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I was offered to upgrade my chase marriott card in may 2018, I was told I would receive 100, 000 bonus points after spending $5000.00 on the new card with in 90 days. I spent $5600.00 on the new card within the 90 days, to my surprise I only received 20, 000 bonus points. I called up customer service who was of no help, then actually got in touch with the phone number is 212-270-6000executive office to the president jamie dimon. I first spoke to to roger connor who said they would look into it and get back to me. The next day I got a call from desiree from the executive office in new york. Phone number is 212-270-6000, she said they pulled recording of the offer that was given to me, the tape from may 2018 and listened to it and said in fact I was correct and was told I would receive 100, 000 points. It was there mistake but nothing they will do to correct the problem.


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    Hong Guo Oct 03, 2018

    I am writing this email to respond the worst experience of credit cards in my life. The worst experience is from Marriott chase credit card because of your fraudulent promotion.

    I have always been holding original Marriott chase credit card since 2013. In March 2018, I received an”upgrade offer” to Marriott chase premier plus credit card. I talked with Chase and was informed all the benefits keep unchanged or even was enhanced. So I decided to upgrade this card to premier plus card.

    Then on my original anniversary date Sep 9th, I did not see 15 elite nights credit in my Marriott account. Then I received a mail from Chase customer service to inform me because I upgraded original Marriott credit card before my old anniversary date so I don’t have 15 elite night credit in 2018.

    That is completely unreasonable and ridiculous. And your responses made me mad and furious.

    First, when I decided to upgrade this credit card, nobody told me if I upgrade original marriott credit card to a premier plus card before anniversary date I would lose 15 elite night credit. And the terms and regulations in online application materials did not show lose 15 elite night credit if upgrading before original anniversary date.

    Second, Either Marriott original credit card or Marriott premier plus credit card grants 15 elite night credit to a card holder. In the whole 2018, I am holding them. Why I can’t have any elite nights’ credit in 2018? Now I received zero elite night.

    Third, both of credit cards should be considered as same card. Same credit card number and same information. And when I upgrade you said to me everything would be same. Now you told me I would lose 15 elite credit nights?

    Fourth, Chase recommended me to upgrade credit card. Now I lose 15 elite night credit. You call this "UPGRADE"?? Are you sober about "UPGRADE" meaning?

    If I would lose 15 elite nights credit I would not upgrade this credit card to premier plus card. And You did not show clear regulation about upgrading card in lieu of losing elite night credit. That is the fault of Department of Marketing of Chase.

    Compared to American Express customer service, Chase customer service was absolutely incredible and just has always been brushing me off. I am extremely disappointed with your responses.

    Now this serious issue has such solutions: 1, depositing 15 elite nights credit into my Marriott account immediately; 2, Refund annual fee $95 to me due to my obsession caused by your unprofessional service; 3, I would think about closing all my chase credit card and would not use Chase’ any service including credit card, regular check and saving account, and investment account.

    I have been using Chase credit card more than ten years. Such an issue let me feeling very frustrated. Chase never considered me as a valuable customer, never considered more than ten years customer relationship, and just brushed me off again and again.

    Let me know your decision as soon as possible.

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