Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bankvery rude and bad customer service

R Sep 04, 2018

on sept 4, 2018 i visited the chase bank located at 3514 white plains rd bronx. i had an issue with my card pin as chase had given me wrong information which caused me to not able to use my new card. a customer service rep repinned my card and told me she gonna let me talk to her supervisor to be refunded a $5 rush fee. she also said this supervisor will not be able to do the refund as it requires the manager who is not there today but i should still explain to her so she could pass the info on so i could just call back and get the manager to do it tomorrow instead of coming in. so a black pregnant female with orange hair said she is the supervisor for the day n asked how she can help me. i explained what happened and she said she understand but she cant grant me the refund even though i was unable to use the card that i paid a rush fee for. she said even though chase didnt send the pin which made it impossible to use the card the fact that i got the card even without the pin makes it ok. Even though i was already told that her position makes her unable to grant the refund i didnt want her to play any games i just want her to past the info on to her manager which she refuses. so i said "ok forget it whats your name?". note, she was not wearing a name plate. she replied "don't worry about that". so i said excuse me!! i need to know your name, u said you are the supervisor here and i need to know who i spoke with to which she replied again "dont worry about my name". i then said to her if this is the customer service you display as a supervisor im gonna take this all the way to the top because your behavior is far from exemplary and your customer service is beyond poor. CHASE im begging you please to take this matter up n conduct a formal investigation, this lady needs to go. im also going to write a formal letter of complaint with all my contact info so you guys can interview me if needs be. this is very bad business ethics

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