Chase Bank / JPMorgan Chase Bankfront desk/ customer service

H Sep 13, 2018

I have been signed over to chase bank for a month and I still haven't received my debit card in the mail. 2 weeks ago I tried calling my local chase bank and no one answered. I called every hour from 9 to 12 in attempt to reach someone. I was able to rush off work to make it and the front desk women said "were busy, we can't always reach our phones. This was 2 weeks ago. They said that my debit card should be here in a minimum 1 week and it still hasn't come. Again, today I've tried to call a few times but there is still no answer. I have not been able to reach anyone on the phone since I've opened an account. I work a 12 hour job so it's hard for me to try and make it before closing. The front desk helper seemed disconcerned at the situation. This is very unprofessional of an establishment, after I've heard great things. I'm considering closing my whole account.

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