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I have had to close accounts and invest funds in new supplies because of this company. I have five business accounts and a personal account. Certegy, although it had no record of insufficient funds checks, decided that my check writing pattern was "suspicious" and began declining checks. They refused to discuss the matter with me, hanging up on my telephone calls, and refusing to answer letters. My only recourse was to close my accounts and open new ones, since they based their claims on checking account numbers and check numbers. Now I receive a letter from them whining that they have been "victimized by an employee". The histrionic, immature language used by a company who has made it very difficult for me to do business; all with no particular data to substantiate their claims; simply adds to my opinion that this is a company in need of restructuring, from the president on down.

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Aug 14, 2008 10:31 am EDT

My 17 year old daughter wrote a check to BI LO where she worked as a cashier. We knew about the check because she got a statement from her bank. We were waiting for a letter to come from Certegy. BI LO told her that they dont handel the bad checks anymore they go directly to Certegy so we would have to contact them. We called them with the little paper they give you at the register saying to contact these people if your check is declined. They said they didnt have her checks. Well 2 weeks later we found out that BI LO has a policy that if you write a bad check then that terminates your employement with them. So she was fired. On top of that Certegy never sent out anything to her about the check. The reason they didnt have it every time we called is because they sent it directly to the Solicitors office to have her arrestesd for worthless checks. now a $15.00 check is $258.24. Because they didnt want to sent out a letter asking her to pay her bad dept within 30 days.


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