Chick-Fil Athe amount of time to get an order.

M Aug 07, 2018

On August 4th 2018 I chose to eat my lunch at chik-fila.
385025 Ashley was my cashier The storeid is MCOFAO1. My check # was 2335.
I ordered my food at 6:03pm. At 6:10 pm the person behind the counter said whoever ordered the chicken nuggets its going to be another 3 minutes.As I had already been there for 7 minutes at this point. At this moment my break was already 15 minutes over. I did however at 6:20 pm ish recieve my food and my break at this point was pretty much over. The customer service at this Chik-fila is the worst I have ever seen..
These employees do not hold the standards of Chik-fila.
I as an employee am limited to the amount of time I have and the passengers were getting pretty upset also as there were lots of sandwhiches parked on the rack were the food comes out and it was talking more time than necessary.
The Customer service in this restaurant needs serious help.
I am not about a refund or whatever . My email is [protected] you can if desired sent me an email for more personal information.
Thanks Mary Morse

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