don't have a trust fund or endless access to mommy and daddy's wallets. So unless you know full hand about life which means, then shut the hell up.

    Bad things happen to good people, and during this economic time even large companies are struggling so what makes Chrysler any better. The fact that they were able to use millions of taxpayer dollars to bail themselves out of debt and we could not. I have to wonder what our government was thinking. People contact your local Attorney General and the FTC...don't let them continue to get by with this. Please email me at [email protected]

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  • Mp
    mpes1972 Mar 19, 2010

    I agree, Chrysler Financial can't reconcile payments made by their customers. I leased a car in August of 2007 and my father co-signed with me. In July of 2009 he filed bankruptcy due to my mom being ill with cancer and couldn't afford the medical bills. He made sure that my name was clear of the claim with his lawyer. I always paid my payments on time through their website with no problems. However, after my father's claim went through they discontinued my allowance to make payments online. With that being in effect, I was forced to call and make a payment (which occurs a processing fee) or mail a check. Each time that I tried to explain to them that I had nothing to do with the bankruptcy they didn't want to hear anything about it.

    I fell behind in the Summer of 2009 with payments due to trying to help my parents out with medical bills. However, I caught up and at the end of 2009 I made 12 months of payments. I have my bank statements to prove the electronic payments and checks that were mailed. I made a payment in January of 2010 and than missed February. On 3/18/10 I called to catch up on my payments and the rep told me that I owed January of 2010. I asked for them to send me the statements to show that they have the months mixed up and I'm 30 days late, no 60 days. Their response was they couldn't discuss with me because of the bankruptcy. Once again, I tried to explain that I had nothing to do with that claim and I should be getting statements and a fair explanation as to why they keep screwing up my payment history. In any event, I made a payment of $758.00 to be up to date on my account.

    On the morning of 3/19 my Jeep was repossessed. When I called Chrysler they told me that the rep forgot to cancel the order and that I was indeed up to date on my account. But, I need to call their redemption center. I call them, they than tell me that I owe what is left on the loan? When I question that and prove that I made payments the prior day they than tell me that they need to review the account with a manager and someone will get back to me within an hour. Never did. Called three more times from 8am - 1pm. Kept telling me that they couldn't give me any information on what was being decided. Finally called again and they told me they reviewed the account and that even though I made the payment on 3/18, I still owed March's payment (which was only 2 days late at this point). So much inconsistency it's mind blowing.

    They than proceeded to tell me that in order to get the car back I had to pay the repo fees + March payment + a copy of mine and my fathers proof of income + copy of the insurance policy with Chrysler as the Lien holder + 6 recommendation letters. I seriously blew up. I was willing to make an extra payment if that meant getting my car back (even though my bank statements show I'm up to date). But I will NOT be bullied into providing paper work and extra fees just to delay their process and win more money out of my pocket.

    I have all of my statements printed, copies of cleared checks to prove I'm up to date. Additionally, I have an appointment to see a lawyer on Monday night. I much rather pay the lawyer fees and get the car back than pay Chrysler anymore money that is not owed to them at this time. They want to fight, I'm ready. I will go all the way to the Attonry Generals Office on this one. They had no reason to repo my car. They screwed up, the repo guy never got the canceled notice and now they want me to pay the damages. NOWAY.

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  • Ca
    Callum Mar 30, 2010

    So my wife before we met went through crystler financial we now make the payments together and cant quite make a full payment each month but do what we can they have called her work place over and over and over even after told not to they also caleed family members and now went to the insurence co and are going to try to claim the money if somthing ever happens to the car june is her cut off date and shes already paid twice the amount of the car its insane so ill talk to her and i think you might have us with you on the class action suit

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  • Ga
    Gary Sinese Mar 30, 2010

    That was the longest run-on sentence in the history of run-on sentences. Bravo.

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  • Sh
    SHUT UP ALREADY! Apr 16, 2010

    Ok, let's get some things straight here people. You are on this site ### and moaning about calls to you because YOU didn't pay your bill, and YOU have fallen behind. No where in your contract does it state that we need to be nice to you. nor do we need to accept the ### lies that come from your mouth. YOU signed a contract, we didn't. YOU are responsible for your bills, we are not. We are simply trying to get the funds that YOU promised us would be in on on before your due date EVERY month. Most if not all cf employees have college degree's. And a little FYI...we have NO grace period, if your account falls one day behind YOU ARE LATE! We cannot charge you late charged until 10 days after your due date has passed due to state law. Maybe if some of you idiot read your contract the first time, you wouldn't be having this problem. Also, maybe if you didn't buy a car you couldn't afford you wouldn't be on this wall ### about cf. You all need to grow up and start paying your bills. And as for the people who say "ohhh we just got laid off they are so mean and wont accept my late payment"...Sorry to say ### but your account was probably delinquent before you even got laid off. GET OFFLINE AND PAY YOUR BILLS ###!!

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  • What I think is hilarious, is the fact that these Chrysler Financial "moles" that are on here defending their abhorrent behavior don't get the fact that the company they work for doesn't pay its bills & their company had to come whining to the government & taxpayers for a bailout!!! SO, Chrysler [censor], get offline & pay YOUR bills & quit expecting us taxpayers to bail your sorry butts out! :) Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

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