Chase Bankfraud charges reversed; checking account

D Aug 06, 2018

I had called chase on a saturday afternoon when I found that I couldn't find my card. After getting off the phone & going over charges to make sure none were fraud, I checked my account on my chase app and saw myself that someone had withdrew 1000 dollars in which chase failed to even tell me when I called to report my card lost. I then called chase back telling them and filing a claim for the 1000 dollars in which they credited my card back. About a month later, chase reversed my account putting it 400 dollars in the negatives and taking every last dime I had. After calling them to find out as to why they reversed the credit, they said they could not verify it wasn't me because my card is a chip and a pin number was used. I asked them to check cameras & they simply replied that is not their policy. Why have survalence then?? Chase is fraud. The withdrawal happened at their atm, they purposely did not tell me about it when I had called about my lost card & then denied me my money back and refuse to even reopen the case or check cameras. Sounds like they're just trying to steal people's money to me. I am currently contacting a lawyer. Your money is not safe with chase bank people. Please be aware.

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