Chipotle Mexican Grillcustomer service

E Sep 09, 2018

We stood in line for over 15 minutes at 790 Arlington Ridge #209, Akron, OH 44312, longer than normal at this location. As we became the second in line for ordering, I noticed the employees were filling online orders instead of taking care of the customer in front of them. The workers made the 2 people in front of us wait while they filled 5 bowls for an online order. The workers finally took the order of the two in front of us, then told us to wait. They then filled two more online orders, for a total of 11 separate dinners. The perception the workers created was they didn't care about the customer in front of them. In fact, we were ignored for so long, we walked out of Chipotle without being able to order. Not one employee apologized for the disrespect. The only reason I am speaking about my experience is because I am a customer service representative and have had extensive training in this area. I was apalled at how poorly the situation at Chipotle was handled. Please fix this issue immediately

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