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Dear chase card representative:

On friday 02/08/08, I received my statement from chase. I had an over-the-limit-fee charge. As I more closely inspected the statement, I found charges for chase id protection for $11.99 and payment protector for $121.99. I never asked for these services. I went back over past statements and found four more charges for these two items. The charges are as follows:

Id protection: 12/28/07 - $11.99 payment protector: 01/02/08 - $121.11
11/28/07 - $11.99 12/02/07 - $109.59
10/28/07 - $11.99 11/02/07 - $101.45
09/28/07 - $11.99 10/02/07 - $ 92.09
08/28/07 - $11.99 09/02/07 - $ 81.63
Total - $59.99 total - $505.87

Over-the-limit-fees - $70.00. Grand total - $635.86

I called customer service at [protected]. Little did I know at the time that I would get the run around for the next three hours. I was told to call payment protector at [protected]. They said they would investigate. I was then told to call to call id protection at [protected]. This is when things went down hill. Id protection said they could take care of the last two months but I had to go back to customer service to deal with the rest. I went back to customer service and was told to go back to id protection. They in turn told me to go back to customer service, and transferred me there. Once again customer service told me to go back to id protection. I asked for a supervisor. The recorded voice said there would be a 10 minute wait. After 25 minutes (And this is not an exaggeration) a supervisor came on the line. I told him that I had been shuffled between the two depts. All I remember him saying to me is hello, then, he transferred me back to id protection where once again I was told to call customer service. I couldn’t believe it. By this time I was getting very annoyed with the people i’d been talking too. I asked for a supervisor at id protection. After a long wait, a supervisor came on the line. She told me to go back to customer service and transferred me. I couldn’t believe the rude and unprofessional service I was receiving. This back and forth went on for much longer. They also gave me the nos. [protected] and [protected]. But nothing changed. I was still getting the same run around. I then got a hold of the same supervisor at id protection again. This time she very bluntly told me she had already talked to me, and there was nothing she could do. I told her again, like I had told her many times before, I did not order this service, and I am not going to pay for it. She said that would be reflected on my credit report. I then gave this supposed “customer service professional” a piece of my mind. She hung up. I then called customer service again. Finally, after talking to several more people who did not know what to do, I got a hold of a woman who gave me your po box no. 15298. Why didn’t anyone else tell me to contact you? Are you going to investigate this matter?

I cannot understand why I was so rudely and unprofessionally treated. Many (Not all) of your people, especially the supervisors, were discourteous, incompetent and had an “I could care less attitude”. Is this the kind of customer service that chase tolerates or condones? I sincerely hope not.

Please investigate these chase card services mistakes. I want to be reimbursed for the grand total above, plus any interest and finance charges incurred. I have enclosed copies of the statements that I have concerning this issue. Please check the previous month’s statements that I do not have.

Thank you,


  • Me
    Me May 06, 2008

    I am sorry for your experience with Chase, I work in a small call center in Dubuque Iowa and have the extreme misfortune of answering phones for Chase ID Protection and Chase Fraud Detector. I talk to at least 80 to 90 people per day who all swear they told the customer service They didn't want the service. I believe them because it is statistically impossible that they are all telling the exact same story. Unfortunately when customers call to cancel we are required to try and save them with chases scripting if we don't then we will lose our jobs, that is that. Chase ID Protection scripting goes like this

    I am sorry you wish to cancel today may I ask why?

    customer states reason:

    I would just like to let you know that the reason we created Chase ID protection is because ID theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation and anyone can become a victim at any time...

    It goes on and on and basically it is a scare tactic, as a phone rep I get yelled at daily, and realistically the best way to handle these ### programs is to interrupt the operator after they hit their main script, then tell them you want to cancel and explain to them that you don't want the service.

    at this point the operator is going to pause and look at how you were enrolled in the program (if they haven't already that is)

    customers are enrolled In ID protection and Fraud Detector the one following ways

    OBTM; Out bound telemarketing
    STS: Sales to service
    DM: Direct Mail
    BT: Bang Tail
    VRU: Voice Response Unit

    OBTM means that they were contacted by a telemarketer and enrolled willingly (and most of the time unwillingly) If you honestly said no then what you do is ask for a supervisor and ask to have them pull the recording so you can here it too, once the recording is pulled and the find out you did say no they will issue all credits back to you

    STS means the customer called customer service for something unrelated and given the sales pitch and enrolled willingly (and again most of the time unwillingly) If you honestly said no then what you do is ask for a supervisor and ask to have them pull the recording so you can here it too, once the recording is pulled and the find out you did say no they will issue all credits back to you

    DM: is direct mail this one means they either sent a check or a gift card and the customer either used it or cashed it depending on the case. We are only allowed to issue one credit back for this type of enrollment so if you get a check by all means cash it then call in 14 days later and cancel then you get the money back for the charge and are ahead whatever the check or gift card was for.

    BT: means that it was an extra piece at the bottom of the bill that offered you a chance to receive materials about the program (the catch is the only way to get the materials is to be enrolled in the program. (it is right there in very tiny tiny print)

    VRU is when you call in and are talking to that stupid electronic voice and pushing the appropriate buttons, if it asks you if you want to hear about something say no or you will end up enrolled in the program

    Don't be intimidated by their scare tactics, just stay calm because if you lose your cool it is easier for them to take the high ground and make you feel bad or win the argument. Here are questions that should be asked

    1.) when was my service enrolled?

    2.) How was I enrolled ? (we are not supposed to tell customers how they were enrolled unless the customer insists on the answer otherwise it will result in written documentation and eventually termination.)

    3) What is your Name and operator number? (if asked we are required to give it out and IT SHOULD ALWAYS BE ASKED FOR AND WRITTEN DOWN FOR FUTURE REFERENCE)

    Lets say your bill is showing a 7.99 charge for Chase Fraud detector (CFD) and an 11.99 charge for Chase ID Protection (CHIPS) and you call the 800 number for CFD and want to cancel both. The operator will tell you that they only work with CFD (A lie required by Chase, although they do not work with Payment Protector or Chases other Programs) and that you have to call the 800 number for CHIPS to get that canceled. Tell them you know they take both and you want both charges canceled (The operator will most likely pause but comeback with the same story, which they will do if they value their jobs) At this point remain calm and ask for a supervisor, explain to the supervisor everything you know and tell them you want both accounts canceled because you don’t want to wait on hold all day, they should oblige you at this point.

    I hope this info can help you and others you know, and if it does please try to be civil with the operator who answers if for no other reason than it may be me on the other end and I was nice enough to give you all you need to fight these charges successfully

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  • Sm
    SMcGrew Sep 04, 2008


    My name is Sean McGrew, and I’m a Legal Assistant to attorney Dan Bryden, with the law offices of Sprenger + Lang. We are conducting an investigation of Chase's Payment Protector Plan. In the past, persons have posted on this blog regarding their issues with CHASE BANK. If you would be interested in communicating with a law firm regarding this matter, please contact me at [email protected] Thank you.

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  • Ch
    CHILLYGATOR Oct 26, 2008

    I've had same/sililat complaint. First they said I requested it. I said I didn't and I want it removed. They took it off the card. The next month, they said my daughter requested it. She didn't. They removed the charge when I threatened to cancel the card. The following month? You guessed it, they said my other daughter requested it. I really complained and they took it off with boatloads of apologies and statements that my file has been flagged and that the ID protection will never appear again. . This month? Absolutely. They said the first daughter requested it again. I will be canceling this card this afternoon. This is a total scam and I wonder how many people are paying these charges without even knowing it.

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  • Ac
    a chips and cfd rep Nov 13, 2008

    i understand cus when they call in upset about charges that they did not make so pay att to ur billing stmnt honestly i hate ppl screaming at me everyday like i am the one who posted unauth chrgs to thier accnt i understand them but the num r on ur billing stmnts each month cum on now

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  • Ac
    a chips and cfd rep Nov 13, 2008

    u should tell ur dghtr 2 b careful when she pushes buttons on the phone when calling card member services that's how she enrolled i guarentee it

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  • He
    Helen Nov 18, 2008

    I found the charge on my bill and called Chase ID protection to cancel it and asked for refund. I was told that they only can cancel it and refund me the charge for Nov but not Sep and Oct.
    I asked them how can they charge without authorized.
    They told me I should talk to Chase credit card because they called me and I enrolled it on phone- this is a lie. I asked them on what date did I enroll. It's Sep 10th, 2008.

    The customer service insisted that I dont have prove to prove that I reject their enrollment so that I am enrolled.

    I called the Credit Card service number. And, of course, they insisted that's non of their bussiness. I should contact ID protection.

    First, I never believed in credit protection. They are mostly fraud. Even if they called me for 100 times, my answer will be the same- NO! I dont need it.
    Second, I checked my cell phone, which is also the only number I have, on the record, I never talked to them.

    Although I cancelled it today, I doubt if they'll stop bothering me or charging me in the future. It's not only the money. It's the feeling of security and an inconvinient.

    Their strategy is:
    1. People who has small amount of lost usually dont want to sue them because it might cause more trouble.
    2. People who plan to sue them usually will back away if they agree to refund.

    So, they keep doing the same thing to waste your time, make inconvinient and take advantage of you.

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  • Cy
    Cynthia Nov 18, 2008

    I have been double billed by this company for 6 months! Not only that but I cancelled the service in October and still continue to bill me. I have been on the phone time and again getting no where. I have faxed the proof of the double billing 3 times and they still will not refund my money! I called again today and the rep would not pass me to a supervisor and would not give me her name. I have never been treated so poorly!! This is a company that is supposed to protect us and we wneed protection from them!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY there are plenty of services out there.

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  • Al
    Alexis123 May 28, 2009

    I just had the same problem with Chase.
    Such a pain.

    Someone should sue them to dead.

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  • Ja
    Jaaade Apr 01, 2011

    This issue is almost identical to mine. I am glad I actually cancelled because of a closed account and they no longer have access to my account to deduct. Otherwise it sounds like it would have gotten ugly.
    I had a VERY similar issue about a one month credit with Chase ID Protection. They tell you "I don't know" when you ask them who can I contact about the refun I was supposed to get that I didn't. I am NOT being funny or making this up. I am dead serious. Even the supervisor said, "I don't know. I assume Chase" LMAO I SWEAR SHE DID. And THEN I called Chase, where their supervisor did a conferance call with me AND Chase ID Protection and they told this lady that was trying to help me the SAME thing. This is the most rediculous thing I have ever seen. Not expected from supposedly a "Reputable" bank.
    I wonder if some sort of legal action or consumer advocate action is in place. There HAS to be. I mean COME ON! Really? People can do this in the USA? I thought we had better consumer protection.

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  • Ja
    Jaaade Apr 01, 2011

    In my haste I forgot to mention that what I posted is the condensed version of an almost 2 month and hours and hours ordeal. Like I said, the back and forth the OP wrote is pretty much what happened to me and THEN some. Absolutely rediculous.

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  • Cl
    Clark S May 19, 2011

    If you have been treated like you are nothing by these people, please friend me on FB so I can start a group to show these people and others, that are thinking about opening an account how awful they are. Please friend me if you have an FB account, or open a new one (takes seconds), as i did and friend me. Clark Stanford.

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