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routinely violates collection laws

Chrysler Financial Services is amoung the absolute worst violators of your rights when it comes to the Fair Debt Collection act. They are rude and arrogant, they illegally skip trace when they know where you live and your home phone number. Skip tracing is for when they cannot locate someone. What they do is try to call your neighbors and famiily to embarrass you.

They call at 8:01am and at 8:59pm at night. They call on major religeous holidays like Good Friday. They call 7 - 10 times a day witht he same message as if you need to hear it more than once a day. They also call your work number even though they are supposed to stop after you tell them its a work # and you are not allowed to receive calls at work.

When you talk to them and complain about their behavior they say things like "Well the best way to get us to stop is to pay your bill" NO FOOLING. REALLY?

I have leased/financed cars for 30 years and have NEVER dealt with a company this bad before. I will NEVER buy another Chrysler, I couldnt care if it were $100. I would advise anyone buying a Chrysler that you dont EVER finance with Chrysler. If you ever fall on hard times they will illegally harass you day in and day out dogging you only 2 days after your due date, like you owed them a million dollars. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

unethical/unprofession collection procedures

Despite the fact that my last three vehicles have been Jeep Grand Cherokees, I will never buy another Chrysler product due to the unethical & unprofessional collection procedures exercised by the Chrysler Financial staff. I have been under tremendous financial stress over the last 24 months, which included my companies going under. THe Federal Gov. didn't give me "25" billion dollars to avoid bankruptsy. Over the last 24 months I've been continuously harassed, sometimes as many as 10-15 calls/day it seemed. Then the insults, with someone on the phone leaving messages for me that I need to take financial responsibility. In January, I agreed to make two payments to bring my account current, if Chrysler Financial would bring my account current. They agreed, but a week later the harassment started again because the deferal was never posted. To date, they still continue to acknowledge the deferal they agreed to, so I demanded all future discussions with regard to my loan be conducted thru email so I had everything in writing, but Chrysler Financial refused, Then I agreed to pay March 2010 and MAY 2010 payments if they would give me a deferal for Feb. 2010, April 2010, and June 2010. Chrysler Financial refused. Since this loans inception, I've payed 24 payments of $750 totaling $18, 000 on a $35, 000 loan, yet Chrysler Financial claims there is still over $28K owed on the loan. I've requested a written audit for the account via email by Chrysler Financial refuses. A friend offered to buy the vehicle for the blue book value of $17, 000, which coincidentally equals the $35, 000 original loam amount less the $18, 000 made in payments. No response. My mother, who is 80 and lives in Delaware, is also continuously harassed and threaten by repo agents looking for me and my car. During the 26 years I lived in Delaware, Delawareans were proud to have a Chrysler Plant in our community. Chrysler Financial makes anything and everyone affiliated with Chrysler a complete embarrassment.

Our government should have never offered to help such a poor organization. Chrysler and it's entities should have been left to die and be picked apart by the worlds corporate vultures.

  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Dec 01, 2010

    there is a such a thing as the fair debt collection practices act. If they have broken laws and you can prove it .you can sue them.

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rip off at will

This company stole $3000 from my princaple payments and applied it to interest after a bankruptcy dismissal, repo'ed and sold the vehicle for $11, 500, the payoff from the trustee's statement said i owed them $11, 563, they are suing for $6000, they have already received $33, 000 on a $24, 000 note, so making $9000 in profit is not enough and they want more. Please contact your state Senator and file a complaint, they will open an inquiry. If enough people do it, maybe something will get done...

  • To
    tomr4470 Jun 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was in the br. for 18 months, paid in $42, 000, so yes i paid all my fee's, i was laid off and could no longer pay the trustee thats why i volantarilly dismissed, Chrysler was paid a reduced rate at 8.75% $2000 was paid to them in interest and $8500 to prin balance, they did not add the amount to my balance, they re-wrote 18 months of the acct. ledger and absorbed the extra cash to interest ( cooked the books ) as far as it's all my fault, well i sincerly disagree with that, i did not cause the recession that cost me my job. Besides what about their breach of contract, 4 days after i purchased the truck and the dealer already dispossed of my trade, i was told either sign a new contract at a higher rate or they report it as stollen, i could not even get my trade back... Tell me thats not a crime...

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chrysler manipulation and deception

Chrysler financial repossessed my vehicle on 5/10/2010 wrongfully. They (Diane a Representative of Chrysler Financial) stated the payment had not been made on our 2007 Ram 1500 (VIN 1D7HA182X7S272748) and a repossession order was issued as a result. It was a payment amount of $1084.76. I explained to her that the payment was made and I had completed that transaction online on 5/5/2010. She asked if I had proof of this payment. I provided her with a transaction number that was issued by the website. Diane said she would research this transaction and call me back in 30 minutes. She called me back and said she had spoken with her manager, Seth, and he informed her that the transaction was posted to our other account. The $1086.74 was posted to our 2006 Jeep Commander (VIN 1J8HG48NX6C363492) account. I informed her that those funds should have been applied to the 07 Ram 1500 account. Diane’s response was that the funds cannot be removed from the 06 Jeep Commander’s account and applied to the 07 Ram 1500. They acknowledge the fact that the EXACT past due balance was applied to the wrong account they still insisted that they could not do anything about it. The repossession order still stood and had to adhere to policy to regain our vehicle. I had to provide Chrysler Financial with seven References, Proof of insurance and Residency and pay the outstanding balance of $1, 084.76 plus the repossession fee. We faxed the needed information to the number they provided. At that of time the repossession fee was not known, due to the company that preformed the repossession had not invoiced them yet. Excepting those terms we proceeded on with those terms. After we received the total amount, on 5/13/2010, needed to regain the vehicle, we came to the conclusion we could not afford it.

With the help of my stepfather we purchase another vehicle.

On 5/26/2010 we received a letter from Chrysler financial stating that 2006 Jeep Commander was delinquent and will be repossessed if payment is not made by 06/01/2010. We called Chrysler Financial to clear up this apparent miss understanding. I was informed that the payment of $1, 084.76 that was posted to the account had been applied to 2007 Ram 1500 account. I pulled up the Jeep’s account online and it showed that the payment had been reversed, which left the account delinquent.

My complaint to Chrysler Financial is the $1, 084.76 that was applied to the wrong account has now been reversed as we previously requested to Chrysler Financial. Now it is two weeks on 5/262010 they have done it. When initially I had requested that this be done on 5/10/2010, I was told that it could not be done. This ultimately left me with no alternative but to allow the repossession. So my argument is if they were able to do this on 5/10/2010, we would have able to regain our truck. Since it was not possible then and the truck has been sold by Chrysler Financial since, Chrysler needs to right their mistake.

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    thallenb2 Jan 12, 2012

    My truck was repossessed last night without me ever being notified in writing or by telephone that a repossession order was being signed. When I called today to find out why I was never notified, they claimed that the address that they have is not the same information that I provided on their website where you make the payments. They claimed that they do NOT have access to this information. Why would they send the notifications to the wrong address and then just go ahead and repossess the vehicle? I believe the reason that they are doing this is because they will wholesale these repossessed vehicle(s) to another company that they own and then turn around and sell them for retail at one of their dealerships. Additionally, when they wholesale it off, they charge the difference that they receive for the wholesale on the vehicle back to the person who owes the loan. Than they resell the vehicle for retail through one of their dealerships which doubles the amount of money they collect. This is a scam to get more money from helpless people!!! NEVER finance through Chrysler Finance/TD Auto Finance!!!

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  • An
    anonymous finance worker Jan 20, 2012

    Vehicles are not repossessed with out multiple payments being owed. When your vehicle is sold at auction, if it is sold for more than what you owe, you are sent a check for the difference. Dealers are independently owned and operated. Therefore, any financial institution would not profit from a dealer purchasing your vehicle and selling it at wholesale.

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harassing phone calls

Its already been said but I to hope when the economy turns around these jerks go through the same misery as the people they harass! A lot of good people are being hit hard by the economy! What comes around goes around! I will never never never use Chrysler financial again! so keep harassing and I hope you go under... And to all the comments about you signed a contract I hope the economy wipes your job out you spend your savings to stay afloat and when its all gone and there seems to be no hope you start get threatening phone calls 15 times a day!!!

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rude, ignorant, obnoxious, liars etc.

This company has to be the worst people to deal with next to the people of Allegheny Power. They constantly lie about what you owe and when they receive payment. They repossessed my car after I was 1 full payment late and showed up to tow it away before the second payment was due. I had to pay them $1500, which included the payment, the repossession and the next payment. After having done this to renew my contract with them: "I am sorry the letter we sent you that stated you were renewing your contract did not contain all the information you needed. You have to provide us with 6 new references, proof of employment, and add an additional driver to your insurance policy and get your co-signer (my 89 yr old grandmother) to provide proof of income (SSI check), insurance (hasn't driven in 30 yrs) and proof of address (retirement home). They have the nerve to call my 89 yr old grandmother night and day and threaten to destroy her good name and credit. After one such call she had to be assisted to another wing of the facility for shortness of breath. They are slowly killing her with the torturous phone calls and threats. She worked her whole life to build her credit and they have assured her that means nothing; they can destroy it much faster. Though, I lost my job, I came up with the money to make the payments full and up to date, yet they still hold my car at an auto auction and threaten to sell it, though it is currently paid to the end of next month. If this is not criminal, I do not know what is. To top it off, I have sent the references and information they required of me. Funny thing is they say I am being charged for storage at the auto auction though it is paid for already. The longer they can drag out this reference garbage the more money they can "BLEED" out of me and my family and for what you ask... a 2004 Honda Accord. If I did not need the car and want to keep my grandmother's sanity and health intact, I would tell them where they could put that car and for how long. If you ever decided to buy a car please avoid this band of ravenous blood thirsty money hungry jackals. They are nice to your face when you buy the car but be 5 seconds late with the payment and you will soon find out they are not your friend and they do not care, if you had a death in the family, your house burned down, your mother has cancer, your child needs medicine to live; it is simply a case of "[censored] You Pay Me."

end of lease

On April 01, 2007 our vehicle lease had expired for our 2007 Chrysler Aspen. We were notified by Chrysler Remarketing Department on such date. We were asked if we planned to purchase the vehicle and we stated "yes". We advised Chrysler that the loan had been requested through our credit union and would take time for the approval as the owner of the vehicle was overseas in Korea under Military Orders and in order to get loan documents needed to be signed. We contacted Chrysler Financial and requested to extend our lease and was responded to "it is not necessary. You are not in jeopardy of loosing the vehicle as long as you keep us informed". We. along with our Credit Union had weekly contact with Chrysler advising the status of the loan. We sent in payment on April 06, 2010 which never posted to the account correctly. We also sent in payment for May which never posted to the account correctly. They actually accepted the payment (payment was on time) but never posted the payment to "invoice". We have never been late on any payment through out the course of the lease. Our Credit Union kept Chrysler informed on a weekly basis and in good faith sent in the payments of the lease for the extending months. We were advised by Chrysler Financial that although they could extend my lease until pay off was received it was not necessary. All comments and notes of relating phone calls have been deleted from Chrysler system as Chrysler now indicated "No contact was made by owners or Credit Union. Kenneth, Chrysler Financial Remarketing Manager, refused payment and refused us the ability to speak with anyone else but himself. We were refused to speak with their Legal office as well.

Maryland Deptartment of Labor, Licensing and Regulations, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Office of the Comissioner of Financial Regulations state that MD Law regarding repossession as follows:

Your Rights Before, During and After Repossession

Discretionary Notice

Maryland law states that a creditor may issue a Discretionary Notice 10 days prior to repossessing the vehicle. This written notice of intent to repossess must show the past due amount, scheduled repossession date, towing cost, daily storage rate and any other cost relating to the repossession which you may be required to pay.

If issued, the discretionary notice must be sent to you and all co-signers on the loan by registered or certified mail to each individual’s last known address.

You are not required to pay any repossession expenses if the creditor failed to issue you a discretionary notice!

Required Notice

The creditor must send a “Required Notice” to you by registered or certified mail within five days after the repossession. The notice must disclose:

* Your right to redeem the vehicle and amount due
* Your rights as to the vehicle resale and liability for any remaining balance
* The vehicle location and payment address

The creditor must retain the vehicle for 15 days.

During this time you may:

* Redeem and take possession of the vehicle
* Pay the amount due under the contract
* Abide by any other contract terms
* Pay the actual repossession expenses

We never received Discretionary Notice 10 days prior advising of fees. Remarketing stated they would not inform due to the "chance" I may hide the vehicle. Not a valid "risk" considering payment history and continued payments of the lease amount until pay off was recieved.

We never received Notice to Buyer disclosing right to redeem vehicle and amount due; Owners rights as to vehicle resale; the vehicle location and payment address.

The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulations states and this would include expenses of a repossession tow and storage!

Discretionary Notice

Maryland law states that a creditor may issue a Discretionary Notice 10 days prior to repossessing the vehicle. This written notice of intent to repossess must show the past due amount, scheduled repossession date, towing cost, daily storage rate and any other cost relating to the repossession which you may be required to pay.

If issued, the discretionary notice must be sent to you and all co-signers on the loan by registered or certified mail to each individual’s last known address.

You are not required to pay any repossession expenses if the creditor failed to issue you a discretionary notice!

The owner has been overseas in Afghanistan since June, 2009-December 2009 and Seoul, Korea January, 2010-current.

lease end fee

I to have had my issues with Chrysler. Last year, (09), several months before our lease end we had contacted our dealer to see what our options were(like we didn't already know) Our dealer told us that Chrysler was no longer leasing so what do we want to do? So with our lease end coming up in several months and since we had been with Chrysler for the lat 4 vehicles we decided to stay with Chrysler. We tried for several months to be able to purchase a vehicle from Chrysler and was told repeatedly by our dealership "SORRY NO CAN DO!" After many hits on the credit(They tried 9 times to get us a vehicle), so we went to a competitor down the street(FORD) and they said no problem. My lease came to an end and no problems there ar at turn in(we have always taken good care of the vehicles). My problem began several weeks after turn in of the vehicle. We continued to get letters and calls regarding a LEASE TURN IN FEE. After they sent me a copy of this I am not denying that this is in the contract my dilema is we had tried over and over to purchase a car through CHRYSLER. Two dealers were not able to do this so why would I be liable for this if they were unable to help me purchase a vehicle after I have already been with CHRYSLER for the past 4 vehicles, (ALMOST 11 YEARS).
I tried to explain this to the person whom had constantly been calling me, I have also written letters to Chrysler and yet not person is able to explain why I would be liable for this fee if they were not able to get me a vehicle. How sad that because of this I probably will not go back to Chrysler when I am done with this FORD.(whom by the way had no problem getting me vehicle.)

  • Fe
    feed up with chrystler Mar 20, 2011

    we too are in the same situation. we tried to lease a chrysler, they have contacted us many time with insentives but when we went to the dealer the could not put us in a lease because the expectations for leases are now so high. but at the returne of the lease we did by a used chrysler but was told that we would still recieve a lease retune fee. how could it be our fault that the wont lease to us, after we have tried. after 4 prior leases with them why would we not try a 5th. the customer should not be punished for chrystlers decisions.

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rude and harrassing over a end of lease fee

I leased a Chrysler 300C and made all my payments on time for 39 months. When the end of lease was close, I...

low life collectors

Posted on 5-8-2010 chrysler financial hires low life collectors that have no education who are simple minded indiviuals and are making 10 bucks an hour — that have nothing better to do but call you everyday 10-12 times a day. They say the same old drag threatin to take the car etc... Come and get the car and quit calling me I dont have time for their harrassment.

To all of you out there experiencing the same # there are many dealerships who will finance u in house all you need is a little down and you can get a car and be done with these low life snakes. Or just dont answer their calls set ur phone to go to voicemail when they call... You tell them what your going to do and I will be a sob if they dont call u ten minutes later talkin the same #!!! They never read the notes on the acct if they even note the acct and remember they filed bankrupcy they have their nerve calling you and they cant even manage their own business dont let them sweat u... Switch cars with a friend hahahahahaha... We all need to get a petition together for execessive harassment and file a class action lawsuit against them. Dont let them scare you there collection practices are real weak... They are rude, have no class and when they call me I just hang up because they are stupid unless I feel like getting into an arguing match with them then I will argue just to piss them off... They have called me literally 1000 times no # over and over again... I told them to come and get the car now they tell me they dont want it after they threaten to repo kiss my # cf no time for games take ur car and shove it

  • Da
    Dasher Nov 02, 2010

    You are so right! They are a bunch of dumb, uncaring, low life jackasses! No doubt most of them are sending collectors to voicemail now because they're probably out of a friggin job! Besides, what makes you think they're going to notate a damn file when they don't know what you're saying? LOL! I told them the same thing, come get the damn car! They didn't, so stop calling. Send them to voicemail!

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collection methods

I have been 15 to 30 late on my car loan with Chrysler Financial over the last few months. I understand a collection calls are necessary but i don't understand calls from 8am in the morning until 9pm at night. I receive over 40 calls a day combined with my home number - office number and cell number. I was told today by a very rude Chrysler collection agent that until they get the payment the calls will not stop and can increase it is the way collection agencies work. I have received call from Chrysler while i am talking to Chrysler.
I have to believe this is against the law or principles of collection - shouldn't they ask the reason your late - ask for a payment date and if you agree stop the calls.

If anyone else are having this happen to them comment back and if there is an attorney out there help me stop them from doing this to everyone.

  • Ha
    Hates Chryselr May 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The best thing you can do at this point is to file complaints to the FTC on their collection tactics. We have had problems with them hitting my bank acct many times over. I had told them not to ever hit my acct again & still they kept doing it even while I had been sending pmts thru western union. They got me over $618.00 in INF charges cuz I had other bills that had to be paid but because of these people my other bills were bouncing too. I had closed my acct & told them this & they still kept trying to hit a closed acct for 3 months after closed & want to hit me for check charges. The whole time this is going on I was sending my pmts faithfully thru western union.
    I have deferred a couple pmts that they offered me & paid that finance charge to have them call me & tell me that was no good & I was late that pmt...PLUS they decide to try to tell me I am past due for the month before that. I have the receipts to prove it was paid. I asked them to send me what they show on pmts, no can do & it must be paid or car repo'd.
    Have filed with FTC & now talking to an attorney.
    Never again will I or anyone I know deal with these ###S!

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  • Da
    dark knight33 Jul 31, 2010

    I have the same problem. Wish I could pay but cannt. if there is no money how do they exspect payments. I ahve tried to work with them and they refuse. i told them a few times the check was mailed. They told me "your account is past due you cannot send a check it must be paid today". Yeah ok, pound sand ###.

    Good luck with your situation, I have a repo set up for next week.

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deficiency balances, collections

I think something should be done about the nature of auto loans in general, and what happens after a repo. When an auto loan is signed, its a contract for money and physical goods. You agree to pay X amount, we let you keep your vehicle. Interest is part of the loan for the company to make profits. I understand that. But when it comes to repossession, enough is enough.

For example: I purchased a truck for $22, 000, financed through chrysler financial. After fees and blah blah blah i forget what the exact balance was, i think around $27, 000. I paid for about 2.5 years before, hard times came, and couldn't afford the $528 monthly payment. In total that is roughly $15, 840 in payments i made to chrysler financial. They repossessed my truck, and it was sold at an auction for $14, 500. They get to keep that money. So all in all, Chrysler financial has been paid over $30, 000 for a $22, 000 truck. Being that they didn't get enough to cover the remaining balance, after fees I now owe a balance of round $7000.

I now have to pay, for something I don't even own, and they have already made an extreme profit from this situation to begin with. Something needs to change.

If you think they are bad with a good standing loan, they are just as bad with collection for remainder balances also. While I don't not think its fair, I contacted them to work out a payment arrangement for the balance. The only way they would work with me is to put 10% down ($700), and pay minimum of $250 a month. If I had that kind of money, I would still have possession of the truck and wouldn't be going through this. So off to collections it goes, and probably to court.

This is crazy. They made their money off me. Yes I know, i screwed up. Life happens and we all can't be perfect. There needs to be something done about this. Its just not fair to keep bleeding money from people that don't have it. Loan contracts are traps, If anyone has any ideas to go up against this, I say lets start a movement and quit being ### on by the big companies like chrysler financial.

  • To
    tomr4470 Jun 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am experiancing the exact same thing, i was in a chapter 13 bankruptcy and the trustee paid an additional $3000 to princaple, they applied it to interest, so when they sold the truck it left a $3000 deficeit + fee's, misc. charges, ect... now they are suing me for $5, 000 + court cost and their attorneys fee's ($1000) they have received $33, 000 on a $24, 000 note, 44 months on a 72 month term. I have contacted my state Senators office and filed a complaint, they want copies of all my paperwork so they can start an inquiry. I SUGGEST YOU ALL DO THE SAME, maybe if enough politicians inquire about there practices, something will get done about it...

    Senator Corker was against the bailout from the begining and now even more so that the had filed bankruptcy themselves...

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improper payment collection

Chrysler Financial can't reconcile payments made by their customers. I leased a car in August of 2007 and my father co-signed with me. In July of 2009 he filed bankruptcy due to my mom being ill with cancer and couldn't afford the medical bills. He made sure that my name was clear of the claim with his lawyer. I always paid my payments on time through their website with no problems. However, after my father's claim went through they discontinued my allowance to make payments online. With that being in effect, I was forced to call and make a payment (which occurs a processing fee) or mail a check. Each time that I tried to explain to them that I had nothing to do with the bankruptcy they didn't want to hear anything about it.

I fell behind in the Summer of 2009 with payments due to trying to help my parents out with medical bills. However, I caught up and at the end of 2009 I made 12 months of payments. I have my bank statements to prove the electronic payments and checks that were mailed. I made a payment in January of 2010 and than missed February. On 3/18/10 I called to catch up on my payments and the rep told me that I owed January of 2010. I asked for them to send me the statements to show that they have the months mixed up and I'm 30 days late, no 60 days. Their response was they couldn't discuss with me because of the bankruptcy. Once again, I tried to explain that I had nothing to do with that claim and I should be getting statements and a fair explanation as to why they keep screwing up my payment history. In any event, I made a payment of $758.00 to be up to date on my account.

On the morning of 3/19 my Jeep was repossessed. When I called Chrysler they told me that the rep forgot to cancel the order and that I was indeed up to date on my account. But, I need to call their redemption center. I call them, they than tell me that I owe what is left on the loan? When I question that and prove that I made payments the prior day they than tell me that they need to review the account with a manager and someone will get back to me within an hour. Never did. Called three more times from 8am - 1pm. Kept telling me that they couldn't give me any information on what was being decided. Finally called again and they told me they reviewed the account and that even though I made the payment on 3/18, I still owed March's payment (which was only 2 days late at this point). So much inconsistency it's mind blowing.

They than proceeded to tell me that in order to get the car back I had to pay the repo fees + March payment + a copy of mine and my fathers proof of income + copy of the insurance policy with Chrysler as the Lien holder + 6 recommendation letters. I seriously blew up. I was willing to make an extra payment if that meant getting my car back (even though my bank statements show I'm up to date). But I will NOT be bullied into providing paper work and extra fees just to delay their process and win more money out of my pocket.

I have all of my statements printed, copies of cleared checks to prove I'm up to date. Additionally, I have an appointment to see a lawyer on Monday night. I much rather pay the lawyer fees and get the car back than pay Chrysler anymore money that is not owed to them at this time. They want to fight, I'm ready. I will go all the way to the Attorney Generals Office on this one. They had no reason to repo my car. They screwed up, the repo guy never got the canceled notice and now they want me to pay the damages. NOWAY.

predatory lending

At the time we leased our Jeep Grand Cherokee, the finance manager said that our credit was poor as we were behind on some debts already. We told him the recession had hit us and we were struggling. The finance manager said that he could not lease us the car for the $515 payment that had been worked out with the salesperson...but he could lease us the car at $540. After two years of perfect payments in the three year lease, we were five days behind on the payment and the collection calls started, eight to ten times a day, calling home and work every two hours. The callers were rude, callous and inconsiderate. When I mentioned their bailout they said "we paid that back". Yes, true, but you got help when you needed it you predatory ###. Give the consumers a break, not that it will really matter since you will be out of business soon enough. Even the conspiracy to bring down Toyota can not save a company as deceitful and ### as yours. Good luck with the collection calls when you don't have a friggin job!

collection/reposession practices

I need help. I hav read several complaints regarding the collection/reposession and reporting practices of Chrysler Financial. I have to wonder why no Attorney has taken this on in a class action lawsuit. I would for one sign up for sure. First let me say, that Chrysler collection processes are horrible. They will call 10-15 times a day if you are 1 day late; believe me I know. They are rude, condescending and threatening on the phone On 2/26, Chrylser came and reposessed my van without warning or regards to my states collection law. I tried to redeem it by paying what they said was the past due amount, but they said Iwould hve to pay the full contract, which is $12500.00 roughly. Telling me that should not have bounced checks, that I was 4 months behind and they would not take a chance with me. This is where is gets interesting.

According to WV State Code 46A-2-106, a finance company is required to provide you with a right to cure default, and give you 10 days without harassing phone calls to take care of the matter. I never received a notice from them. On 1/16/10, I received an email stating that my payment was due in the amount of $861.50, which was for January and December; I had missed December's payment due to Christmas. I paid them $861.50 1/16 and later on 2/3 proceeded with scheduling my February 20th payment for $450. If you are familiar with the online payment system, then you know that there is no way to schedule a payment 17 days in advance for a lesser amount if you are past due. You must pay the mount due immediately. I did attempt to use my debit card 1/21, and my account was frozen. After contacting my bank, I was told that someone had tried to access the account several times with inaccurate information, so the account was frozen to debits. I was able to clear the problem up, didn't realize that 5 days after scheduling the Chrysler payment it still hadn't cleared the bank, I thoguht that it was alright.

After they took the van 2/26, I made several calls to the customer service people (real jerks) and the redemption department (even bigger jerks) explaining the situation. I was called a liar, they told my ex-father-in-law that I was 4 months behind, they asked me what kind of story that I was giving them that I had purposely bounced checks, which I had not. I was distressed all weekend, but finally Sunday I was doing a search through my MSN email and in the junk mail dated 2/17, a month after the payment and 8 days before my van was reposessed, notification that there was a problem with my payment of $861.50 dated 1/16. The account came back as code RA02: account closed, which falls in line with the account being frozen. They never issues a right to cure default, just an email to my junk file telling me to check with my local banking institution because the payment had not cleared the local clearinghouse.

Something needs to be done about this. You have a company that took government funds to bail themselves out financially and they habitually screw the people over that paid into the taxes that allowed them to get that money. I hope someone sees this, an attorney that would proceed with a class action lawsuit for questionable collection activities, harassment, slander and anything that can be taken in under this mess. If they are allowed to continue to treat people like this and take peoples belongings without notification, then eveyone loses.

I have filed a complaint with the local attorney generals office in West Virginia, contacted my local Congresswoman and I called the White House to complain. My local office are more proactive in helping, but agter 5 attempts to email the White House and calling the comment line, there is no effeort being made on their behalf to even contact me. If there is anyone else out there, please email with your issues at [protected] so we can stop Chrysler from acting illegally and doing what they want without regards to law. Believe me, I don't feel that an email to my junk mail folder is sufficient cause for repoosession and I know that it is not a valid form of notification. They should have sent a registered letter with a return receipt to make sure that I got this.

I have the documented proof.

  • Ke
    Kevin A P Mar 02, 2010

    First let's look at where your complaint arises from. You failed to make multiple payments for something you bought. You took money from a company and agreed, contractually, to pay it back in a timely manner. You then failed to do so, leaving the burden of the missing funds on the company that sent you the money. How would you like it if I were to borrow $12, 500 from you, and then miss several payments. I'm sure that you were expecting a repayment from me and probably needed the money for other purchases or payments.

    The several complaints that you may have read are all based on people with you same problem, they feel they are entitled to something that is not really theirs. The reason why an attorney general is not taking action is because they understand this. Can you imagine how much more money a creditor/lender would lose if they did not have the ability to take back a secured asset? The bailout would have been a lot more!

    It is understandable that a lender should not show anger towards you, but it is often difficult for some people to suppress that emotion when thousands of dollars are at stake. You did sign a contract, and agreed to pay the money back in a timely manner. You contract also stated that there was a secured asset attached to it and it you failed to make these payments, then they could take the vehicle and hold it to be auctioned off or until you can come up with the money. It should be considered that even allowing$0.01 of a single payment to be missing should be grounds for a repossession. The lenders have been nice to you allowing 4 missed payments. Often a vehicle will be sent out for repossession when a person misses a total of 2 1/2 to 3 payments. They also have the right to demand the full amount of the vehicle, once you default, if they feel you cannot meet you obligation to pay the remaining amount left on the loan.

    After going over that section of the WV code, I have realized that it states that they MAY send a right to cure notice, only if they wish to speed up the process. It also states that once a debtor has been delinquent 3 or more times, then they do not need to send a right to cure notice. By missing 4 payments, it could be considered that you were delinquent 4 times.

    If there is no way of scheduling an online payment that far ahead of time, then you should of called up and requested information on automatic payments on a scheduled day every month. Or you could of just scheduled the payments your self in a timely manner and checked consistently to ensure that they received the payments. I'm sure you would much prefer it if someone owed you money and called you every now and then to ensure receipt of payment, rather than a person calling you every now and then requesting and extension of payment.

    A lender is not responsible if their email ends up in your junk mail filter. That is your responsibility to add them to an 'approved emailer' section on your email account. Often times you receive emails from different parts of the creditor, such as financing and redemptions/repossessions, and will have to add the entire domain to your approved list.

    Yes, they accepted government funds and they do have plans to repay the money. But, if they had to file bankruptcy, I'm sure it would have had a larger impact on the US as a whole, rather if you had to. So, you cannot really compare yourself to them there.

    A good attorney will not look into this because they already see that, first you ave trouble paying debts to from you, and second, you have this sense of entitlement that made you feel that the vehicle was yours and something was stolen. The lender has rights to the vehicle, being that they had a lien on it. They took back something that you signed as collateral for a loan.

    I'm curious, how does everyone lose? Do many, majority of the people who can make their payments on time lose? You should not consider yourself in the majority, rather your one of the few. If the banks allowed people to repay how much whenever the debtor saw fit, then the banks would not have money to pay things such as wages and labor, leaving many people out of a job and continuing in a cycle. Then, the company will be even more likely to go bankrupt.

    I would recommend that you also remove your email address from your post due to how easy it would be for someone to find it and do bad things to, such as spam, your email account. It also allows people to find out personal things that you may not want exposed. This is just meant to be friendly advice.

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  • Ci
    Cindi K Mar 31, 2010

    Kevin, first let me assure you, I have forwarded your message to the proper contacts for this site and your threats will not go un-noted. As for my email, I work for a Consumer Fraud Prevention organization, and everything I posted was fact.

    As for your callous uneducated comments, well last I check, a junk mail telling you there was an issue with the National Clearinghouse was not a notice of intent. Last, with Chrysler, you can not schedule payments in advance for a lesser amount if you're behind, therefore, when I schedule that payment 2/3 to be taken 2/20, which it was, my account was current and in good standing. I have copies of the emails that Chrysler sent in February and they simply broke the law. I did use Chrysler's auto pay feature until they "accidentally" took $1450.00 instead of $450.00. So in essence, they did take money from me and never gave it back, which also caused a tremendous overdraft that I had to take care of.

    Therefore, before you make a comment again about something that I post, make sure that you question everything and not post without knowing all of the facts. As for my email, well, I will make sure that I keep an eye on that and will know who to report should something questionable happen. A piece of person advice, becareful making irresponsible comments like that, because I will be looking at a person that makes a menacing comment like that should things start happening. I have already used "Snag-it" to photo copy that post with your profile. Just in case you don't know what that is, Snag-it take a screen shot and it can not be editted.

    Bottom line, is people hit hard times, just as this company did. That was not the case in this matter. There was not indication there was an issue, I made a payment, then scheduled and made another payment. Everything was current and not behind and email is not a valid form of communication. I have tried to work with Chrysler, which is why I ended up over $1265.00 in the hole because they took the wrong amount out.

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  • Ke
    Kevin A P Mar 31, 2010

    My comment was not meant to be a threat and I am sorry that you felt it was. I was merely trying to change your opinion about the company and give you a sense of their position on the loan. My intention were to also let you know that they were acting within their legal limits and I provided proof that they were.

    Also, please do not rant about my educational background. I have experience in loans, repossessions, repossession law, and other matters relating to this post.

    Where does a notice of intent come in? Chrysler does not have to provide a notice of intent, rather they may provide a right to cure notice.

    As with the scheduled payments, my advise to monitor the payments to assure that everything is taken care of smoothly.

    I am sorry that that last part about the email was viewed as menacing, but it was not my intentions. Again, it was meant as advise.

    Also, Snag-it, as stated by the program's website, is a "...screen capture and image editing functionality you'll ever need, in one simply powerful program", as stated by the program's website. I am not questioning your motives to edit, just pointing it out.

    An email is a valid for of communication, billions of emails are sent per day.

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  • Ke
    Kevin A P Feb 28, 2011

    I do not and have never worked for Chrysler. I am just stating my opinion as a 3rd party.

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extention fax problems

Unbelievable... If its too good to be true, look out!

Back in november we got laid off so called and they said no problem you can skip a payment, just sign this and fax it back and pay the finance charge only


No no no no no

They never received the fax (have now sent it 6 times)

They are also now calling me saying that I am late and charging me fees

They "cannot do anything" to fix it until they receive the fax

I am not about to send it to a third fax number (Everytime I call I get another person with another story)

I had to beg just to get a supervisor (Collection dept) on the phone and then they are just telling me the same thing

Fax it and then call back in 2 days...

At least today I got someone speaking decent english!

Shame on you chrysler, I am now getting harrassing phone calls saying I owe you money

I dont owe you squat, I have never ever ever been late

Shame on me for trusting you

  • Mr
    mr alaska Dec 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this lady(mrs fisher) was giving me attitude about a car extensions. asking me to many personal questions. her ext. is 59. no communication skill or people skills. not the right job for this lady. my advice. fire this lady

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  • Mr
    mr alaska Dec 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this lady (mrs fisher) was giving me attitude about a car extension. asking me to many personal questions. her ext. was 59 no communication skill or people skill. not the right job for this lady. my advice fire this lady.

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inapropriate customer service and negligent work ethics

Chrysler Financial's Collection Department has the most disrespectful customer service reps. I have NEVER dealt with people so RUDE! They cut you short, will not let you finish talking, speak over you, literally ARGUE with you, admit their fault but will not acknowledge responsibility and some will even rudely attempt to hang up on you. I'll admit, in the past I have been late more than once on my car payment, but never past the 30 day mark. I am fully aware that when I am late I acquire a late fee. Fine. It's my fault, I'll pay the fee, NO PROBLEM. But the reason for my complaint is not solely due to un-reversed inadequate late fees and inadequate credit reporting, the reason is LARGELY due to the RUDE collections reps. I lost my job and was having difficulty keeping up with my payments, but one way or another I would always make ends meet. One month I called in to make my scheduled monthly payment (which WAS a little late) and the associate recommended that I get an extension for the next month's payment in order to ease my financial status. I thanked her and proceeded with the extension, which included paying a small extension fee plus interest. To make a long story short, I received the extension form in the mail, signed it and faxed it back. In my mind everything would work out great. NOT! The month following the extension I logged on to make my payment and noticed an outstanding balance of twice the amount of my usual monthly payment. I tried to make my payment for that month and was rejected because their on-line system could not accept "PARTIAL PAYMENTS". I immediately thought, "This must have something to do with the extension form." I got on the phone and called customer service. I wanted to know why was my balance was more than the usual month's payment. The representative stated that I was past due on the previous month and that now two months worth of payments were due. I explained to the associate that the previous month had been granted an extension (meaning: an extension pushes that particular payment to the END of your contract, it adds on an additional month because it waives your payment for the requested month). She said, "Yes, I see that here but we have not received the signed extension form." I explained that I had already faxed it but that I was willing to fax it again. She agreed. I went down to the local Staples and faxed the form for the second time. The next day I figured everything would be fixed and that I would be able to log on and make the payment. WRONG! Nothing had been updated. I called a second time to inquire on the status of the form. They claimed for the second time that the form still had not been received and that I should fax it a third time. Meanwhile they recommended that I make a payment over the phone as oppose to making it online because their online system was not going to accept any amount other than the incorrect outstanding balance. I always preferred to make my payments on-line because it was free. If I did a pay-by-phone they would charge $12.95. I then explained to the associate, "Why should I have to pay $12.95 to process the payment over the phone when I could pay it via on-line for free? If you all were to do your jobs right I wouldn't be having this issue and I would be able to make my scheduled payment on-line for free as usual!" She apologized for the inconvenience and recommended that I wait a few days to see if the form would eventually get updated. Days passed and then I began to receive collection calls. Every associate would begin with, "This call is being recorded. You are past due on your 2006 Charger and we need to set up a payment TODAY." I would explain to them the situation and they would go about asking me how many times have I faxed the form? What number did I fax it to? Whom did I speak with? etc.. By the end of the call I had them apologizing, once again, for the inconvenience and assuring me that the form would get processed soon so that I could continue with my payment. I must have talked to 6 or seven different collections officers, all promising the same thing and nothing ever got done. By this point I was furious and just wanted the matter to be resolved. I was literally calling in every third day to check up on the status of my form, it was always the same response, "I don't see the form filed ma'am, but I will open up a work basket and have this issue escalated. When all this is resolved all late fees and credit reporting will be waived and corrected." This was the response I must have received from about 3 or 4 customer service reps. Two entire months had gone by and nothing was resolved! I was calling in asking to speak to supervisor after supervisor after supervisor and they would just give me the run around, once again always suggesting that I pay the $12.95 and process my payment over the phone. Why? Why should I have to pay that fee when I can do it on-line for free. They were firm about not being able to waive the processing fee, even though they knew that it was their fault that I wasn't able to make the payment online. Two and a half months had elapsed and after faxing the form FIVE times, to different individuals who promised they would receive it and personally process it, I finally got it into the hands of a responsible supervisor and it was adequately processed. By this time I had already "MAILED" in my normal payment, just to avoid the processing fee. The day after the form was processed and payment was received I called to make sure that the fees were going to be waived and that my credit report was going to be fixed because by the end of the ordeal they had reported my loan 60+ days past due! That's HORRIBLE! They declined to do any of that. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was transferred to a Mr. Rollins. He didn't even want to hear me out. He was rude, interruptive, assumptive and just had no desire to understand my situation nor was he going to allow me to speak to anybody else. He said he was a supervisor and that there was nobody else that was going to do anything else for me. I spent about an hour on the phone with him trying to explain my situation, but it was no use. By the end of the call I was frustrated, confused, angry and hysterically in tears. At one point during the call he acknowledged that previous associates had indeed confirmed that it was an internal mishandling error and that my fees would be reversed. And even then he stated that although the associates had made false promises to me, nothing was going to be fixed. Still he showed no remorse for his words and advised me to simply pay the late fees, that were over $100, and just move on with my life. He said that was going to be the only way to have my matter resolved, was to pay the late fees. That night I cried myself to sleep. I spent the next morning looking over months worth of statements and jotting down information so that I would be fully prepared when I called again to have the matter reviewed. I felt confident and more determined than ever. Upon the associate answering my call I immediately knew this wasn't going to be a good conversation. The associate (Mr.Martinez) answered and an unpleasant tone and was very cut short. He asked for my loan number and quickly came to his own assumptions. He spoke loudly and over me and even argued with me. I began to get frustrated. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He yelled, "Hold on!" and placed me on hold. I was furious because he was so rude. When the supervisor came on the line (Ms. Adams) apparently she had her mind already made up because she too was unwilling to hear me out. She said to stop arguing and live with it. That nothing was going to be changed and that my account would remain the way it is, with late fees and all! She ultimately said, "Ms. Rodriguez, there is nothing else I can do for you. The fees will remain on the account and there's nothing you can do about it. Have a good day!" I said, " Ms. Adams! You better not hang up on me, don't you dare release this call!" She paused and then asked what else could she help me with. I asked when was the next time Mr. Williams would be in and she said tomorrow. I thanked her and released the call. I continued to cry out of frustration and anger. At this point I still don't know what to do. So I found this web site and decided to document my experience. I only have one more year to pay off my car, but if I had the money to pay it off right now I definitely would! I wish I did! I will never finance with Chrysler Financial again!!!

  • As
    asil122 May 03, 2010

    What a bunch of idiots! NO one should be treated like this and the folks at Chrysler Financial should realize that thier unethical practices does not make anybody want to pay off thier debt any faster. In a society when jobs are lost and money is super tight, they should understand that it may take a little longer to pay off. I had a great job, I always ALWAYS payed on time and at the end of my lease, I turned it in and recieved a lease end payment and an overmilage. I also lost my job and payed some money to them each month, not the entire amount but some. I was called and harrased every day 4 times a day and was told after 2 months of paying them some amounts (like 100-200 at a time) that it was unaceptable, and Chrysler does not take payement plans and to pay the full amount in 20 days or its off to collections! I have 3 kids to feed, and a house payment to make that is more important than the full amount for my turn in. I AM PAYING some money and they should be happy, at least I am not paying at all- I could be like everyone else and not pay and file for bankrupsy but that isnt right. I understand that I signed a contract but I also didnt know that I would lose my job 2 years ago when I leased the car. These people are terrible and I am telling everyone my story and hopefully they wont have to deal with chrysler financial.

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pejudice against disabled veterans

Chrysler Financial purposely prays on our Disabled & all Veterans and their families buy selling them Gap insurance at an inflated rate and will not pay off their loans after an accident totals their vehicle as promised in their contract. As a matter of fact Chrysler Financial is not really located in the United States they are owned and opperated out of India. We have listed them as a complaint on our website And afer contacting them by phone and mail they DO NOT deny our that this is their company policy.

  • Jo
    JohnAct Nov 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    LESLIE CHARLES GILROY (corrupt cop)
    in company with
    and others, robbed my wife and I
    See the whole story here

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  • Fr
    Frank Riley Nov 24, 2009

    Gap insurance from an auto dealership is a high profit add on like chassis undercoating or Scotch Guard for your upholstery. Here's a short buyer's guide for gap insurance that should help you find the cheapest rate.

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harrasment, lies at lease end

We leased a truck from Chrysler 3 years ago and told we could purchase the vehicle at the end if we wanted our credit stayed the same and at the end they refused us after telling us we would be approved for purchase 2 months before the lease ended. At the end we returned the truck and they sent us a bill for $5000 for mileage, more lease payments no idea what that is for and taxes, etc. of course we didn't have that kind of money in todays economy. We tried to work out payments with them and they refused!! They wanted $1200 which I paid then asked if I could do $1200 a month and they said no, they wanted it within 3 weeks or ELSE. So now the phone calls are unbelievable and I just paid $1200 one month ago now they won't except any other amount than the total due by Tuesday or further action. Are they rediculous, we are trying to pay the amount we owe in just a few months and they won't except it. They even sent a repo guy to our house 2 weeks after the lease ended and we informed the gentleman the truck was already sitting at the Chrysler dealership we got it from, just no one told the main Chrylser place and they wonder why their company is going belly up. Never will we buy a dodge again unless it's used sitting on a Ford or Chevy lot. I can't believe they can legally refuse a payment and not set up a time frame to pay that is at all reasonable. I wonder if they pay their bills on time or even try to pay their debts, we are trying and they are jerks about it!!! To top it all off we never were given a contract at the time of lease, some reason it had to be mailed to us and we requested numerous times and never received anything which was out stupidity for not getting it from day one I suppose. It's terrible what large companies can do to consumers. The calls are constantly through out the day and at my work. Then when I have tried to call back it has been sent to another department and no one there can help me...

  • Bo
    bobtheman Nov 13, 2009

    If you turned in the vehicle before the end of your lease, there is a penalty.

    If they are going to say you owe them money, tell them you want an itemized breakdown of the charges. Otherwise, call a lawyer. If you never signed a lease contract, I'm not sure how you even had a truck, let alone be held liable for the charges.

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  • Tc
    tcmadatchrysler Nov 19, 2009

    Agree with all the Chrysler Financial problems. I assumed a lease. Lease clearly states that it can not be transferred unless it is "current". Well, it was transferred and now it turns out the previous lease holder had several hundred dollars worth of accumulated lates fees, and Chrysler wants me to pay. And salt in the wound was throwing a $425 lease return fee in when it is not stated anywhere in the documents I signed. They are masters at telephone shuffles and basically says "too bad". What really topped it off is that they have shown me with being late on a payment with the major credit agencies based on the previous years of late fees. I'll never deal with them again.

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  • Lo
    Long Island New York Apr 27, 2010

    I turned in a lease at the end of August of 2008 and owed 2, 309 for over miles. Same did not have the full amount and sent 1500 over the course of three months then they turned over to collections and put it as a charge off on my credit report.

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  • Lo
    Long Island New York Apr 27, 2010

    Note: I did not settle paid debt in full

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debt collection/repossession

I identify only too well with all complaints posted by others! My story is the same and I will never ever do new business with Chrysler again!!! I will also warn all my friends. They won't even give me enough information to get my possessions or to find out how much the repo lot charges so I can get enough money together to retrieve the car. I see lots of complaints on here but no answers :( Their collection practices are horrendous and all those calls surely go against the Fair Debt Collections Act! We really need to bring a lawsuit against them.

  • De
    Deadbeat Nov 18, 2009

    please tell your friends. Tell them you don't pay your bills and get the company's property you refused to pay for taken back from you. Tell them you have no problem taking money, it's the paying back you refuse to do. Chances are your friends wouldn't be able to get a loan anyway.

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