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I just interacted with one of the worst customer service agents I encountered in 10 years. I called - on my mother's behalf (my mother is infirm and I am paying her bills) simply to question your list of local and long distance phone service charges. Since I have not submitted a power of attorney form, this agent would not even offer me an explanation - that is all I wanted, an explanation with no dollar amounts - various charges on the bill. She would not ALLOW me to speak with a manager. That is an absurd policy. An explanation for various fees charged, not the dollar amount, that is all I want.

11:29 AM EST

1. What is a non-telecom service charge?
2. What is a Linebacker at account level?
3. What is a property tax recovery fee?
4. Why is there a long distance line charge?

I am very, very, very unhappy with CenturyLink and am looking for another service provider.

Ruth Peebles, daughter, Power of Attorney

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