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emmy from collections

I have been buying high end pickup trucks from Dodge for the past 10 years as I work in the oil and ga...

harassing me

Chrysler chrysler chrysler... Every time they call me I am going to put down what they say. I am going to put down everything that is said in that conversation. I will paste the same thing that I put on this website and I am going to send it to my 297 email contact list. Exact words. On that email I am going to put send to atleast two people. That way I will triple the number of people to go against them. I am trying to work it out with chrysler but they still will not stop harassing me.

  • Ma
    margeret Jan 12, 2010

    I'm also being harrassed by them they threating to take my car for 1 paymen. I try to make payment arrangments and they don't want to hear it. The reps. there are very ignorite. I agree with each and everyone of you. I was also told by one of the reps. to sell everything or anything I had so they could receive there payment, right then. The whole time I was on the phone I was being yelled at by them.
    I receive phone calls from them at 7 o'clock in the morning until about 12 midnight with over 8 voicemails

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  • Up
    upstream Feb 24, 2010

    omg same here guys they call me none stop and my wife for a payment that im late for 10 days... i ### at them telling them do you rather have some one not paying the car...

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  • Tk
    TKd2010 May 10, 2010


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Me and my husband bought a truck from Chrysler about a year ago. We were told our payment would be due 45 days from the day we bought the truck. When we got our first statement it said our due date was the 7th. All my other bills are due around the same time so I called and asked if there was a grace period. I have another loan through safe credit union and there is a 10 day grace period. I was told there was a grace period. A couple months later I needed to defer a payment because I couldn't pay it that month, I was told I need to pay $150 in late fees to defer the payment. I asked why I was being charged fees because I was paying within the grace period. I was told there is no grace period, and that every day after the due date I was being charged interest. After arguing with them I finally paid the fees so I could defer the payment, and I asked them if I could change my payment due date. They said that once I paid the deferred payment then I could. So I made the next payment and asked to change the due date. I was told I coudln't for another 6 months because I deferred a payment. I was furious because the last person I talked to told me I could. After more arguing, I got nowhere. So I told them that the next 6 payments were going to have to be late, they said ok. Now me and my husband are receiving mutliple calls every day that the payment is late. We have explained the situation to them several times and they keep calling. Then today my Neighbor came over and told me that Chrsyler Financial called her asking about me. This is not a family member or a friend, just a neighbor. This is absolutely crazy. She has no idea how they got her number, I don't even have her number, I only know her on a first name basis. They called her more than once. This out of control. I'm going to talk to a lawyer and the police if I have to. Do NOT buy a car from Chrysler!!!

  • Co
    Compl Chrysler Feb 22, 2011

    Chrysler Finanical is the worst I have ever dealt with. You can be 5 days late and the are hounding you from 8:15 am to 9:oo pm. I told them they know where the car is come and get it. They can kiss my [censor] and once they take the car I will bankrupt and they wont see a dime. I am not even a month behind. They are going to make someone go postal on their [censor]. The collector forget that they may loose their job and be in the same boat that we are in. So once again KISS MY [censor] CHRYSLER !!!
    And for all of you that don't know you can fax a cease and assist letter to Chrysler at 888 548-3574 requesting to be contacted by mail only . And by law they can't call anymore.

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title to register car in new state

After we moved to PA from NJ, we tried to get a title from Chrysler Financial so we can register our car in PA. The car had been repossessed at one point and payments were made late because my husband is unemployed. But we did make payments. We have been trying to get the title for over 6 months and customer service never has an answer. Nobody has been able to help us on who to contact. When we ask for the title dept. they do not know what to do or say because our payment is 3 days behind they can't help. Our account has been up to date and we have called at those times and they still can not help us. I do not understand why their title dept is some secret agency that does nothing. It is ridiculous we can't even drive the car because we'll be pulled over and fined for not having it registerd. NEVER NEVER work with Chrysler!!!

  • Bo
    Bob Popolopolis Dec 19, 2009

    Some information that might help:
    If your account is behind, calls might be simply routed to Collections.
    Until your car is paid off, the title will not be released to you (unless you live in a state that sends the title to you, with an "encumbrance", i.e. you owe money on it.) Your state must make the title request. The state from which you purchased your car issued the original title. It will be sent to your new state, destroyed, and a new title from your new state issued.
    If you are leasing your car, the title will not be sent to you. Notification can be sent to your new states motor vehicle department giving permission for you to register the vehicle. This is true for all companies.
    Good luck.

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balance due

My Jeep Commander was totaled in a wreck (no fault of mine). I purchased the jeep due to the zero % interest. This was the 1st new auto that I have purchased in 10 years, so gap insurance was unkown to me (1st mistake). After the Progressive Insurance settled with Chrysler Financial, there remained a $10, 000 balance. I recieved a letter from Chrysler stating that the next note was not due until 2012, so I contacted the Customer Service Center to understand the letter. I was told that the next note was not due until 2012; I stated that I was going to continue to pay the note until it was paid in full. Two weeks after that discussion, I recieved a call from the Chrysler Resolution Group stating that the balance was due in full in 30 days. I have made several phone calls, with everyone being nice on the phone but providing no alternative payment schedule. As a result, I was asked to take out a loan to pay off the balance, or that it would go to a collection agency! I am willing to make my monthly payment, but Chrysler wants it all in 30 days. I am amazed!!!

balance due

  • Bu
    Buddy17353 Nov 08, 2009

    Why would you be amazed? The vehicle is totalled, gone. Chrysler no longer has any collateral (i.e. the vehicle). They didn't make a personal loan to you when you bought the vehicle. So when you no longer have collateral the debt is unsecured and they don't want that kind of risk. That's how the banking business goes.
    What surprises me is that you were upside down $10, 000. Did you roll a loan from a previous vehicle into the new one?

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I have owned my Dodge Caliber for a little over a year and in March, due to maternity leave, I could not pay my note. I called Chrysler and asked for an extension of my contract and was told no problem. I was relieved until the lady told me I still had to pay the interest and each day I was unable to, it would compound. I said 130 was easier to pay then 310 so I could. Then she said I would have to electronically set up the next two payments as 'good faith' they would be paid. I was shocked. I have never been late or missed a payment so why was I being asked to set up two months of payments AND be charged 12.95 to process them. I told her my payments were usually paid for free online and she said that option was no longer available because I asked for an extension. So I abliged and did what they asked. It is now July and I am being hounded for 30 days past due on last months payment, that was set up electronically mind you... Supposedly they never received my extension. These people can have their POS back. I am so tired of them calling 2-8 times a day for something I took care of in March...

  • He
    Heyfatboy1 Jun 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Everyone needs to do as I do. I can't pay the payment at the beginning of the month as promised, so I am late by paying at the end of the month. When Chrysler's BS artists try to call and harass me, I use my caller ID and do not answer the phone. They have gotten pretty clever, or so they think, by routing the call through El Paso, TX. They are very rude and obnoxious people. When I get this paid for, I will never buy another vehicle that is financed through Chrysler or TD as they are now called.

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  • Im
    imdiedra Jun 09, 2011


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wage garnishments

They have been garnishing my check for a few years now. I am not close to paying it off, but a few months ago the garnishment stopped. Could this have something to do with their bankruptcy?

  • Te
    Terri Jun 16, 2009

    I also own a truck which was financed with Chrysler Financial. I also agree that they are one of the hardest companies to work with when you have a problem. I have always paid on time and even made about 3 double payments trying to get my balance down for a little breathing room for an impending divorce. When I called to see if they would work with me on using those extra payments to give me a little float time they claimed to no be able to find my extra payments! I spoke to 3 different people none of them were helpful and all were very condescending and nasty. Then I asked if I could just move my payment to later in the month due to the timing of my temporary support payments and rent, they said no because of the way my loan was set up. The person on the phone told me if I did not like it my only options were to agree to give my vehicle up at a dealership or have it repossessed!!

    I am currently just paying late, in which case they get an extra $30.00 late fee from me! Now on the bankruptcy of Chrysler, well I am not surprised they have had to go that route! I do hope in your case that you get some kind of relief. I am a very responsibly person but like many other people due to circumstances out of my control I was only asking for a date change in payment and concession for my paying ahead. A Lot of good it has done. Believe me I feel like just telling them to take the truck but they make it a no win situation for us normal folks!

    I am going to try to call them one more time since as you mentioned the bankrupcy is now in full swing. Maybe they have been humbled a bit, but I don't expect anything believe me.

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  • Aa
    aarmstrong Jul 20, 2009

    I'm fairly sure that garnishing your wages is against the law and they could be sued for such practices. My husband and I tried to deal with them after I lost me job and his pay was cut, they are extremely rude and always, always provoke an argument. We tried to pay them some money, but they made it difficult to work with them. We told them to come get our Jeep and they did, but sent us a form saying it was repossed. These people are crazy!!

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seriously crazy fees

My father and I have been having major problems with chrysler financial. When we first started our payments, they charged him double payment saying that the first one was never received. That was a lie. So soon after we tried by paying over the phone. It did ok, but then we started be charged fees for this and fees for that. We've also had different phone workers telling us that the bill was caught up, then another telling us that we weren't. It's insane! Why are they still in business???? I'm sure many other customers agree on that with out a dout.

  • Pc
    PC, Virginia Mar 13, 2010

    My husband and I have been going through the same type of problems with the people at Chrysler Financial. They are definitely the worst company we have ever dealt with.
    Rude doesn't even describe their phone demeanor. I know there has to be some kind of
    action we all could take against them, I just haven't found it yet. We should all be very tenacious in searching for some way to stop their unfair collection practices.

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lease return fee

Chrysler Financial has burried a clause in its lease agreement for a Lease Return Fee $300.00 if you do not...

financing practices

I purchased a car in 2007 from Chrysler and it is financed by Chrysler Financial. I have never been late on a payment and have definitely never missed a payment. On April 17, 2009 I received a "Notice After Repossession of Voluntary Surrender" in the mail saying that my car would be sold on April 30. I called Chrysler Financial and the man said he did not know why I received the notice because I had never even been late on a payment. Obviously the company is completely incompentant if they are sending out Repo notices to account numbers that are not defaulted at all.

  • Ha
    Hates Chrysler Apr 17, 2009

    Class action lawsuit needs to be filed against Chrysler Corp over way they are taking customers for a riding & breaking it off in their ###!!!
    Since day 1 of buying a car & financing thru Chrysler Corp it has been a total nightmare & actually that is putting it mildly. It's continual harrassment!!!
    We got a call from them today saying we owed them over $600.00 in car pmt that was behind & in late payments, looking at reposession.
    I gathered my payments & called back...This other lady told me I wasnt $600.00 behind or showing, but was March payment behind. Well March payment was made in March & April's isnt due until end of April.
    I am wondering if they just call & harass people to look busy out of fear of loosing their jobs?
    Chrysler Corp. has alot of nerve doing customers this way. Who the hell do they think it was that bailed their sorry ### out? The tax payers & I bet quite a few are their customers!!! I sure didnt want to see them bailed out...I wanted to see their ### go down big time.
    So again I say Chryler Corp needs to be hit with a.

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  • Ca
    Cant stand stupid! Apr 24, 2009

    You should not be angry at Chrysler becuase you are DELINQUENT! Chrysler is calling for a reason you must have not paid your bill. You are in default of your contract and are blaming Chrysler, good luck getting financed for a car in the future!

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  • In
    intelligent design May 10, 2009

    Can't stand stupid apparently works for Chrysler as this is how they treat their customers in telephone conversations. This is the kind of behavior in which Chrysler has hidden itself. Not only do the employees have no respect for the customer, it's as if these practices are encouraged by the supervisors of the minimum wage call centers designed to assist the purchaser of the overpriced Chrysler product. Companies that direct their business toward the ground, usually end up there...

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  • Ef
    Ef Chrysler Jul 10, 2009

    Can't stand stupid is clearly a Chrysler Douche Bag. I am not delinquent because I don't own a Chrysler and I would never attempt to own one. Especially now that they have hit rock bottom. I still get phone calls from Chrysler telling me that I NEED to call them back immediately. Where is Lee Iacocca when you REALLY need him, eh Chrysler? I'm going to have a nice big glass of ### you tonight and give a big ### you toast to Chrysler.

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horrible rudeness

When I bought my car, I set the payments to be auto deducted from my account. This they did 59 times without issue. Then, I start getting calls from them that I was late on payment and late charges are being added. I called and asked to talk to supervisor. She said there is a clause in contract that last payment must be mailed in. I told her I signed the contract 5 years ago and had no idea this was the case. She said 'Talk to someone that cares.' She then said there was a $15 late fee and also if I did not pay today by western union (Additional $13 fee), she would report me to credit agency. Remember, this was my last payment. I did pay it and told her I would never have anything to do with Chrysler again. She laughed and said she did not care and that she heard this 10 times a day.
Good news...according to National Public Radio report this morning...they are not expecting this horrible company to exist in one year. Good Riddance.

  • Ca
    Cant stand stupid! Apr 24, 2009

    If you woud have actually read your contract and your autopay form you would know that the last payment never comes out with autopay because your last payment usually differs by a little bit. They also dont take out last payment because if you are every late you accumulate additional interest and that is included in your last payment. It would be against the law for them to take the final payment out if it differs from what your other 59 were!

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  • Ca
    canststandsociopaths Apr 24, 2009

    as we've seen time and time again, they know you've forgotten about their little "last payment" scheme included in the contract you signed 5 years ago. Then they will wait on telling you thefinal payment is late so they can tack on some huge late fees, then intimidate you on the phone, threatening collections etc so you just pay up.

    the whole argument about not taking the last payment because it might 'differ' is total BS. It would not be illegal in any way to take out a final payment that is smaller. It would also not be illegal in any way to take out a final payment that is exactly the same as the others. Its only if you want to scam someone and tack on extra fees etc that you need their approval, which you get by calling and intimidating them into it.

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  • Ed
    ed deremer May 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sirs, My name is edwin j. deremer and I have a small comment as to why arrigo dodge in west palm beach deducted money from the extra coverage for a 7-70 warrenty for 1410.00 on my dodge truck which I bought in january of 2009. I went down there and requested my money back and they sent me 984.09 dollars. I still have the check and am wondering if I should cash it or not being that they took all these deductions of it for what reasons I cannot ascertain. My truck is still under warrenty from when I bought it. They charged me for a number 204356 and no explanation and also VOLEL WHICH WAS 389.61 dollars. The other number was 204356 which was two times on the same invoice totaling 57.06 dollars. I do not know what all these deductions are for. I paid 1410.00 dollars for 4 more years of protection and they did not give me back all that was mine. Would someone please tell me what is going on? I did sign a paper for 1410.00 which I was to be sent by check. Please tell me why this was done to me. Edwin J. Deremer

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  • Ed
    ed deremer May 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    May I please have your answer soon. Edwin J. Deremer

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  • Ed
    ed deremer May 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a nice truck, but all I wanted was my money back for the extended warranty which I paid 1410.00 dollars. I signed a letter of compliance for the amout to be send to me by check, But they made all kinds of deductions on the total and I ended up with 984.09 dollars. I think I should get my money back in its entireity as my truck is still protected by the original buyers agreement. I do not think that I am asking too much of chrysler corperation do you? Sincerely, Edwin J. Deremer

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rude and unhelpful

I purchased a 2009 Jeep. I recieved my first statment in March and sent in the payment via check.
In april I recieved a statment showing no payment was made in March and the account was past due.
I called them and they stated that the check was returned by the bank. This did not make since sine there were more than enough funds to cover the payment.

I called my bank and they stated the check had never been processed so it was impossible that the check was returned.

I called Chrysler back and tried to get to the bottom of the problem. I was told the check was returned so I asked them to fax it over so I could see it. I was told that it was destroyed and they did not have a copy. (this is a new one one me. seems like they would have at least an electronic copy for records.)

I told them I would send in another check. Their response was that my only option was to give they account info so they could draft my account.

When I asked to speak to a supervisor The person responded that she was an account manager so I ask to speak to her supervisor. She hung up on me.

I have called 5 times with alsways the same result.

Any one know a number or address to contact for complaints directly to Chrysler?

  • Jo
    johnnygood09 Oct 16, 2009

    All concerns need to go to:

    Patricia Bialczak Musso - P33868

    Assistant General Counsel
    Chrysler Financial Services
    27777 Inkster Rd
    Farmington Hills, MI 48334

    Phone: (248) 427-2564
    Fax: (248) 427-2650
    e-Mail: [email protected]

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ms kerr

This Kerr woman is very rude person who has no customer servise skills and should not be allowed to be in direct contact with customers. She is a liar and she hung up the phone in my face. I believe, if you check your recorded phone conversations that she has had with other customers you will see that she has a problem which will result in more complaints other mine. This is the second time she been rude to me and I am making a formal request that she never calls me again.
When I asked to speak to her manager I get the run around like everyone is afraid of her. I am not afraid. Though I may not send my payment in on time, she does not have a right to speak to me as if I am less than human. I think her manager should monitor her calls and not allow her to make phone calls until her attitude changes.
Blenda Ryles

disposition fee

My lease on my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee is coming to an end on April 2, 2009. I was planning on getting another Jeep, but Chrysler Financial stopped doing leases as of August 1, 2008. Since I only lease my cars, I decided to go with a Nissan instead.

I just made my last lease payment to Chrysler Financial to fulfill my contract. However, to my surprise, I found out that I still owe $425. I called Chrysler Financial to find out what this extra ‘fee’ was for. I was told that since I didn’t lease or buy another Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge, I had to pay a $425 disposition fee.

I stated that I knew nothing about this fee and asked why the dealership never informed me before I signed the contract. All they said was that they were sorry that no one told me but if they told everyone about the disposition fee, they wouldn’t sell any cars.

Then I was told that it was my fault for not reading the contract close enough. One guy I spoke with said, “You must not lease cars very often because every dealership/company has a disposition fee.” The Nissan that I just leased is my sixth car and I have NEVER heard of nor have I paid a disposition fee! (FYI: I called Nissan, Toyota and Honda and NONE of these companies have a disposition fee!)

In the end, I will have no choice but to pay the $425 disposition fee since it was stated in a binding contract, I signed it and I refuse to let it affect my credit. However, it is NOT going to stop me from running my mouth, letting everyone know about the shady business practice Chrysler Financial is conducting! I know I may only be one person, but word of mouth is powerful and I intend to inform as many people as I can so they don’t make the same mistake I did!

  • Ad
    Advocate 4 the people Mar 31, 2009

    Doesn't matter how much you bad mouth Chrysler Financial...They are going belly up anyway...hahaha...Should have leased a Nissan in the first place...(and yes..there is a fee for Honda and nissan if you do not re lease or purchase. Been with Nissan for 11 years and have leased 4 of me ... there is a fee

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  • Pe
    pedro May 17, 2009

    You stupid idiot Chrysler Financial is not bankrupt it's Chrysler. The comapny that owns CF also owns GMAC and now GMAC is the finance company for Chrysler.CHeck your facts before you open your mouth you stupid ignorant ###

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  • Ma
    Mags0715 Sep 29, 2009

    Wow Pedro, mature and useful response. I'm better off for reading your comment, thanks so much for responding.

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  • Mk
    mk1984 Oct 12, 2009

    My theory on the disposition fee is that although they allow you alternatives to waive the fee if you lease or purchase a vehicle through chrysler couldn't one argue that this is a material change to the contract if the company no longer leases vehicles? The material change therefore would make the disposition fee a voidable term in the contract, especially if the lease option is no longer available. Didn't the cell phone companies get caught up in a similar lawsuit over early termination fees while raising rates on text messages without consumer consent to the material change, therefore invalidating the early termination charge?

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I gazzie glenn is currently on disability for some surgery I had and having, my account # is [protected], I have disability through chrysler with monumental insurance, their # is [protected] claim#a532051-2 which havent paid my disability since december 2008, I have explain that to chrysler on several occasions, but they keep on calling my phone 10 to 20 times a day, monument keep sending me form after form after the doctor have completed it, I need help, my number is [protected] thanks. My payment is $700.00

harassment from an employee

I received a call from C.J. Malloy, an employee of Chrysler Financial, Loss Mitigation Dept. at 8:53a.m., while I was at work. He continually was harassing me (because I am a women????) for payment -threatening me of confiscating the vehicle. We are 2 payments behind + late fee ($818.86), which I have been calling since last night to make the payment, but was unable to get hold of a representative to discuss. I have been calling since 7:00am this morning, since they are the times it says the office is open on the invoice, but only to hear they were closed.

The total due on the lease of $2, 780.22, with the lease ending in June. He badgered me and berated me on the phone. I told him we have someone working on this for us, who will contact them today today to discuss payoff of the lease or trade-in. He kept asking who the person was that would be calling and that they can't call. A nasty child-like boy pushing me around on the phone. Today our accountant was to work out with Chrysler if it would be in our best interest to pay-off the lease or trade it to purchase and lvehicle, out-right with no loan. He would not hear it - it is very hard to write to you and explain how he continued to push me around -He has upset me and led me to tears at my job. That is not good customer service, especially after being long-time customers of Chrysler for many many years. We are in this situation because of the economy and my husband being out of work! We are living on one small salary with two children. I have asked previouly, time and time again if they could help us work out the payments, since we only owe $2, 700. on the vehicle, but they would not! I intend to bring this to President Obama's attention!

  • Ky
    kywes70 May 15, 2009

    maybe you shouldn't be late on your bills, then they wouldn't have to call you. Be a responsible adult and pay on or before your due date.

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  • Ro
    Rosebud6 May 26, 2009

    10 days ago by [email protected] 0 Votes
    "maybe you shouldn't be late on your bills, then they wouldn't have to call you. Be a responsible adult and pay on or before your due date. "

    Apparently this guy has a silver spoon and has no idea what the real world is like with a family. Pay your bills on time... Please send me a check so I can. Must be nice to make enough money to not have to worry about things. I understand the pain of the poster as I have taken about 18% pay cut over the last 6 mths...

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harrassing collection calls

Not only do they call my home more than 5 times a day, the have called my landlord (using a reverse addre...

avoid them!

We turned in a Dodge Durango at the end of our 4 year lease. We were charged $2309 for excess miles beyond the lease agreement. We received a letter via mail approximately 1 week after it was turned in. Since we did not have the funds available, we contacted Chrysler and were told that no arrangements could be made. We sent $1000 and in December the account was charged off and forwarded to a collection agency. We paid the entire balance but it went on our credit report as a charge-off. No wonder they asked for a bail out! I am still in the process of them fixing my credit report and will not stop until I do. I would appreciate any information on how to address.

  • Ca
    Cant stand stupid! Apr 23, 2009

    Do not blame Chrysler for your excess mileage bill. You knew when you signed the contract that you would be charged excess mileage if you went over that was your choice. As for the bailout if Chrysler didnt have customers like yourself not following thru with their contracts Chrysler would not need a bailout!

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lien release

I tried several times to reach Chrysler Financial, through various numbers given to me by both the DMV and dealers. No one answered, the options did not apply to me, and at times I was told no one could take my call, and to call later!!!

(I am trying to take care of business after the death of a family member!)

Anyway, after many frustrating calls, I finally got to a rep, IN MEXICO, and I told him the next call would be to the Better Business Bureau, unless I got answers and help from him. These call centers can't do a thing, other than send you elsewhere...

If it helps anyone, he told me this:
I can fax my request to: (Can't call, just fax!)

or mail it to (Can't call, no number!)
Attention Customer Service:
PO Box 950
Charlson, PA 18914

You'll need an account number (I did not have one, but when I finally got through to a live person IN MEXICO (yes, I am repeating this), he gave it to me. (I am Hispanic, so I'm just frustrated that I can't get quick real service here, geez, for an American car brand!)

I'd rate this as HORRIBLE SERVICE overall, but the rep was helpful, and said it would take about 12 business days for me to get it/ for them to fax to my DMV. I am counting...

I thank GOD that I got through.

have not recieved registration/pink

I Joe Chacon gave a cashiers check to Chrysler Financial on 4-2-08 to the seller of a 2005 sebring vin#1c3el55r55n561729 ms tomoneres dl#e1029932 and car license is6c0s575. I submitted a transfer title, bill of sale, smog, and accuired car insurance from gieco (but at the time AAA) for the vehicle and was told by the seller;Andrea Timonere and DMV in Org County Ca, that the resitration would come in the mail. I understand it is illegal to drive without registration and yet i have no choice!! I cannot reach Ms. Timonere at [protected] or [protected] and Chrysler dose not give help me because the car was originally under the sellers name, even though I sent a check for 11, 000.00. and they cashed it back on 4-6-2008. All i am asking for is my due registration and pink slip for my car
What the hell can I do BBB said it's out of there hands and to contact you. please contact me asap. extremly upset. Joe Chacon.