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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved promised, but refused refund

Please read if you are planning to purchase a ticket from Cheapoair. You might thank me later.

I took a trip to the Philippines in early 2011. Originally, I purchased a round-trip ticket for about $1, 000. My connecting flight was missed in San Francisco (my fault). The airlines instructed me to work it out with the agency which sold me the ticket in the first place, Cheapoair. They told me I could take another flight out in two days (the earliest) and could have the difference in my ticket refunded to me. However, they told me I would have to pay for another round-trip ticket upfront (about $1, 600). Later, the AIRLINES were going to refund my money, they told me. They also said it would take about two months to get my refund. After spending two days in San Francisco, I caught the scheduled flight and finished my trip.

After two months, I contacted both the airlines and Cheapoair to see where my refund was. Below are three emails received from Cheapoair. This does not include the phone conversation and my attempts to connect via their website.

1) If I am not entitled to a refund, I should have been told that before purchasing another ticket.

2) If I was sold a ticket and informed incorrectly, most reputable companies would eat the cost and refund the money anyway, especially since an authorized representative PROMISED via phone AND email.

3) ALL reputable companies would communicate quickly to resolve an issue relating to their services. Cheapoair rates VERY POORLY in this regard. They ignore your communication often (unless you are purchasing from them).

If I would have known that it would cost me $2, 600+ to take my trip, I would have made other plans!

Please read below if you plan to purchase form Cheapoair!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <[protected]@cheapoair.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 3:00 PM
Subject: Cancellation and refund booking # 701xxxx
To: [protected]@gmail.com


As per our conversation over the phone, We have canceled your booking
7015097 with a $350.00 cancellation fee . Your refund amount is $900.00,
kindly allow 1 – 2 billing cycles for the refund to reflect on your
account. This is the time frame the airline takes to process the refund.

Please note that $200.00 will be charged upfront on your credit card and
the remaining $150.00 will be deducted from your credit amount with the

Thanks & Regards
Customer Service Executive
213 West 35th Street
Suite # 1301
New York, NY 10001

Toll Free: [protected]
PHONE: [protected]
FAX :[protected]

From: "[protected]@cheapoair.com" <[protected]@cheapoair.com>
Date: September 22, 2011 1:40:23 PM PDT
To: [protected]@gmail.com
Subject: [#29xxxx]: Cancellation and refund booking # 701xxxx
Reply-To: [protected]@cheapoair.com

Dear xxxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting us at CheapOAir.com in regards to your booking # 701xxxx.

First let me apologize for the confusion that this cancellation may have caused you. While this ticket is normally non refundable since a segment of the ticket was used, I have gone ahead and submitted a request be processed for the unused portion of your ticket. As long as this is approved you will receive an email with the amount of your refund at the time it is processed.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact us again.

Billing Department

From: "[protected]@cheapoair.com" <[protected]@cheapoair.com>
Date: October 6, 2011 7:37:57 AM PDT
To: [protected]@gmail.com
Cc: [protected]@fareportal.com
Subject: [#95xxx]: Booking # 701xxxx
Reply-To: [protected]@cheapoair.com

Dear xxxxxx,

Thank you for contacting the Billing Department; we apologize for the delayed response. We have been in contact with the airlines on several occasions in an effort to get this matter resolved. in order for us to process a refund on your behalf, all of the flight segments must be open. United Airlines has collected their payment for the first segment of your flights; and that segment is now showing used. Due to this we are unable to process the refund. Unfortunately there is nothing more that we can do on our end, as Asiana Airlines is unable to re-open the flight segment. Please follow up with the Airline if you would like to pursue the refund further. We sincerely regret that we were unable to provide you with a better outcome.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Miriam
Billing Department


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • CheapOair's response · Jan 16, 2012

    Customer was given a partial refund after the airlines determined what the value was left, after she used a portion of the ticket.



I am completely blown away by this company. I am quite literally speechless and I never normally file complaints or reviews wether they are good or bad but I just have to warn people out there about this company.
I find it hilarious that the reviews on their website are all excellent but on other non cheap o air related review sites they do extremely poor.

I booked with them and spent $4000 on flights and whilst waiting 24hrs for the etickets (they said it was verified and confirmed etc) I still did not recieve them.
I tried callinf one of several customer care numbers to no avail. I either couldnt get through with no dial tone or the automated voice kept repeating the wrong booking number! I chatted 3 times with online services each saying it wont be long.
finally I get a call 24hrs later from a guy verifying my credit card details and saying the tickets will be emailed shortly... this was not the case a few hours later so again I went on to chat with an online rep.
I was on there for 1.5 hrs being told that there were no seats available onthose flights anymore and I had to pay $400 more to get the next cheapest flight!

the flights I booked were still showing aas available, apperently it takes a few days for their system to update the available flights... are you kidding?? this is an online booking company! how could you not have up to date data and information and how come it took 24hrs to get back to someone who is needing a flight immediately!
they didnt even contact me to tell me I had to hassle them.

I checkde with the rep and he said that all the similar/same flights for the next few weeks are booked out... but they were all (5 a day) saying they were available!

I am now on the phone on hold for an hour still not geting through!

I will never use this company again an I will be warning anyone I can not to use them either.


rental car company not at arriving airport

We booked a car through cheapOair and I choose the cheapest option for a rental car, this company called "NU" turns out that there is no rental car company called "NU" in Liberia Costa Rica and they are probably in the capitol city of San Jose instead. So we just land in Costa Rica and about 20 different people are trying to rent us a car and nobody has heard of this company NU, "You want a new car?." After trying to call customer service with no luck, and the phone calls costing $30 we give up and choose Thrifty, and instead of costing $250 for the trip our car cost over $800!

fake fares

Cheapo is really cheap site. they booked the ticket very cheap as compared to other site. after two days, they revised the fare and aksed me 300$ more or cancel my tickets. money got stuck for 1 month. no one picks phone ever in billing department. they say it was mistake on there site. cheaters.

worst experience in my last 15 years. this happen even after got confirmation mail from airline.

More to this, after receiving confirmation from airlines i cancelled my other itenerary with AA which i booked earlier.
ripped from both end, now either way i have to pay more.


I need to know their Headquarter...I will complain to the National Consumer Affairs...They do not what is going to hit them...they think this is INDIA. This is USA Jack and you better believe it...We will teach you how to make business in this country...

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I booked a flight to London on Wednesday for the upcoming Saturday and received the confirmation and everything that night. Today I received an email that Cheapoair saying that they could not offer me the flight at the price I had already booked it for and that the price was now nearly $200.00 more. They also said I had the right to cancel the flight. Now as it is Thursday and I have to travel in two days all the tickets that were available on other sites had gone up considerably. If I had booked with the other sites initially I would have paid $50 dollars more but because I had booked with Cheapoair I will now have to pay much more than that.

I called their customer service line and was told that their site had some technical difficulties and did not update in time. How is this my fault? Instead of charging me the extra and punishing me for your site's inadequacies why not go straight to the cause of the problem and get the money lost from them.

After speaking with customer service I was told that someone would call me back within the hour. Two hours later when no one had called me back I called them back. Received the same line - "No I can't transfer you to a supervisor, no I don't have the manager's number, someone will call you". As I write this it is coming up to 3 hours and no response from Cheapoair. The more I speak with their customer service team the less I am impressed with their business etiquette. I sincerely hope that they get their act together and start behaving with a little more respect and professionalism.

stay away

WARNING - OneTravel.Com and CheapoAir.Com are the same RIPOFF company, PLEASE DON'T BOOK with either company - They lie about cancellations, refunds and don't put anything into an email for obvious reasons.

My adventure began with a lat minute decision to join my girlfriend with a broken foot on a trip to Brussels Belgium. I contacted two travel agencies but they could not help me because of the complexity of my trip beyond Brussels. So I booked on April 14th five reservations with OneTravel, two EasyJet flights from Brussels to Berlin, Berlin London, two hotel reservations in Berlin and a flight on Air Transat flight London to Toronto. My booking to Brussels was on AirJetWays that I booked directly with them. As you all likely know European flights were cancelled and I did not leave on April 16 for Brussels. On April 17th I contacted OneTravel by phone and notified them of my need to cancel all five bookings. I followed up with an email to the person I spoke with. Several days go by and I get no responses back by phone or email, so I contact them again by phone provide the same information again because the person pretends they know nothing about my cancellation request. Nothing happens for days again, so I call again ask for a supervisor, this time the lady tries to deal with Air Transat ticket and I get another bunch of can't help you stuff about Air Transat. Since I had contacted Air Transat I new they will rebook the tickets so finally she agrees to have a three way call with Air Transat. After looking at the cost of my rebooking, I choose to have the taxes refunded that should be $300 out of a $530 ticket. The refund was my big victory of $68 ... how they got that I have no idea but the Air Transat representative was clear that I was entitled to the taxes back.

The saga continues, I don't have a positive resolution to all five booking. One thing that burns me is that the EasyJet flight were cancelled, how could they charge the customer? Hotel bookings were cancelled two days in advance of the arrival - how could they charge for the room?

Once Again, check the user feedback and don't book with scams such as OneTravel or CheapoAir.

  • Sh
    shei33 May 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I feel sorry for who ever want to get service from this company, this is a ripoff 350$ for extending my stay, no answer from costomer service, i tried to call about 7 times and it was rediculous to wait 25 min on the line, cheapoair u failed in C.S, price and every thing i can think of.

    DONT be tempted to the low price it cost more then u think.

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  • Sc
    SCREWEDBYCHEEPO Aug 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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Resolved scam

On september 3, 2010 I have booked ticked from msy to ods (Booking number 3634808). Today I have decided to...

bait & switch

I suspect www.cheapoair.ca/com uses bait & switch in their pricing policy. Here's my story: 1) I wa...

Toronto Travel Agencies

Resolved horrible customer service

Do not book using this site. It is by far worthwhile and less of a headache to spend more money on a more reliable booking agency or going directly through an airline themselves. I purchased my ticket in feb, and when it came time for my trip in june, I received an email 3 days before saying there were changes to my itinerary. No big deal, that happens all the time... I'm a seasoned traveler so I get it, # happens.

Anyway, I was told to contact them between specific hours. The first time I called, I was on hold for 55 minutes. Never got to speak to anyone. I decided to try again later, after all, the voice on the hold line did say it was a high call volume. It also informed me that I could speak directly electronically with a customer service rep directly on their contact us site. I checked it while I was on hold. I never saw such a thing. I'm a very tech-savvy person, so this seemed pretty obvious there was no such thing on their contact us site.

Next, I sent an email to them, at the email that was suggested, that I was trying to resolve my itinerary issues. I was told again I would get a call back in a couple hours. I did not.

The next day I tried again, early, like 8 am. I was on hold for more than 25 minutes and had to let it go due to errands I had to complete. Tried again in another 15 minutes. Gave up again. Decided to wait til later again. Here I was, on hold for more than 130 minutes total and never got to speak to one person. Just annoying mocking hold voice.

Then later that afternoon, 24 hrs til my travel time, I decide to call us airways directly, who I know i'm flying through. I got the customer service rep on the phone right away and was able to confirm my flights through them. I felt relieved and my customer service faith was renewed... Then a couple hours later, I received an email that said cheapoair had been trying to contact me via email and phone unsuccessfully. Hmmm, interesting... I only have one phone (My mobile) and it hadn't rang all day... Finally I called the customer service line and after 25 more minutes of the annoying hold music, I got someone. I was told my flights were confirmed (The same ones the us air person told me, sigh, thank goodness) and then I was told my return flights weren't because there wasn't enough time between my connections to get through customs. So, I had to book for a later flight, 2 more days of travel, coming home. Which sucks. Why allow me to book a flight that was going to be considered invalid by the airline because there wasn't enough time to get through customs in between my connection? Lame. Anyway, I know others have had worse experiences, but I still think this is a bad enough experience to not want to use this booking agency again.

I work in customer service so I have a very high tolerance for bad customer service in small company or non-profit situations, because I understand how it is when you are one of 3-5 people working in it. However, I also have extremely high standards when it comes to a large corporations and for-profits. I think it's unprofessional, unacceptable and plain rude to do this to a paying customer. I know that the tickets are cheap, but they weren't cheap to me! I worked 2 jobs for a year to be able to take this vacation and visit my best friend who I hadn't seen in a year and I expected to be treated like it was my hard earned money! I expect if it had been a different agency or directly through the airline, even though i'd have paid more, I would have been treated as such.

That's my two cents.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • CheapOair's response · Nov 05, 2008

    I am familiar with Kendra Stone-hinds complaint, and actually she is a disgruntled customer, she failed to let you know that she lost in small claimes court.

    Cheapoair was relinquished in the above complaint.

    [email protected]

  • Ry
    Ryan Hall Apr 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have also experienced the cheapoair.com runaround that they call customer service. Based on the last few postings, I sent Renee Andrews an email this morning to see if she will help. There's a good chance at this point that I will have no way to get home from Mexico!

    Here is the email that I sent to her:
    Ms. Andrews, I saw your postings on the independent traveler board. Hopefully, you can help me before I post my horrible experience with your agency. I am also prepared to contact the Attorney General's office in Georgia and New York, the Better Business Bureau, ASTA and IATAN. I will also dispute all of my charges with Capital One Visa. OK, all that said, you may be my last hope.

    My fiancee and I booked our wedding and honeymoon travel through cheapoair.com on January 10, 2008, and we received the attached confirmation numbers. We thought all was OK, and never heard anything back regarding changes to the reservation. My cell number is the phone number listed on my profiled with cheapoair.com and I check email many times a day. So, I can guarantee that no one contacted me about any changes.

    Luckily, I am thorough, so before leaving for my wedding this Wednesday, April 30, I called all the airlines to confirm once more about any changes, and make sure we had seat assignments. This is where the nightmare begins. I have spent the 7 hours total talking to several different airlines and cheapoair.com customer service. However, I still am not confirmed on the last flight of my trip, the one from Cancun to Atlanta on May 10. I finally -- after several hours -- talked to an American Airlines agent who found my second flight, from Miami to Cancun on May 5. She found it under another Record Locator (BVDGOL). So, we are OK there, even though I had to pay $30 to them to get them to confirm our seats. I would like this $30 refunded from cheapoair.com.

    More importantly, I can't get anyone at Cheapoair.com to return my calls for help. I am now begging and pleading to get this flight from Cancun to Atlanta confirmed before I leave on Wednesday. After that, I will be in the Caribbean with very limited access to phones and email. What your customer service agents are telling me is that there was a change to the reservation on this flight, and no one ever did anything to get us on another flight or rebook us on that flight, which is still available. The airlines (Delta, Aeromexico and America) are also not able to rebook us because we are not in the system for this flight. Each airlines says that we have to get the agency to fix this. But, if I can't get anyone on the phone to fix it, then I know I will show up on May 10 and have not way to get home from my honeymoon. I have been told several times that I should expect a call back within the hour, and no one ever calls me back.
    I can only imagine how you would feel if your wedding and honeymoon plans were messed up because of a company not being responsive to a very simple request. Please understand why we are extremely upset at this point. Can you help me get this resolved today?

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  • Gr
    Greg J. Jul 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Run, Run away as fast as you can. This nightmare started with a trip I planned to the Philippines. I am not a world traveler and except for my time spent in the Marine Corps. I have not traveled at all. I purchased a round trip ticket to Manila Philippines to visit friends. I received my itinerary and paper tickets like clock work. I talked a buddy of mine at work to go with me. He purchased his ticket about a month after I did. Same flights, etc. He placed his order on the phone. I placed mine on the internet. He asked to have his itinerary and tickets mailed overnight. 2 weeks later his tickets arrive. No itinerary and tickets with all the wrong flight numbers and dates. Unbelievable! It gets worse. He called to get it straightened out, they said that he had waited to long that he should have called earlier, that it was too late unless he had another $1000.00 on top of the $1570.00 he had already paid. Then everything would be fine. So now he has hired legal service to sue CheapOAir for his money and damages. Just 2 days before my flight, I get an Email from CheapOAir that U.A. had a schedule change and that I needed to contact them. After reviewing my schedule with U.A. I found that they had NO schedule change. Instead their computers raised a "red flag" that CheapOAir had scheduled one of my return flights home to close and that I could not make a return flight home from Shanghai, China. There would not be enough time to exit the plane I was on and get my luggage and make the flight leaving Shanghai for Chicago. And with no ideas on what to do with me sitting my butt in China!! I have less than 48 hrs to decide wether to take a chance that I will find a flight home or cancel my flight all together. If you are considering booking with this company, read this again and decide. Dont make the same mistake I made. You get what you pay for. CheapOAir is very bad news. I am sure you will be hearing and reading more about them in the future...

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  • Ke
    Kendra Stone-Hinds Aug 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your story sounds very similar to ours. Cheapo air ruined our family vacation back in March. Interestingly enough we booked our trip the same day you did Jan 10th, 2008.
    Is there anything you are doing to try and get what is owed to you?

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  • Di
    disgruntledcustomer100 Feb 28, 2010

    I agree...worst customer service. They use the bait and switch tactics. I purchased a ticket on 20th feb 2010 from cheepoair. I received an email conformation saying that the ticket has been issued. I even called them to get a verbal confirmation and the customer service representative assured me that I did not have to worry. On the 28th, I receive an email saying that the flight I chose has been canceled and the best price for other flights on that day would be 3 times the price I paid. The website is completely misleading, they use the bait and switch tactics and their customer service is awful. They blamed me for the canceled tickets. I had paid in full and even had the itinerary. How on earth can that be my fault! Never buy a ticket from them!

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  • Ch
    ChrisAngry Mar 01, 2012

    Yes this company, CheapOAir, is complete shyte.


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deceptive advertising, bait and switch, ticket pricing

Bought tickets last June 16 on CheapOair website after receiving a newsflash airfare for and LAX-BCN flight. Booked for 3, got confirmation and booking numbers (+Spanair booking code) but was assured that ticket numbers would follow. Gave my credit card number and all's done. Well, after 3 days we got this email from CheapoAir stating to call their CS number if we haven't recieved our ticket numbers. Here when it all goes downhill:
1. Whenever you call their customer service numbers, aside from the minimum hold time of 30 mins, every agent has no clue of what your case is all about. They just keep telling you they'll look into it, but then you'll need to keep calling to follow up on it.
2. They actually tolfd us that our flight never existed! What? They're selling flights that do not exist? Then they come back at you with, "well, it does but at triple your purchase price"? Isn't this illegal?
3. Website, phone message while on hold and previous interviews from media sites states that they have "real time" confirmation...another issue with false advertising because after we got confirmations from their website, it wasn't honored after 3 days?

CheapoAir, my patience is running thin and to this day, we are still in limbo with your company. It's been a week and still the message I get is "we're working on it" as I still have my booking on your site but have no seats on the plane. Yes, I checked on Spanair and the code I got from you for Spanair is useless! I will be forced to take legal action unless this is resolved accordingly and fairly.

  • Re
    reefercat Jun 25, 2011

    Obviously you thought booking with an airline called "Cheapo" was a good idea at the time. You are probably the type of savvy consumer who buys milk called "Curdle-O", eggs called "PongO" and coffee called "Bitter-Much?"

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trying to cheat on the issued paper tickets

I bought 4 international round trip tickets between Atlanta, USA and Chennai, India on 3/19/2011 for my...

call center sucks

I will never book my tickets again with cheapoair.I have booked tickets for my parents travelling from India to US.After the tickets were booked any call you make to their call center is a pain.The wait time is more than 20 mins.

  • Da
    Dado008 Apr 17, 2012

    I just made changes to my flight, due to political instability to the destinations that we wanted to go. We only changed the destination city, everything else stayed the same, the ticket was only $100 more. However, we are charged an extra $560 per ticket; which comes to an extra $1680 for three of us. I told the customer representative that I am always using cheapOair but he didn’t want to help me, instead he was just giving me higher and higher prices!!??. This time I didn’t have a chance but to pay the $1680. However, I wont be using cheapOair again. Believe me people, these guys are a huge scam! I feel sorry I spent all of the money with them. It is much much better to use expidia or any other online agency! trust me, stay away from these cheapOair!

    Horrible horrable customer service. Thanks!!!

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charge for seat assignment & lousy customer service

I made reservations (first experience) on CheapOair for travel for two without making a seat assignment. I followed a link in the email confirmation the next day to request one, and was presented with the option of paying $11.95 for an "enhanced" service which included a small graphic of the aircraft outline with seats color coded as to availability (like I've seen for FREE on other websites), or continue with the "standard" selection. I chose the latter, and another pop-up asked if I was SURE I did not want the enhanced version. Again - no. I was then presented with the option of REQUESTING either an aisle or window seat and promised a response within 48hrs. I called their customer service number and after 33 minutes on hold was connected with a somewhat frazzled rep who took care of the assignments for me. I don't know if this is a new industry trend or unique to CheapOair, but I won't be back unless I can be assured I can make a seat assignment without paying extra for privilege.

  • Sf
    SFO to Charlotte May 09, 2011

    I just spent over an hour on the phone with CHEAPOAIR. First AND last time I will ever use them. Was told that I have to wait until the day of flight to be assigned seat and OR pay a $39 seat fee to have a seat assigned on United Airlines, as well as $6 for each flight on Air Tran... This is after being placed on hold for over 30 Minutes.. I sent in 2 seat requests too CHEAPOAIR and never received a response, placed a call (40 minutes on hold to be disconnected) and then today - finally spoke to a human being who could not assist me.

    These are unacceptable business practices as CHEAPOAIR DOES not tell their customers this UP FRONT when purchasing their ticket. I will never use this company again - and will tell everyone I know abou this experience.
    CHEAPOAIR advertises lower prices for tickets, BUT you will end up paying more than Expedia and other competitors...
    Lesson Learned.

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  • In
    Insanely Cheap Flights May 10, 2011

    Dear Customer, the airlines determine the cost for seat assignements and many have charged for over a year now. Sounds to me like you wanted a premium, seat with united, that is why the big cost. I know Airtran charges for their seats I fly them all the time for family vacations, unless you wait until the day of departure they will provide one for free. You mentioned Expedia, perhaps the airline you booked with them was not one of the carriers that charged for seats, some are still customer oriented. I've checked other websites and they all mention seats are on request. I will be glad to assist you with finding a seat on United, unless you want to pay for the airtran seating you will need to wait, and also, you go onto the airlines website in both cases and pre pay for the seat. This money doesn't go to CheapOair, but the airlines. I am very sorry for your inconvenience, and I have left my email address on the other websites for you to contact me directly.

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  • Ma
    Marie Poutine Jul 12, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just had Cheapoair charge my credit card for seat assignments, not making it clear that I was being charged, and then I couldn't change it. I called customer service, I was put on hold for 5 minutes, and I have no idea what the guy put me on hold for because he still had no idea what I was talking about. This is really fraudulent, I would never buy from them again.

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  • Ms
    msolbelle Mar 07, 2019

    A similar thing just happened to me. I am flying from Jacksonville, Florida to Philadelphia, then from Philadelphia to Amsterdam, then back again. I was absolutely willing to pay more for the seat on my international flight, but I could care less about the two hour Philadelphia/Jacksonville flight. I clicked through the Philadelphia flight, thinking this is what I needed to do to get to the Amsterdam flight, but when I got to that one it said that I could not select my seat, but request a window seat. When I tried to go back and un-select my selection for the Philadelphia flight, it would not let me. Today, I get an email telling me that my request had not been accepted for the Amsterdam trip, but they were able to secure me a crappy, unnecessary seat on the Philadelphia flight and took my money without allowing me to formally authorize the charge. This is about as close to fraud as it gets.

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ripped me off and stole $1500

I was supposed to fly from STL to ATH Greece in July 2010 but the riots made us cancel our trip. Cheap o Air said it wouldn't be a problem as long as we rescheduled within a year of our purchase date. Needless to say but they still have my $ and I have no trip! My friend purchased the same trip through travelocity and had no problems re-scheduling. Cheap-o-Air at first claimed I could only travel from STL to ATH; then changed their mind later on that it would be okay to go from DEN to Florence with a $500 added cost. NO thank you. I am not giving them any more money. They claim the ticket is more expensive. Too bad the ticket is actually cheaper and they are lying!


I recently purchased tickets through Cheapoair.com. This is what their website said:

Travel Insurance (Recommended) Coverage includes:
Trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage delay, accidental death and dismemberment. Receive benefits up to $100, 000. 24 hour EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE SERVICE is included with Insurance purchase. Yes, add insurance to my flight order.

What it didn't say, is that trip cancellation is only covered under medical emergencies. I have purchased insurance through delta, aa, airtran, sw air, and never had a problem. Not to mention, insurance through most of those is $15 to $20, I paid $30 for insurance through cheapoair.com and got less coverage. When I called them to speak about it, cheapoair blamed it all on the "3rd party insurance" I'm here to tell you that if you sell a product, you have some responsibility for it. To me this is false advertising, and a very shady business practice. I have filed complaints with the BBB.org, and the Federal Trade Commission. I hope you do the same with your complaints.

extra hidden fees

I've booked my tickets through cheapoair and needed to change my flight date and they have given me a additional charge of $345.00 US which was penalty, difference in fare and fees. When I checked with my actual airlines which was emirates they've told me the penalty charges for my changes should only be $139 instead. I was annoyed and tried to solve this issue with cheapoair agency and they were rude and then put me on hold and then pretended that they couldn't hear me on the phone. I feel that this agency has taken advantage of me and everything was handled unfairly.

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    Lilian Ramirez May 13, 2018
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    zero Star I been looking to buy my tickets over 3 weeks i finally get here thinking is my best option and has been the worst so i purchased 3 tickets knowing i would do delay of 2 hrs and just one delay coming and going when i finally finished my booking it said it didnt book i called custumer service the guy says there is no booking it didnt go through im like ok let me see my email oh yes there is a booking i give him the code he says you have 2 delays coming back i said thats impossible i been looking for this for 2 week finally got one that was ok i have a 2 year old baby i cant be doing long delays or 2 for that matter then he transfers me to another department the girl tries her best to help me but she first says to cancel i have to pay $75 each im like i just booked 1 hr ago this is ridiculous then she says to get you more or less close to that date is $350 more i was like what i cant do that! for that i would've gone to avianca with nodelays where is about the price i end up paying now with 2 delays this is very sad and the fact is i paid $50 cause thats the best she could do and i would never flight here even with vouchers or anything i will do my best to spread the word this is been horrible and i would never reccomend here to anyone i have cancel many reservations in other airlines never had a problem this is just sad & top i see tax & fees after a price that was not the price that i went for they have additional taxes and fees.

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cancellation charge scam

Company Phone

Buying air tickets. Final total price displayed - about $1660. I checked "accept terms and conditions" and "proceed". Suddenly new screen appears stating "this fare not available" and a new price, about $1690. Three options given - Accept, Cancel, or change. Cancel button is inoperable unless you check a box authorizing $25 per ticket in fees to be charged to your credit card. I groaned and just accepted the higher price. My bank declined the payment, but not before a $20 "travel assist" fee had been processed under a different company name, not "CheapoAir". My Bank Visa center was unable to specify why a security hold was placed when the attempt was made to charge the larger amount.

Damage Resulting
Waste of time, now and when I have to try to have Visa nullify the $20 when it appears on my statement. Ongoing risk that CheapoAir will try to use my credit card information.

canceled my flight and is not refunding my money

I bought a flight from my hometown to SLC. This was only my second time flying, so I was rather inexperienced in this field. 24 hours before my flight I called American Airlines to check in. They said that Cheap-o-Air had canceled my flight not even a day after I had purchased it!

I called COA to figure out what went wrong with hope they would get me on the flight. They said American Airlines had canceled the flight and for more money I could get on a different one. After being tugged around by COA I finally demanded my money back.

They first told me that my ticket was non-refundable, but after a little nagging, I finally got COA to work with me. After many futile attempts, I finally got COA to tell me I should get my refund in 8-12 weeks. Seeing as I would have to pay for it in 4 weeks, that just won't work for me. This is a disaster!

I am beyond baffled on how a company endorsed by priceline can get away with such poor "business" tactics. They lied to me, shamed me, and are attempting to steal from me. They ruined the only vacation that I have had in years.

failure to refund fare for cancelled flight

Booked 4 flights with British Air through CheapOair thinking we'd get a discount. Flights were cancelled due to BA strike. CheapOair first refused to refund our money even thought we rebooked the flights with them throught Air Lingus fo a lot more money as it was under 14 days. Then they agreed to refund our cancelled fares and sent us emails outlining our refund for each of the four round trip tickets on British Air. They refunded three but now are refusing to refund our fourth identical ticket for reasons unknown to us. We have multiple emails confirming refund but they dont seem to think that matters much. They are willing to reimburse us at the rate of 40 cents on the dollar... can't figure out why that seems they best they can do. Taking them to small claims court and will definitely win and it wil cost them lots more than the cost of the refund...attorney fees and all.. One piece of advice.. go straight to the airlines and you could book for even less than Cheapoair advertises. They are bad for the industry...