[Resolved] Chipotle Mexican Grilllinguistic discrimination in your restaurants



Chipotle Headquarters
1401 Wynkoop St. Ste. 500
Denver CO 80202

December 14, 2017

Dear Sir or Madame,
In the recent months, I was repeatedly discriminated in your following branches.

1. Chipotle Mexican Grill
21029 Center Ridge Rd, Fairview Park, OH 44126

2. Chipotle Mexican Grill
14881 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

Instead of an appropriate address of welcome, two African American/Black employees of yours reduced me to my German accent. In Lakewood, a young black woman reduced me to my foreign origins, which was absolutely unnecessary. In Rocky River, another young black woman started to call me "accent." I don't know what you teach your employees how to treat customers, but it is not only disrespectful but offensive to call a customer nicknames like "accent." Her next sentence was "are you still in America?".
I am an international honors student. My wife is American, born and raised in Ohio, and it is embarrassing that I am called names like "accent" in your branches. I have been in many countries all over the world, I lived in California for half a year, and nowhere was I trodden so disrespectfully like in your restaurants in Rocky River and Lakewood. I will not tolerate this any longer.
Besides my studies, I am a shareholder of a company in Germany, and I hereby assure you, you will hear from my lawyer if there will be no apology and a decent form of reimbursement. I furthermore assure you that I will sue, and I will press charges against your company, which is apparently not able to teach their employees how to treat customers respectfully. I'm living in the United States now for over two years, and I am an English Honors student. I have never experienced any kind of equally disrespectful behavior in any other restaurant in the United States.
My wife and I went to your restaurants several times a week, but your employees made me by now feel too uncomfortable to eat at Chipotle again.


  • Updated by Valentina Fernández · Dec 15, 2017

    I wrote that when I was angry; anyone can have a bad day, sometimes. There is no need to get offensive. I asked ComplaintsBoard already to remove it. I will not comment this any further.

  • Resolution Statement

    Please just remove my complaints, I didn't mean to publish it, it was a misunderstanding. I wanted to write a letter to chipotle, I didn't want it to be published.


  • SubSquirrel Dec 14, 2017

    You chose to stay, eat and pay. Now you want money back for your meals, which you didn't complain about? The employees weren't correct but that's no reason to demand restitution and call a lawyer. What charges will you file? Rudeness? Discrimination? You were served, ate, wasn't overcharged or ignored. Forget about it. Your word against theirs and a free meal isn't called for. You stayed; your choice.

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  • SubSquirrel Dec 15, 2017

    Also, you didn't want this published, yet are an honors student who reads English. You knew this was a site to post complaints. Otherwise, why write a letter to the restaurant here??? And sue based on what harm? Lawsuits aren't toys. Courts cost money and you got your feelings hurt. That's not a legal issue. As Judge Milian says, put on your big boy pants and get over it.

    Tell the corporate office about this. But threatening to sue will get you laughed at as will demanding restitution. You might want to avoid the race issue, too. Their color isn't an issue at all unless they called you whitey. Racism isn't welcome here.

    Words from a Jew who despises racism and ethnic hatred. See, despite you being German, I didn't prejudge you or degrade you asked on your heritage. Take a lesson and refer to sales help as employees, not by color of their skin. Not all blacks are druggies, thugs, gang members or rude sales clerks. Just like all Germans aren't murdering bigoted a**holes who think they're important enough to demand undeserved respect.

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  • SubSquirrel Dec 15, 2017

    @SubSquirrel asked=based. Typo at 3:40 am

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