Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bankholding up my insurance proceeds for invalid reasons


Chase Insurance claim #7148402

Holding hostage our $28, 000 in escrow while demanding a copy of my contractor's state license for a long time now after our complaint.

Provided Chase with the Georgia Statutes that says roofers are EXEMPT from being licensed.

Chase still demanding a copy of a license that can NOT even be issued in GA.

Now that say it will take them 48 hours to make a decision even though the person on the phone can see the law that states there is no licensing required.

Being arbitrary and capricious as well as stubbornly litigious even though my contractor has already delivered over $28, 000 in materials to the job site.
In addition, they have repeatedly sent us new blank forms to fill out and we have sent in the forms a total of 7 times to 3 fax numbers Chase provided for sending in the forms.

Meanwhile, the website still shows 3 documents they say they do not have although a Chase employee on the insurance help line said SHE could see the documents herself.

This has been a clusterFk non stop.

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