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D Aug 18, 2018

I believe I have been treated in a discriminatory prejudiced manner today by Chase Bank and its customer service. I have had some financial problems but I keep my account to a good status with a direct deposit but yesterday Romans / Women Within charged my account for $32 without my authority. I called Chase and told them chase proceeded to charge me a $34 overdraft fee this is all about an issue with some underwear. The abuse by some of the customer service people at Chase was mean and hateful they told me it is too bad to fix it with the stores myself. These purchases from internet... store does not have my card but they had my card number for my purchase back in July. Romans was not given permission to charge my card $32 they owed me $22 and we're supposed to send underwear instead with the 40% off they did not do this they did just what they wanted to do. I am out almost $65 for some underwear I never received and I did not authorize to be charged $32 for this underwear Chase won't listen they're nasty rude discriminatory Prejudice and every other thing because I'm poor. I don't understand if I have a claim or not after being on the phone for nearly 3 hours back and forth one lady said she shut off my card play games with me then she said she did not shut off my card this is disgusting Behavior by Chase and their calls go to a third world country

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