Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bankindividual checking account with disputed charges

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I have disputed an amount of $116.for claim #[protected] due to a poor salon service with New Look company, I was told to provide information to support my claim, I have explained to them Chase what I have done to resolve my hair when New look salon refused to correct the highlights they have done wrong and I paid $40 extra at somewhere else. A rep called me on 10/13 to provide a receipt and I attached it with it and now they went back and debited the amount. Please review the receipt from My Beauty Concepts with .

"I Priscilla Pena am the owner at My Beauty Concepts her at 8043 Callaghan Rd San Antonio tx 78230 san Antonio tx. The client came in with spoty orange and brassy stripe highlights that she did at another salon. I corected the color to a medium ash blonde to remove the orange and blend in the color. I charged her 40 to correct it. If you need to contact me my number is [protected]"

I need the executive director of Chase to review this complaint, tired of talking to some out of country representatives they seem to have a language barrier issues.

Navy Bernard


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      Oct 24, 2017

    Unfortunately I think you'll find this isn't an area where you're able to dispute said charge. The charge was authorized and, I assume, signed for while you were within the initial salon, therefore the transaction is likely going to be allowed.

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