Changi Airport Groupcisco screening staff

Y Dec 02, 2019

i would like to complaint with regards of a staff attitude and behavior of the early this morning Cisco staff at terminal 4 at staff entrance ( arrival hall north area)
the malay cisco staff was very rude, she shouted at one of the the airport staff (lady) to show her pass, however the lady encounter back nicely asking the Cisco staff why she have to shout, she could say nicely however the malay Cisco ladies raised her voice even louder and making a remark "with your face i dont have to speak nicely" which afterward its was my turn to have the screening, she did the same, shouting at me to show her my pass and i told her talk nicely yet she still shouting to other staff, unfortunately the lady tried to get her named, as her supervisor was being protective and in denial on the action of her staff.
We as staff have a lot of protocol that we need to follow, with the current situation of this Cisco staff attitude,
she is just adding negative vibe and stress to all the other airport staff. It will then affect to passenger that are travelling.
i wish you could look through this matter and work on it.
3 dec 2019 terminal 4 staff entrance arrival hall north at 5.30am.

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