Checkers and Rally'smanager

S Aug 06, 2018

Hi I was a worker here in New Orleans La on North Broad street today Gail Veals came to my job and ask my boss how Shannon doing she has no reason to come to my job asking about me she trying to make me look bad I know it's against the law to do such things I left Rallys because she's not a good person to run a store she has no respect towards anyone I feel Gail Veals is slandering my name I don't go to Rallys with no trouble and she's coming on my job with nonsense I don't think it's right I have kids to feed bills to pay I don't appreciate her pulling off something like that I hope you all at Corporate please handle the situation because she's not fit to work with the company thank you for listening to me...but I hope you all do something about this
Thank You Shannon Celestine

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