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Resolved latest collection scam

Today my daugher received a call from Chrysler Financial asking for me or my husband. My daugher inquired about the nature of the call and the lady got rude and hung up the phone! I called them when I got home from work and was informed that my payment had not been received and was due 15 days ago. I immediately informed the lady that I mailed my check out on January 2, 2009.

She then admitted that their post office didn't send C.F. their mail??? I am not exactly sure what happened with their post office or any other for that matter, and was surprised when she requested my payment again - Today - either electronic check or credit card payment. I reluctantly agreed to do a check over the phone. It then occured to me that I was already broke but what if they did get the check I already sent out and cashed that too? I asked her and she stated that they would cash my check and just credit my account for next month. She also told me that it would be a $15.00 fee to process the electronic check or credit card today. Then I lost my mind. What? the post office screwed you guys over so now the customers have to pay? I told her it was ###. I din't do anything wrong...she told me something about trying to contact 40, 000 people over this and I responded with "I don't care that is not my problem it is not my company" I told her I would pay it. I told her I would instead send out a check in the mail for FREE and they could just wait to get it. She had the nerve to tell me that they were already waiving my $10.00 late fee for not having received my payment (LIKE THEY ARE DOING ME A FAVOR? WHEN I ALREADY SENT MY CHECK AND THE POST OFFICE FESSED UP TO THEIR SCREW UP) but if i didn't pay today I would continue to accrue interest at a late rate until they did get my check by mail. Forget that. I refused to pay and then had to demand very nastily 3 times to speak with her boss. She put me on hold, came back 50 seconds later and told me that her boss informed her that all payments would be processed tonight. I asked her if that meant that my original check was already recieved? She assumed so. I hung up.

How many people made a second payment today and also the additional fees for doing a check over the phone? She said they had 40, 000 people to call so how much do they really make of f this scam?

I am refinancing with Capital 1

Jackie DeLaRosa
Sahuarita, AZ

  • Bo
    Bob Popolopolis Dec 19, 2009

    Although I agree in principle with this young lady, I'd like to add a little something:
    The payment isn't made until the transaction is completed.
    Finance companies do not run the post office. The post office is usually very sufficient, but errors can be made. The customer is supposed to make the payment (post it to the account) "on or before the due date". Several days after the due date, a late fee is typically imposed. That fee is stipulated in the contract. Some states put a cap on the late fee, others don't allow them at all.
    If you mail a payment out, and it hasn't cleared your bank, it might be lost in the mail. No, it is not the customer's fault. By that same token, it is not the fault of the finance company. However, it is still the customer's responsibility to make the payment (post it to the account).
    Look at it this way: Your company mails your paycheck to you. If you don't receive it, whose responsibility is it? You letting your company know you haven't receive it is the same as the finance company notifying you. Your company reissuing a check is the same as you reissuing the payment. In principle: no difference.

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Resolved bad service

I had the misfortune of being all of a day late with my payment to chrysler when I got two nasty calls from steven lewis. He first called and left a nasty message on my cell phone saying it was "mr. Lewis" calling.

The next day he calls again as "mr. Lewis" as if that makes him more important sounding (The guy is all of 21 and already a rude and nasty individual. He inquires about the payment. I tell him i'll send it in 3 days (Big deal get over yourself).

He then become abusive and yelling at me that I don't take my debt with the company seriously and that i'm not the kind of person they want to do business with. I warned him about his tone and that if he wanted to talk to me he'd better change his attitude fast. He ignored it and continued ranting like the little piece of crud he is. I warned him again, it had no affect and hung up on him.

I called back to talk to a supervisor who confirmed that "mr. Lewis" is steven lewis (Call the company sometime and say hi to our nasty little friend). I asked her if her company condones this sort of behavior and apparently they do. She was no better than him. I just don't get why they feel they have to be abusive and nasty and can't just have a polite conversation with you. I will never ever finance through them again and would love to shove my car up steven lewis' trunk. How sad and pathetic this man is. He probably makes all of $3.25 per hour to walk around like a pompus little jerk. I have no idea how people like that sleep at night but hoepfully karma will bite him soon enough. Again that was steven lewis.

  • Ca
    Cant stand stupid! Apr 24, 2009

    You fail to mention how far past due you were or how often you have defaulted on your contract. Let me reassure you the supervisors at Chrysler are all educated and have degrees and probably make more than you!

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  • Te
    terrie Jun 17, 2009

    Are you kidding me> I see ole steven lewis is still at it with his attitude not only did i deal with him but I had the terrible pleasure to deal with his side-kick Angela Jones now she is a real peach, I was only 2 weeks late on my payment and when i paid it i also added the late fee - then my husband landed in the hospital and was out of work for a month, I called chrysler to see if i could get a deferment and was told they dont do that. so I was late again ( it was still less then 20 days late) went online and made the payment never heard anything from them. Untill the following month when that little $hit head steven called demanding payment I told him its pending online check the website he said we wont except it. after about 20 minutes of his ranting I told him look its pending and hung up on him. Keep in mind i have had my last 4 vehicles financed thru chrysler financial and have never had a issue till this time. Any ways needless to say they suck bad as far as working with consumers and they really dont care what the issue is. atleast miss Jones & Mr lewis are never dealt with anyone else there.

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  • Be
    BenH54 Dec 15, 2009

    After 20 years of leasing vehicles with Chrysler Financial. We will never purchase anything using them again. Was unable to lease another car due to losing my job. Chrysler hit us with the disposition fee and said if it was not paid immediatly they were sending it to collections. I sent them 100.00 and told them I will send them another 100.00 in a month. The rude people in collections said that they would rather we didn't pay anything so they could report it to our credit report. I sent them numerous letters and they infomed me they are not required to reply to any written letters. Maybe I will look into the leasing options for Honda and Toyota. At least they have not taken taxpayers money and then treat us like crap. SO DONE with the US Banking System

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  • Si
    simplygladys Feb 05, 2010

    I went through a similar situation. Seems like these ignorant "customer sevice" reps have no heart. They dare to believe that they're perfect and that they've never been late on ANYTHING! Bull!! They're just bitter about their lousy low paid jobs. I mean.. I would be too if I sat miserably at a cubicle having customers yelling at me all day over the phone. Needless to say, that still doesn't grant them the right to harass people and streat them like the ### of the earth. They're cold hearted, rude, interruptive, won't let you finish talking and full of disrespect. Thats all I ask. Have some respect!! Why can't they call and politley ask when will they receive payment. They dont have a clue of what one could be going through. They don't know one's life from Adam. All they worry about is terrorizing you and collecting their money. They're a bunch of JERKS!! Supervisors and ALL!!

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  • Te
    TER10 Apr 07, 2010


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  • Ma
    Madarism Nov 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a new Jeep Liberty and I only owe a balance of $800.00. I was a few day's late and the Constant call's began. They call every day even though you tell them when you will pay. I feel the harassment has become the source of my failing health. My Doctor said it was from worring. I told Chrysler to please call every 3 days as my health can't handle the harassing call's and of course they simply do not care! PLEASE DO NOT do business with them, and if you do make sure you tape record all call's as this is what my Attorney advised me to do.

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Resolved online payments

I have tried repeatedly to make an on-time online car payment. First the website will not accept my id and password which has not been changed. The website will not let me change my info due to "technical problems. " When calling customer service, my call is terminated with the recorded message that "your call cannot be accepted at this time." Did all the employees go home??? I can make a one-time phone payment for the "convenient" charge of $12.95 which I do NOT think I should have to pay because Chrysler cannot keep their online payment system in working order or retain enough employees to answer the phone.

  • Ms
    msgurl Jun 10, 2009

    I've had a very similar situation happen to me repeatedly with Chrysler. Even when I recently gave my account information to the representative over the phone, it still mysteriously didn't go through even with them keyboard the information--and that's after I was told on the phone by that representative that the information DID go through. There's some kind of consumer protection issue happening with Chrysler and its payment system. I wonder if other people are having similar problems? Or if this problem should be reported to state agencies?

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Resolved payoff scam

At the end of October my 2004 Jeep Liberty was stolen and two weeks later my insurance company sent Chrysler Financial a check for the pay off amount. About 4 days later I received a letter from Chrysler saying that my account had been closed. So imagine my surprise when a week later I received a phone call from Chrysler saying that I missed my last payment and I needed to pay, even though they had a check for $9, 500. So I contacted Chrysler and they said that it was a "bad check" even though it was from an insurance company, so we needed to send another check (they gave no reason why the check was bad, so we had no idea how to fix this supposed "bad check"). So my insurance company send ANOTHER check. I called Chrysler a week later and they told me they received the check and that my account was closed. But imagine my surprise when a week after that I was getting harassing calls from a collection agency for a payment that I was supposedly a month late on. So again I call Chrysler and again they tell me that it was "bad check" but they have no idea why its a "bad check". So my insurance representative called the bank the checks were going to, and guess what, it wasn't a "bad check" it was that chrysler financial refused to ENDORSE the check! So it was sent back because it couldn't be cashed without an endorsement!!! So after a month and a half arguing with the rudest and unhelpful customer service agents, a THIRD check was sent and it seems to have finally been cashed! It took 3 checks and a month and a half for this to be settled, and I believe they purposely "forgot" to endorse the check to try and get me to pay more interest payments than I needed to pay. Also the person at the bank said that this has been happening frequently with Chrysler Financial, so beware. They have horrible customer service and their collections department harasses you constantly (even though I told them that my car was stolen and they had two checks in their possession to pay off my account). I will never use Chrysler financial again.

  • Wa
    Wanda Seale Feb 09, 2009

    I agree 100% with you. Chrysler Financial is the worse company to do business with.
    I was 1 month late on my payment due to sickness and hospitalization. I called Chrysler to let them know when payment would be there. I was called back and told I could do extension for the payment. I went to Western Union sent the extension payment and called Chrysler Financial and was told extension was done and I no note due till 2/10/09. About 2 hours later my jeep was repossessed and I called Chrysler to get no one. Next morning I called Chrysler and was told my extension was void and I would have to pay 375.00 for the repo+payment due+payment not due yet+275.00 to repo company . They were very rude also. I HOPE & PRAY THEY GO BANKRUPT. This is how they make their money I guess by beating their customers.

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harassing phone calls, rude.

We have been having a financial hardship. Our loan has one year left. I have always overpaid to make it even. Some months in the past years I have paid up to $900.00 a month just to stay ahead, in case times like these have fallen upon us. Well, last month I paid a payment short of the amount due by 75.00. I just didn't have the full amount.
They called me starting at 8:07 AM, and called my cell phone, my work phone, my husband's sister's (??) home phone, my husband's 87 yr old grandfather's phone, and the best neighbor's across the street and next door's phone.(how embarrassing) How is this legal?
My payment is due on the 12th. It was the 14th and they did receive a sort of payment. Now w/ internet, they can find out anything, it's scary, and someone needs to do something about it. I owed these ppl $75.00 . In my state of MASS, we have a 15 day grace period on all loans, so they cannot even charge me a late fee until after 15 days. This was 2 days. And not even a full paymet.
The guy on the phone wouldn't take my payment unless I gave him next month's along with it!! It wasnt due for another 28 days!! He told me I need to imagine what would happen if they came & repossessed the truck, then how would I like it?!!! Then he told me I shouldn't live above my means!! (Which I definitely do NOT) So I added up all the payments since last Dec & divided by 10 months (October) and on average I have paid them $444.63 per month. Guess what my payment is? ...$390.21.
He said that it doesn't matter. He was a TOTAL
A- hole!! The manager had no manners either.
I will NEVER EVER recommend Chrysler to anyone..EVER. I will never use them again. One yr left & I am DONE with them!!
There are way to many other banks out there to waste time & aggravation w/ a company that can't train their employees to have respect or manners with a customer.

  • Jo
    JoJo Mar 22, 2009

    I hate Chrysler too!!! I have received so many nasty calls from Chrysler Financial until now I fuss with them and over talk every conversation I can with them.

    Their customer service is rude. My husband lost his regular job over a year ago, but we have managed to never become 30 days past due. That however is not good enough for them.

    Also they hate it when you remind them that they beg for your tax money to pay their bills. The Chrysler rep said oh this is Chrysler Financial and we are different from Chrysler the manufacturer. I asked her was the name Chrysler on her check, if so then they are the same in my book.

    They are the worst to deal with. I told them that I was recording my conversation with them for quality assurance. They didn't like that at all. She kept saying are you sure you aren't recording me. They know they are rude. She eventually hung up on me. Oh well that proves my point.

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Resolved scam charges

For the last 11 months we have had no income and have done everything we can to pay our bills to keep our perfect credit as good as we could. We have been a few days late and have been charged late charges, which we have paid.

I tried to pay online yesterday and the website wouldn't take my payment. I called today and they would not waive the late charge stating that there is no grace period -untrue since they don't charge a late charge until the 11th day. The supervisor I spoke with frustrated me to the point where I was yelling and screaming at her to stop talking and listen to me. I never yell and scream - this is just not something I do. She said, "All I want to hear from you is your routing number on your account to pay your bill."

We have bought nothing but Chrysler products since 1972. We have been customers at the same dealership since 1994. No other creditor that I have spoken to over the last couple of months has treated me this way. They have treated me with respect and understanding. What is wrong with Chrysler? Weren't they bailed out a time or two? They should understand tough economic times better than anyone!

  • Sa
    sara Nov 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    let's go to the Attorney General about the way they mistreat customers who are trying in good faith to make their payments

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difficult to work with

I have had them four 4 months on my new car and they have been horrible from the get go. They would not let me to auto pay unless I hit 3 months and then they want extra money to do it and it doesn't go towards my balance. You would think they would want auto pay. Now, I have been trying to make a payment on the internet for 2 days and it had been down. Now they want to charge me over $9.00 to do it on the phone. I said no, it was their problem the website was down and could be down for another 48 hours. I guess they will just get a late payment. I am not spending $9.00 to make a car note when they advertise the internet and then they can't provde.

  • Lo
    LOST123 Mar 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have bought and payed off several cars though chrysler. great company and vehicles. until now my husband leased a jeep and its was in his name only a 39 month lease never was late made extra payments ... and nov 2009 he passed away not nowing much about this lease i just payed it and am still making payments this is the only car i have i had lost everything when my husband passed home my job now askin for them to extend my leaseso at the very least i can still go look for work and take my children to there activitys .WAS TOLD NO WAY THAT THEY WOULD NOT EXTEND MY LEASE TO GIVE THE JEEP BACK . how does one accept this i have nothing and if i can make payment why would they care . i just cant believe this is happening i am in a panic i had to file bankrupcty after my husbands passing find a rental property and lost medical insurance living on social security and looking for work anything . i only owe 20, 000 on the jeep and i cant get a loan because of all the mess that happened in 2009, my husband was only 45 when he passed in my arms left behind 3 children and myself which i had been with him since i was 16yrs old high school sweethearts and made it though good times and now bad is hitting me with no one. a billion dollar company that cant accept situation that are out of are control and have some compation in this econemy people everywhere are loosing everything .COME ON PLEASE UNDERSTAND ITS NOT THAT I AM ASKIN FOR A FREE RIDE JUST TO EXTEND MY LEASE TILL I CAN GET A LOAN AND HAVE A CAR TO FIND WORK AND TAKE CARE OF MY CHILDREN. FROM A VERY LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR OVER 15PLUS YEARS THANK YOU

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Resolved fraud and scam

For 7 days I was trying to get through on the web site to make a payment. Needless to say 4 hours wasted. So I called, (I tried previously for an hour and it was speaking french and the I kept getting hung up on) they have the rudest customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. How is it if you are one day late they hound you but for 8 days I was trying to pay and could not get one person to help me. Yes, for all future payments it will go in the mail. But when you offer an on online payment method to make it easier, shouldn't it actually work??? And when you finally get someone on the phone, they charge you for making a payment over the phone. For anyone looking to lease or buy DO NOT go through Chrysler financial.


Upon ther termination of my lease I called chrysler finanacial regarding purchasing my vehicle - they ran my credit check and told me the price & the terms - I requested that they forward me the paperwork to make the purchase - they said they would - however they never did - in the meantime I turned the vehicle in because they told me the lease turn in time was in 2 days - I then unfortunately had a car accident with my new vehicle the very next day after turning in the vehicle and called the dealer to retreive my vehicle for purchase - they said it was ok and I called chrysler again and asked where the paperwork was for purchase since I had not received it since speaking to them only to be informed that they could no longer sell me the vehicle and had to buy it from the dealer direct - now the dealer tells me that they can not sell it to me and that it is against the law. This is totally bizarre

  • Le
    lenore cabbil Jan 27, 2009

    I totally feel your anger..I leased a vehicle not knowing to after they told me to sign papers i was in a lease. I voiced my concerns about having a lease and was told don't worry. Well i went to turn in lease early to do the loyalty customer money where you can purchas another vehicle early. After seeing i was late several paymets due to my husbands buisness, i was denied. I was told to come back later near lease. Well here it is near lease and still can't get financial help from chrysler . I was told to find someone to finance my car..cause they wouldn't or turn it in. Now i am where i feared i am without a car and no help. But yet in still chrysler wants a bail out and is looking for someone to help [email protected]

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Resolved terrible employees

I have written many times to make payment arrangements with Chrysler Financial for my vehicle. I have fallen behind due to some financial hardship. They do not answer my emails. I have asked them to call at reasonable hours because I work a night shift and don’t get off work until 0200. They continue to call as early as 0720 and as much as 7-8 times a day. I have asked them not to call my mother, she is the co-signer on this account. I told them she is 83 years old, with a heart condition and other health issues. They continue to ring her house multiple times daily and harass her to the point that I fear for her health. One of the last times someone told her that they do not take a payments over the phone and that she needed to get to Western Union right away and sent a payment. She told them she couldn’t, that she is handicapped and didn’t have a way to get there. The person told her “Too bad, figure it out.” They also told her that if she is too old to drive she had no business co-signing on a vehicle for her daughter.

On or about 9/6/08, I received a call from a woman who advised me that my payment was late. I agreed to make a payment by phone to be taken out on 9/12. (so I guess it’s just something they offer when they feel like it). I gave her my account information, she repeated it back to me. About a week later I got a notice from my bank, she had tried to take the money out of a totally different account. One that they had previously on file but that I had closed quite a while ago. When I found this out, I immediately mailed a payment to them which they have still not posted.

Today, I called to set up a second payment over the phone, trying to get caught up. I was transferred by Mr. Jones to a woman by the name of Miss Gukari. She refused to take a payment over the phone from me??? Her co-worker was going to do it earlier in the month!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to a Mr. Allen. He began the conversation quite civilly but when I told him that due to employee error they had tried to take the money out of a closed account he said “And I suppose you are going to tell me that your payments are late due to employee error also.” I said no. I said I was trying to catch up and wanted to make a second payment today over the phone. He also refused to take my money. He said “would you like the information to go to Western Union today”, I said I couldn’t go today because I work 11 hour shifts and do not get a break long enough to do that, that I would like to make it over the phone. He said “would you like to clean out your car so I can pick it up tomorrow?” All in all, I felt very harassed and belittled by this man. I then asked to speak to his supervisor and was just told “No”. I ended up having to take time off work without pay to go to the Western Union office to send a payment.

To sum up my complaints: Ignoring emails, ignoring regular mail, calling at unreasonable hours, harassing my mom, rudeness, demeaning attitude of employees, ineptness of employees, annoying number of calls per day.

  • Re
    Renee Nov 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have recently falled behind in my payments and am probably going to surrender my vehicle. I made this clear to a chrysler rep and she told me to take it to my nearest dodge dealer, go in and call chrysler so they can fax me a paper that I have to sign and then send them back. I personally dont feel that I should have to do this. Cant they just come and get it?

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Resolved rip off

I paid the excise tax on my leased vehicle on May 6, 2008. My next bill from Chrysler acknowledged receipt of my payment (both the monthly lease amount and the excise tax--$940 in total) but it still appeared as a charge--they were still asking me to pay $940.

It's been like that ever since (six statements!), despite two calls to "customer service" and a written letter in July. I'm writing again. I'm at my wits end--I don't know what else to do to!

On top of that, the excise tax was partly abated, so Chrysler actually owes me $285.

Resolved terrible experience

Chrysler Financial is not willing to work with a customer They constantly harass us both at home and work...

Resolved terrible company

We are in the same boat!! We elected to give up one of our Chrysler vehicles because of hard times. They are calling me and the wife 15+ times a day and also calls are also before 8:00am. Also - I am 3 days late on payment on 2nd vehicle I am keeping and the harassing calls are still coming! I told them that since they know we surrendered the Intrepid... now they are harassing me on the second vehicle!! They know my pay periods are on the 15 and 1st and know I am going to pay late but they are rude... non english speaking %$# and promise you things they do not keep!! They are nothing but [email protected]#$! Something should be done to them!!

  • Jo
    John Smith Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Employees are trained to belittle customers -- its a black or white situation, there is no gray. You have a vehicle and you can pay for it, or you will endure grief from kids with GED's about your status. And then they wonder why losses are coming out their ears. The leadership is seriously flawed, and it probably extends all the way to Cerberus.

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  • Ro
    Ron Mar 24, 2009

    I called Chrysler to request a payoff amount for my car, I wanted to pay it off early, only to find out I was being charged penalties for making late payments. I explained to the csr I do not receive any statements telling when they are due so I make my payment within the first week of each month, still not knowing when it is actually due. Misty a supervisor in collections rudely kept repeating the fact that it is a courtesy that Chrysler sends out statements, I kept repeating to her courtesy or not I should still get them.

    She then proceeds to say how come I never called to complain about the statements, to be honest I never did, but thats before I knew they where charging me penalties for not paying on time. I only found that out by chance just calling inquiring about my account, which I also feel I should get notified that I am being charged additional fees.

    I feel as if they took advantage of the fact since I nerver called to complain about a statement, they can continue to charge penalties without having to notify me in advance.

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  • Pi
    Pissed of with Chrysler May 26, 2009

    This actually happened to us as well sort of. We were receiving statements for 2 years of our 7 yr loan and they just stopped sending them. I called several times to have one sent and nothing, so I had to pay over the phone at what started out as 7.00 then went to 9.00 and is now up to 12.00+. I see now why they never would send me a statement. They are collecting big fees by making you call.
    I too tried to get my payment date changed to only 4 days later to fall within the payperiod and the refused.
    They just called me after 7 years on my loan and informed me that I was 13 days late with 900.00+ . I informed her I had just sent a payment. And she agreed and informed me it was my last payment on our 7 yr loan, but that we had 900.00 on principal due and now overdue by 13 days.
    ?? I was furious. She then informed me that they do not send any notices informing you and that we would not know that it was due or how much was due. That it was outlined in our contract that we signed 7 years ago. WTF? How would I know that 7 yrs later and HOW would I know how much if you don't tell me?? So we are paying it on Fri and we are done. NEVER again will I deal with them. EVER. I hope they go bankrupt. The truck we bought from them is a piece of crap anyway. My Dad bought a Ram from them as well and his is just a big piece of crap too!!

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  • Ri
    Richard T Bodeker Jun 26, 2009

    stop complaining and do something about it look up what you can do go to and see what is said about fraudlent loans and what you can do about it.

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My car was recently repossessed(one month payment behind) and this is second time in 12 months. I am...

Resolved fraudulent information

In March/April 2007, my 22 year old daughter purchased a used 1999 Honda CRV from a local dealer and used Chrysler's Financial Services to finance the balance she owed on the vehicle. She is a full-time student who has consistently paid her monthly account bills on time or before they were due.

On November 26, 2007, my daughter was involved in an automobile accident. She is/was fully insured by State Farm Insurance, who reviewed the accident and later (e.g., within a week) deemed the vehicle a total loss. Within approximately a week, on behalf of my daughter I made contact with Chrysler Financial Services to notify them of the accident and to make them aware that, at the time, the insurance company was wanting to "total" the vehicle. At that time, I spoke with a representative in the Insurance Resolution Group (male representative, foreign accent - contacted through #[protected]) who assured me that should we choose to retain the vehicle (e.g., salvage), take the insurance settlement minus salvage, and have the vehicle repaired to "factory standards" as per State Farm, that Chrysler Financial Services would maintain my daughter's loan with the vehicle as collateral and that my daughter would not be required to pay off the loan in full, but could continue to make payments. Currently, her balance is approximately $1, 700.

During the course of resolving the accident issues with State Farm and the collision repair shops, I contacted Chrysler Financial Services two more times to VERIFY that the information I had been given was accurate so that we (e.g., my daughter and I) could make a final decision to either retain or repair the vehicle. On all three ocassions, I spoke with the same individual at Chrysler who ASSURED us all three times that there would not be a problem, even with the insurance company wanting to declare the vehicle a "total loss." Furthermore, this individual stated that he would note my daughter's account with the status so that it would be referencable for future representatives. On all three ocassions, this individual also indicated that what would be needed for Chrysler Financial to continue to maintain the loan would be:

1. The original State Farm Insurance estimate.

2. A Work Order from the collision shop.

3. A Letter of Satisfaction from my daughter following the repairs to the vehicle stating that it had been repaired to her satisfaction.

4. The insurance settlement check, which was made out to my daughter, myself, and Chrysler Financial. The representative ASSURED us that Chrysler would sign the check so that we could pay the shop for the repairs.

Again, this individual stated on ALL THREE OCASSIONS that these were acceptable to Chrysler Financial and that there would be no consequences against my daughter's loan status.

On January 7, 2008, we (my daughter and I) sent the above referenced items to Chrysler Financial via Expres Mail. The items were delivered on January 8, 2008 at 6:53 AM and signed for by J. Garlach. As we had not received the signed check from Chrysler Financial as of Friday, January 11, 2008, we contacted Chrysler Financial and were told that they had never received the items listed above. At that time, we used our tracking number with the post office and verified that they had indeed received the above items. Further attempts to speak with representatives within Chrysler Financial netted the same "we don't have it answer, " until late Friday when I was finally able to reach Janice, who said she could not discuss the account with me until my daughter (Jenae Temple) verified that I had access to her account.

On Tuesday, 1/15/08, at approximately 2:00 p.m. (Central Time), my daughter and I again contacted Chrysler Financial to determine the status of the check as we had not received any information from Chrysler Financial regarding our previous inquiries. We were again told that Chrysler did not have the check, to which we responded that they did indeed as per the post office, at which time the representative looked again and noticed that the check was "held up" as unendorsable. As per further investigation, the representative (e.g., Janice, Beverly, and then the supervisor Christine) told us that Chrysler Financial would not honor their oiginal agreement with us (as stated above) because the insurance company had deemed the vehicle a total loss. I again reiterated that we had already spoken with a representative (the same individual) on all three ocassions who had said that Chrysler would, indeed, honor the agreement given the items listed above. We were passed from RUDE representative to representative and I finally requested to speak with a Supervisor regarding the manner. After being disconnected several times, I was finally transferred to Christine's voice mail and received a return call from her at approximately 5:30 PM.

Upon speaking with Christine, I was again told that Chrysler would not honor the agreement as stated above because the insurance company had deemed the vehicle a total loss. I explained to Christine that we (e.g., my daughter and I) had made the decision regarding the vehicle based upon false information provided by her department and that I did not feel it should be our responsibility to absorb the consequences given that her department did not have the wherewithall to review their own policy and verify that policy. I furthermore indicated that the vehicle, which has indeed been repaired to "factory standards" is certainly worth the balance on the loan as a collateral vehicle and that State Farm is contining to provide full coverage insurance on the vehicle based upon those repairs. I further iterated that based upon the information provided by her department, the vehicle had been repaired and that there was now an outstanding $6, 166 balance due to the collision shop, the amount of the check which Chrysler Financial is refusing to sign. Christine continued to be combative and rude, stated that we should "read our contract, " and made excuses for Chrysler Financial's ineptness and false information regarding the repairs to the vehicle. At that time, I asked Christine to speak with her supervisor, which she declined, stating that "There is nobody else who CAN or WILL speak with you." I told her that this was unacceptable, demanded that the check be returned, and stated that my daughter would NOT be paying off the balance on the loan, but that she would continue to make timely payments on the loan with Chrysler until the matter was resolved. Furthermore, I informed Christine that I would be gowing WELL ABOVE her head within the Chysler Corporation to resolve the matter. Christine then stated that she was going to close the account and report my daughter to the Collections Department for not paying the loan. To my knowledge, Chrysler Financial cannot do this as they have accepted my daughter's payments and have "cashed" those payments each and every time.

Given the information above and the inadequacy and inadept behavior of the Insurance Resolution Group, I do not feel that my daughter (who is a full time student) should have to relinquish $1, 700 of the insurance settlement check to pay off a loan that is in good standing nor do I feel that Chrysler Financial should "stronghold" and "threaten" her or the status of this loan to achieve its own wishes. Furthermore, based upon the repairs performed by the shop as well as assessments by State Farm, the repaired vehicle is more than worth the balance of the loan in a collateral situation. Ultimately, however, this situation would not have arisen had Chrysler Financial provided us with accurate information from the beginning. This MOST CERTAINLY would have made a difference in how the matter was addressed and would not have placed us in a financial hardship pending coming up with $1, 700 to cover the loan.

Not only has Chrysler Financial demonstrated less than acceptable customer service relations, they have provided false and fradulent information to the customer, failed to investigate and understand their own policies, and are now covering their own inept "###" by punishing the customer.

We are certainly more than willing to honor our loan and continue timely payments to Chrysler Corporation, but WILL NOT suffer the consequences that have arisen due to Chrysler's own stupidity. The customer should NEVER be punished for an employee's inability to comprehend, understand, and/or investigate a matter such that the matter escalates and spins out of control to the detriment of a) the customer and b) Chrysler Financial's further interactions with potential customers.

We have tried to locate an e-mail address to complain to parties that ARE NOT customer service and have been completely unsuccessful. I guess Chrysler must have something to hide, eh?


illegal harrassment

I have had several vehicles with Chrysler, There finance managers are the rudest ill natured bunch pomppa...

Resolved harassing me for my payment that was not late

Chrysler Financial applied my new lease payment to an old account, which was paid in full. The new lease payment was due 7/1. They received it 6/27. The payment was exactly the amount of the new lease. I received a statement on the old 36 month lease that I now had a credit of $19 following the 37th payment because the amount was greater than the scheduled (old) lease payment. At no time did they attempt to contact me that the old closed account was overpaid. Instead, they call twice a day demanding my account is 14 days past due! 14 days, mind you, not 30 or more. And they had the money 3 days prior the due date. They admit they applied it to the wrong account, but continue to call me two times a day. We are on call number 7. The incompetence and rudeness is astounding. When they read their own system, they agree it was their fault and they are "taking care of it", but nothing has been done and they continue to phone and blame in on the automated dealer. God forbid they actually know what they are calling about before they call. The dealer is extremely upset with their practices because he has to face the customers. In his words "they are so stupid"! I have never been late on any payment. How dare they be so outrageous to responsible customers? If I get another call tomorrow, I'm contacting the Attorney General's office.

  • Mi
    Mitch Oct 24, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are the worst company in the world. I hope they go broke!!! I have been a good customer for 15 years and they are bothering me because I am 17 days late.Not to nice either!!! Well, I am a business owner and know the law.I also contacted my attorney.I am looking to start a class action law suit against Chrysler Fin. Is anyone willing to join in?

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  • Ke
    kellie jean lawson maddux Oct 22, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Mitch I would be willing to join. I also pay my bill every month. I have never been off one month. Until I ran into some health issues that had to be paid and was going to be about $50 under I called them to work it out, and they said it would be fine I could make it up the following month. I paid it in full that following month. After that I was caught up and everything was good. Then I get the bill for 3 months later and it states I am behind a hole month, and they need over $2000 to get me current. They have accused me of hanging up on them when I have never answered a call from them. My account has always been paid every month why are they harassing me with calls. Then I get a bill where they have charged me up and above by 2 payments the amount I owe them every month. I pay over what I owe them every month and have been a customer for over 2 years. This company is the worst financial institute I have ever dealt with. I hope they can be made accountable.

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  • Ca
    camilo Jun 02, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would love to join a class action law suit against chrysler financial. They have constantly harassed me at every number possible. Just 1 or 2 days past the due date they start to call and demanded that I make a payment and told me that if I didn't set it up right there and then they were coming to take my car away. This is the worst company in the world to deal with. Its unfortunate because I love the jeeps but they re company I cant deal with. I hope they go bankrupt and fire all the rude people they have representing their company. Obviously its the way they teach their employees to be because its not just me or one other person complaining about these harassing calls its a lot of people who have the same complaint from different representatives.

    Please contact me if you or anyone you know would like to get this going.

    [email protected]

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  • Ba
    bad151 Aug 12, 2009

    You too!

    OMG! i cannot take the harassing and bullying anymore from them! It;s a disgrace. And the reps are down right rude and they try to put you down as a person!

    Email me! [email protected]

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  • Da
    dave-silva1981 Feb 15, 2011

    I am getting close to file a law suit against Chrysler and the Financial company. I purchased a 50k charger in 2005 and had no problems with them until the end of 2009. In matter of fact I would send extra cash to lower principal, by my calculations I was 10 months ahead on my loan. However when I lost my job and my wife fell ill with cancer, taking care of my wife was far mor important than paying my car. Then the calls started up to 20 times a day. They would call my home, my cell phone, my in-laws, my parents and even my part time job that I ended loosing because of personal calls. I tried to reason with them and inform them tha I was not wanting to pay, but if they gave me extensions until my Unemployment would come in I would pay them. However I asked them to stop the late fees seeing that I was ahead on the payment schedule, Mr.Toll actually laughed and asked me if I was slow. I threatened to sue him on emotianl distress he said he didn't care. This cat and mouse game continued until the end of 2010. I had sent them a letter demanding cease from calling, they claimed they never recieved it. I finally got tired of dealing with them, I was having insomnia, my BP had increased that I decided to get rid of the car. Two weeks ago I was in the bank when my friend's bank called Chrysler Financial and informing them that the car was sold and they would recieve payoff amount of 7600. Two day's ago, a tow truck showed up at my in laws and a note was left at my door, threatining me that if I hid the car Chrysler Financial would take legal actions and to top it off the calls have not stopped. I spoke to a lawyer and he informed me that no class auction law suit was filed, but that was the best way to get to CF. I'm down for a lawsuit. [email protected]

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Resolved illegal collection practices

I have been involved with Chrysler and their over the top collection practices. If 10 phone call a day from...

Resolved processed my online payment two times

I used the online payment method to pay my car loan on a Saturday only to find out that it was not processed. A representative said that it was going to be late on Monday and I should make a payment now! but I asked what about the first payment" she said that it was not in the system and she did not know what happened" Tue morning two payments came out my bank account so I called Chrysler financial back demanding a refund they gave me the run around for 30 days until the next payment was due. I will never buy Chrysler again.

  • Ke
    Ken Apr 03, 2009

    I find the people at Chrysler financial rude and unwelling to accept an error on Chrysler's part. It appears the dealership and corporate do not communicate well. Try filing your complaints with the consumer board in your state. That's what I've done and the news is next.

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  • Ch
    chryslerisacompletejoke! Feb 24, 2011

    My final lease payment was due and I set up an online payment through my checking account to be debited on a specific date. Prior to that date customer svc. at Chry. Financial called asking where my payment was and when I told him I set it up online he said that it wouldn't work because my checks were no good. I told him I got a confirmation number and he said "that's from your financial institution, not Chrysler; it's best if we take care of this today via your debit card" (which is by the way connected to my checking account). I did as he suggested, the payment was debited immediately from my acct., and when I asked if I should go back online to cancel the payment I originally set up he said that wasn't necessary because it wasn't going to go through anyway. I followed his instructions and sure enough 2 payments were deducted! I called them asking for a refund asap, like as quickly as they debited my account they should be able to credit it and I was told that I would have to get my bank to fax them verification that I had sufficient funds in my checking acct. to cover not only BOTH payments to them but also any fees for returned payments! Both payments by the way cleared a week earlier and I definitely had sufficient funds in my acct at that point in time. What business is it of theirs anyway how much $$ I have in my acct; they took one payment too many from me and they owe me. The supervisor was extremely arrogant & condescending! No wonder the American auto industry is a mess with people who (A) have no clue what they're talking about handling payments and (B) their overall attitude. I'll ride a bicycle before I ever deal with Chrysler Financial again!

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extra money added to end of my loan

I will never use Chrysler financial again. They suck out loud. I had a six year loan, payments at 350.00 a month. My car loan was up in June. I called in May because my pay-off balance was 900.00 dollars. I thought it should be 700.00 dollars. They said the extra money was interest owed on the account. I said I would send 450.00 in May and 450.00 in June to pay off. When I check in May to see they received my 450.00 payment (they did receive it) the balance was 550.00. They added another 100.00 dollars worth of interest in the two weeks since I called. I will never ever buy a car through this company again. Ever, even if I have to walk to work. Can’t wait to be done with them...

  • Co
    Concerned Consumer Jul 21, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Perhaps, you may want to read your contract. The result of the high final payment is the extra interest you paid throughout your loan when you paid late. i would also check on the final $100. That is most likely a final late cahrge, again specified on the back of your contract. This is how simple interest loans work. I would pay in cash from now on or pay ontime to avoid future penalties.

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