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I am a service provider in Texas who did work for Choice Home Warranty.I recently have been told my accoun was closed and would have to wait a min of 365 days for payment.I completed 8 work orders submitted for payment and after 3 months of calling and being told
1.Never recieved fax
2.Proper paper work not on file
3.Fax machine not working
4.Check is in the mail
5.Accounts payable department closed
6.Check never mailed, its going out next week
Now if I call and charge customer for work performed, it will void contract and funds will not payed, not that im ecpecting payment.I WOULD NOT RECOMEND DOING WORK FOR THIS WARRANTY COMPANY OR BECOMING A CUSTOMER...


  • Wa
    Wanted to be Paid Nov 09, 2010

    We are a roofing contractor that has similar problems with Choice Home Warranty. They have rude, unprofessionalk customer service representatives and after completing work over a year ago we remain unpaid.

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  • Mj
    MJ Plumbing Sep 13, 2019

    @Wanted to be Paid We are a previous plumbing contractor with Choice and recently (2019) found out they didnt want to pay us for our work even though our contract supported our claim that payment was due. I do plan to file a lawsuit against them. If anyone wants to join in by all means please let me know.

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  • Se
    selectodd Sep 20, 2019

    @Wanted to be Paid Has anybody tried to find and look for upper management of this company? It seems like the highest contractors can go are the vendors relation managers- which we all know not everybody is pleasant to talk to. I have found the owner’s profile online and some upper management information and contact, I think they don’t know how vendors people handle their contractors, because nobody is there to meditate or review complaints. I have been told once, all of these people we call in vendors department are all managers, therefore they don’t want to step on each other toes if one decided to block a contractor solely based on her own condition. Which is really unfair... asked for upper management or supervisor, they don’t want to pass the phone on to anybody else . That’s where I think mostly the problem comes in for this company . And if they don’t do anything about it, complaints, reviews and law suits will keep piling up.

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  • Il
    Ilurfmi Nov 12, 2019

    @MJ Plumbing I do want to join I have all my documents since day one how I can contact you

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  • Ch
    Choice Home Warranty 1 Apr 09, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern:

    The details of these situations are not representative of the normal Choice Home Warranty customer experience and we sincerely regret our customers’ frustration and discomfort.

    We are committed to providing a positive customer experience and doing the right thing for all our customers, contractors and employees. We take customer feedback very seriously.

    At Choice Home Warranty, our focus is on quality... providing quality home-warranty products to our customers, following up with quality customer service when our homeowners contact us, building quality business relationships with our contractors, and ensuring quality work from our contracted technicians. We do not and have not ever encouraged contractors to deny customer claims.

    In addition to evaluating customer feedback, we continually evaluate our contractors’ performance, responsiveness, cost, and other factors to ensure these partnerships are fair and beneficial to all parties involved: our customers, our contractors, and our company.

    Choice Home Warranty is always in full compliance with its terms & conditions.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact help [at] (please reformat the e-mail address properly. We guarantee a response within 5 business days. We are here to help you!

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  • @Choice Home Warranty 1 If you’re so worried about customer service then pay your contractors! We have ran over 100 jobs for you and have yet to be paid just like others here have posted. We are very well known and have a huge customer base and we will share our experience with everyone we’ve came in contact with about you. Next course of action will be news outlets

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  • Ro
    Robie1234567890 Nov 17, 2018

    @Choice Home Warranty 1 You guys put nice words regarding concerns but is the actions that speak for itself and Iam anothe provider not been paid for almost $1000 and do not tell me contact you guys because you guys lie I will call every single of your customers to cancell and use another service I service around 20 customers lets do math $20x450 year plan = $9, 000 a year wow I will be doing a great impact on you guys maybe you guys pay us now.

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  • Cn
    CNS Repair Aug 02, 2015

    We too were a service provider of Choice Home Warranty in the Oklahoma City area. We did multiple work orders for them and went unpaid for over six months after submitting our invoices. After getting no resolution from them we began advising customers we would no longer do any business with them which voided our contract and they said they would hold the payments for 365 days unless we started accepting their calls again. I told them I would just wait the 365 days. It has been over 400 days and I emailed them over two weeks ago and still have not received a response.

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  • Bi
    Bill England Jan 13, 2016

    Ditto our company as well. They came looking for us and asked us to help some customers which we did after receiving approval for the work. After submitting the required documentation for the invoices user their 30 day terms, CHW terminated us and put us on their BS 365 day terms. I doubt they will ever be much of a player and fully expect the owner to be on American Greed one day.

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  • De
    D Evans Apr 11, 2016

    I am a service provider for Choice in Ohio. My concern is that the homeowners don't know what is covered. Much of the time I have bill Choice for doing a diagnostic and then it goes nowhere. Choice is the one the cheapest out there and so when your called to a house that in filthy dirty you will wonder what you have gotten yourself into. They send me lots of emails for work outside of my area, so I think management doesn't pay attention to what company takes the call. I have been paid for the work I did, however the payments are slow as with many maintenance company's. It's nice to have the work but the paperwork takes as long or longer to do than the jobs! If your in this business you need to do the paperwork and the follow your end of the contract precisely, or you will regret ever doing work for any warranty company.

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  • Su
    Sumer Edwards Nov 14, 2017

    My company as well got the 365 day notice that they will pay. I worked with them for 3 months. They scam their customers sent parts to wrong contractors and we got the wrath from the customers. After closing up with them they were rude and unprofessional. I asked them why the 365 day wait when they warrenty their parts for 3 months and they said thats just how we do it. So now due to me putting all my money up buying parts that they are suppose to reimburse has caused me to close my buisness. I have not even recieved 1 check from them. NOT 1. i waited for the 30 day plus 15 day for the first check it never came nor did it ever post to the portal. Im a small buisness and i counted on that first pay. Then their system changed and they somehow started delegated my routes with their stupid 4 hour window. My phone was blowing up with customers who couldnt be available at the selected times. I live in a big city and drive time is ridiculous so to go from one end to the other was just not feasable not to mention they dont pay for gas. I am so dissapointed and drowning in debt due to choice and now they want to hold almost 5k for 365 days?!!! Thats ridiculous. I will never recommend them and i know alot of contractors. I may even get the news involved. What a scam! CONTRACTORS BEWARE!

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  • Ge
    georgeken Dec 10, 2017

    I am reading the descriptions of the non payment complaints and it so sobering because it is all the same situation, the same scenario
    as my case. I thought i was the only one. These low life pukes CHW have this scheme down to a science.

    they are such low life [censor]. They have the lies just dripping off their lips. they have no shame. I do not know what breed of beings these things are.
    After 3 years gone by they still call me to take work. At one point I was playing along. I said ok I will if you pay my $100 first. The manager said yes
    then backed out of it. I could say so much more and i will later
    Bottom line is I witnessed right in front of my eyes CHW denying a legitimate claim that any other company would easily cover with no second thought. This is how evil and deceptive these [censor] are

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  • Un
    Uncle Eric's Home Warranty Feb 14, 2018

    So I have done work with CHW for about 11 to 12 months, YES it is a fight to get paid. They pay every 30 BUSINESS days which equals 45 calendar days. There was a month when we did not get paid at all and the excuse we got was EVERYONE in the bookkeeping department was gone to a seminar. REALLY ????? Who does this ???? So I had sent their customers invoices and demand for payment, I was called 2 days after the customers received there bills and was told a check would be sent over night. it got here in 2 days, which is overnight here in Tn. When I was told that we were no longer needed in this area and they would send us the rest of the money in 365 days, I contacted my lawyer and his advice is to bill there customers and send them to collections if they do not pay. It is OUR MONEY and we have the right to it. Also there contracts are illegal, ( I signed one with them back in 2014 that they are still using ) they can not hold our money this long, so lets all get together and do a class action lawsuit and shut these scam artists down. Go on google and read about the lawsuits they have from 4 different stats suing them.
    you can contact me at, [email protected]

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  • Al
    Al Brookins Sep 19, 2018

    I am emailing you its time we get together and stop this and get what we are owed. I have an attorney who will take us om contingency as well if needed,
    [email protected]

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  • Th
    thesmith101 Oct 24, 2018

    @Al Brookins please add me to the law suit Juan D, Miami fl … I am emailing both of you... we MUST stop choice thievery ….if we dont do something they will continue to steal and rip off the next contractor and the next client . We are gathering a group of contractors who choice tries to put against each other by reassigning our work orders ...Choice forgets that our connection witch each other and the clients is Stronger because we have 2 things in common : 1)we all been screwed over by choice 2) we all hate choice to the bone for playing us and stealing from us... Lets ALL contractors and clients fire this up to the highest level of government and finical regulators... why Not ---to the President ---- this is the swamp we all have the responsibility to drain----Choice Home Warrenty

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  • @thesmith101 Add us as well! CHW owes us over 3, 000.00! And has the nerve to call us and tell us to service these customers that we have already paid for parts and our technicians for original diagnosis.

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  • Al
    Al Brookins Jan 04, 2019

    @thesmith101 We have found a great attorney in Jersey. They have went over the contract and Choice is indeed in violation. The contract states net 30 on payment which is 30 calendar days not 30 business days which means due tho their violation they can not enforce any portion. Here is his contact information it is a large firm in 5 states Johnson and Associates, PC

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  • Ns
    NS Appliance Jan 08, 2019

    @Al Brookins So many Johnson and associates PC popped up here in Chicago and they are all criminal defense would you have the actual contact info?

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  • Bi
    Bianca.A Jun 05, 2019

    @Al Brookins Same here... I did work for them for 8 months and they owe me close to $10, 000!!! I’m located in Houston, TX . If anyone needs info from me y’all can contact me. I’ve also been trying to fight this... had NO idea many of y’all were going through this too. My email is [email protected]

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  • Fl
    FL Plumber Jun 05, 2019

    @Bianca.A Im in FL and they owe me over $1000.00. I am with anyone that wants to go after these low life thieves. Lets pool resources and get them shut down.

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  • Se
    selectodd Sep 20, 2019

    @Al Brookins How far have this gone so far?

    Has anybody tried to find and look for upper management of this company? It seems like the highest contractors can go are the vendors relation managers- which we all know not everybody is pleasant to talk to. I have found the owner’s profile online and some upper management information and contact, I think they don’t know how vendors people handle their contractors, because nobody is there to meditate or review complaints. I have been told once, all of these people we call in vendors department are all managers, therefore they don’t want to step on each other toes if one decided to block a contractor solely based on her own condition. Which is really unfair... asked for upper management or supervisor, they don’t want to pass the phone on to anybody else . That’s where I think mostly the problem comes in for this company . And if they don’t do anything about it, complaints, reviews and law suits will keep piling up.

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  • Al
    Al Brookins Nov 13, 2019

    @selectodd They just settled with me as the State of New Jersey gave me judgement against them for breach of contract

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  • We
    Wendell Kinney Sr. Oct 30, 2018


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  • Re
    Rebecca Kollett Nov 04, 2018

    From the customer viewpoint: I have been paying for CHW for about 2 years. because I cannot afford a major repair bill on my appliances. At the end of August I placed a claim for my dryer that was making noise and the control panel was not responding. A technician from two hours north of me came out on the Saturday morning before Labor Day. He diagnosed the problem, sent them the order for parts and labor. I waited two weeks and called to find out when the parts would be in. The repair was approved but his contract was cancelled. They sent a second technician from 2 hours south of me. Same diagnosis, same approval. I waited 2 weeks, no word. Called him back. THEY cancelled his contract. He said they were not paying the contractors. I called them back. They said He cancelled his contract. I requested a tech closer to my home. They said they have thousands of techs in the area and they post the job and whoever accepts it first is who comes. I have the option of choosing a tech but I would have to pay and they would reimburse me. They sent another tech. This one was from an hour and 45 min north. He called me and rescheduled the appointment they made because I was not available. He told me he had been with them for 5 months, had an 87% good rating from them. BUT They had not yet paid him! I told him I did not think that was right. He was unable to make the appointment due to another call taking too long. I received an email from CHW rescheduling him for Sunday Nov 4th between 11 am and 3pm. I found this email after I came home from church at 2:45pm. I called his number and left a message. He did immediately call me back to say he was no longer with CHW. They had cancelled his contract. He still has not been paid. Meanwhile, my dryer is not repaired. I cannot afford to pay 328 dollars to fix it. That is why I had CHW. I will be calling them again tomorrow and cancel my account. I am a widow with a teenager living with me. I cannot afford any major repairs and with a 117 year old house, the need is great. Is there a place in that class action suit for me? [email protected]

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  • Bo
    BobbyChapin1961 Nov 09, 2018

    I to am having trouble getting paid. They are the worst home warranty company I have worked for. They will not cover the customers break downs in there HVAC systems. This company needs to pay up or shut down. So Please add me to the List.

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  • This needs to stop! CHW needs to pay their bills! How are they still in business. Let’s get this lawsuit going, I have a strong team of lawyers that can help if needed

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  • Bo
    BobbyChapin1961 May 22, 2019

    @Family First Appliance Repair LLC count me in

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  • Bi
    Bianca.A Jun 05, 2019

    @Family First Appliance Repair LLC Pleeeeaaase count me in!! They owe me over $10k

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  • Ro
    Robie1234567890 Nov 17, 2018

    Give us the Lawyers email so everybody will put a law suit together to shutdown and reinburse our services and time use for them put phone number here so everybody will call soon please.

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  • Me
    Meghvac18 Dec 14, 2018

    We are a young and growing HVAC and Plumbing company that got on board with Choice back in October. We have (like everyone on here I'm sure) not been paid yet for our services performed and not only that we were told that we were dropped from the vendors list because they didn't like how we responded to them in regard to their non payment of services by us. We were never notified that we were dropped as vendors, I had to call vendor relations to find this out and was told since we were dropped we wouldn't be getting paid for 365 days. Just because they didn't like our reaction to us getting ripped off by them is I guess a reason not to pay someone for work we've done in their eyes. This is the definition fraud and like everyone I want to do everything in my power to not only get compensated for our work we've done but to bring this sorry excuse of a company down. We would like to be a part of this and my email is [email protected] thank you.

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  • Ac
    Accurate Well Jan 15, 2019

    Please include us in this lawsuit as we are waiting on payment for over a year on 1 job and another job that I cannot submit my invoice for because they decided to deactivate our link to provide them with our bill after being approved. This is the last time we will work with them its just too bad the customers have to pay the consequences... [email protected]

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  • Ri
    Rick South May 22, 2019

    I am a customer and on my third claim of which the first claim they replied saying that the item broke supposedly before the warranty kicked. The second they probably didn't have to pay anything because it was just a simple fix. The current one will cost close to $2000 and guess what they supposedly keep finding things that are not covered to do with my plumbing and septic system. Two people swore to me that they were taking care of it and the second one even claimed to have sent the contractor the go ahead so he could get the work done only to find the next day that they had sent nothing to him. When I spoke to a manager the next day he claimed that as soon as the contractor re-examined the diagnosis paperwork they would be quick to get right on the approval of the work needed to be done. I am not holding my breathe.

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  • Ro
    Robbin Lee Hampton Oct 15, 2019

    VENDORS/CONTRACTORS - BEWARE OF CHOICE HOME WARRANTY! We are a 20 yr Plumbing business who did multiple work orders for Choice Home Warranty in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. We were never paid. I went around and around with them. They would swear they never received our insurance certificates, etc so I would send them again. CHW would come up with every excuse they could why they wouldn’t pay us. AFTER 6 MONTHS OF CALLING AND SENDING WHAT THEY ASKED FOR, THEN CALLING AGAIN, WE GAVE UP. This is how they make their money. The woman I talked with each time was very RUDE and SHORT with me. LONG STORY SHORT, WE CUT OUR LOSSES. I now see that they are no longer available in Oklahoma. Probably because they ran out of companies to ask to work for them after cheating them all!!

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