Chipotle Mexican Grillcleanliness and customer service

J Aug 15, 2018

The chipotle in St. Louis Park, mn was bad enough before they moved and now it's just disgusting. When I asked for chicken that was not the last in the pan and a little of the just cooked chicken it was carried halfway across the kitchen with the girl letting me know she was irritated. I could hear all of them talking about customers soooo disrespectfully!! The kitchen didn't look like it had been cleaned in days and the entirety of the counter top was filthy With quest and lettuce. Then when I got to the register my burrito was picked up ((wrapped at this point terribly but wrapped) and once I said what kind he dropped it in the counter causing the tinfoil to split and my burrito hit the filthy countertop. When I showed him he completely rolled his eyes. Expect more of your staff quite frankly. They could be held to a much higher bar and this was below minimum viable.

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