S Jul 16, 2019

I would like to inform you that the same incident happened the last time I complaint.. My order was at the dispatcher's area already that was said to me by a crew
and told me that they'll served it after awhile but my order wasn't given to me. I waited for an hour for that order. Everytime I follow up my order they're telling me that they're already preparing my order but wasn't given to me for an hour. I even saw the crews playing with their mobiles while other customers were waiting for their orders. I could tell that the crews here at Chowking located at Commonwealth, Luzon Ave. was terminated after I sent my complain before, it was all improved after that. But it happened again, not just today but also the other day. But i just let it, but today's incident can't be forgiven. The crews were just on their phonesss!!! While us the customers were waiting for the orders.. I went to the cashier's and told them about my late order! And was surprised that the moment they saw my order, they're just about to make it!?? I've waited for an hour!!!

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