Checkers Drive-In Restaurants / Rally'sunethical workplace/ inappropriate employee treatment

C Jul 17, 2019


I am the parent of an employee of the Checkers restaurant on 98 North in Lakeland, Fl. I also have spoken to 2 other employees of this restaurant. They have all complained of an ongoing inappropriate romantic relationship between the manager and district manager, known to me by first names only, Casey and Ashley.

They have also communicated to me that Casey often arrives at work extremely intoxicated on illegal drugs. It is evident in his physical appearance and he also has told coworkers about being "high". This highness or lack there often determines his mood and respectful treatment of employees. He often yells, is demeaning and disrespectful to employees, and has been reported to management by several employees, to no avail.

The inappropriate relationship between Casey and his superior, Ashely seems to be part of the reason why no action has been taken towards Casey. The manager Shawna is also displaying inappropriate behavior, as tonight she asked my son if he had ever gotten in any physical fights because she "he's quiet and she couldn't see him being violent." My son reported being humiliated in front of other coworkers by this inappropriate behavior, and I promptly spoke with Shawna about this tonight after my son's shift was over.

I am reporting the unfair and inappropriate treatment here on this website, and will report this misconduct to as many outlets as possible until these issues are addressed.

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