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R Mar 08, 2017

We had to wait for service 10 minutes no one in front of us.. Order double hamburgers go singles, they never spoke to us when opening the window stemming it open and closed. After eating a really bad meal we went to get a ice cream a guy with no gloves on taken the trash out saw my husband at the window they just went on with what they were doing which was nothing.. My husband started knocking on the window the guy taking the trash out came to the window and asked what do you want??? He explained we got doubles and was charged for them but got singles. We felt should have got our ice cream free he charged us anyway now mind you its the guy taken trash out no gloves and serving us ice cream with dirty hands. They went in the trash. Date 3/5/17 #c3194 wu160 host cindy phone# [protected]
We would love to see them all gone and a refund for our time and food we did not get to eat. Horrible place

  • Updated by Renee R Miller · Mar 08, 2017

    I hated this checkers and i have been to 100's but never been treated like trash, everyone that was there eating or came in behind us complained about the service and food.

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