Chipotle Mexican Grillservice


I ordered a salad through door dash, and every time I order they forget to put napkins, forks and knifes inside the bag. I always call the store and tell them nicely to don't forget it next time, even though I understand they are busy.
At this time I called before to make sure they bring me forks and napkins because I'm at work and I can't eat without them.
Anyways, I called and the manager called Adriana answered I told her to please provide me napkins she was very rude saying that they already do it and hang up the phone while I was talking, so I called again and I asked to talk to the manager and she said she was the manager and hang up on my face again. I thought it was very rude, I canceled my order trough DoorDash, and I will never step at any chipotle store again. I will also tell my friends about what happened this way they can avoid this frustration.

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