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CenterPoint Energy complaints 172

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - home service plus is a worthless

Why does anyone waste the $35-$45 a month on Home Service Plus when you end of waiting 2 days to get an air conditioner fixed?! Called and told them the motor was out on the air conditioner- they...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - false information given at the authorized represntative

on 8-12-09 @ 9:09 am i went into the discount tobacco oulet to pay on a gas bill, discount tabacco outlet had a sign posted stating that any bill of center point energy would immediately post, well i paid the bill @ 4:10 pm the same day 8-12-09 a service man from center point came and disconnected my services stating non payment, well i called centerpoint and they informed me that i needed to call in with the reciept number, but i did not know that only because the discount tabacco stated that my payment would post immediately, now centerpoint is charging me reconnect fees and disconnect fee which is totally wrong, futher more no where in centerpoints cut disclosure does it mention anything of a 31 dollar disconnect fee, i feel as though they are trying to get a dollar anyway they can, and its wrong. i paid my bill and it should have posted but discount tabacco did not post it, and centerpoint supervisor informed that they have NO CONTROL over what an authorized agent puts in their store. Discount tabacco should pay the 61 dollars as they are the ones that misrepresented centerpoint. and centerpoint had they time that i paid and still charged me those redicolous fees.

Are you sure that the store you made your payment at was in deed an authorized representative? Go to centerpoint energy online and look to see if it''s listed. There are many liars who claim lots of things and centerpoint does not have time or care what claims they make. As long as it does not hurt them that is. Los Gallos and UnBank are the two primary payment partners for centerpoint in Minneapolis. There are others but if you get a receipt and call to advise customer service with the receipt number then your gas will not be shut off.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - Failure to return overpayment to gas account

My husband made a wrong internet payment submitting a US$ $ 7032 instead of US$ 70.32 last March while we were in a hurry leaving for a trip last March 2009. We have paid BIG time as Center point has failed to return the money they owe us.
It took them weeks to understand the problem and do something about it, then we were transferred to Mrs. Susan Ackerman who said that they would make a deposit to my husband's account for the amount paid. After it, it is been a huge struggle for Center Point to successfully place the money to my husband's account due to 'technical difficulties' with Chase Bank. My husband had to go back and forth between these two in order to clear up a transaction none could understand! Finally, a couple of weeks ago my husband got the money into his Chase account and we thought it was the end of the story. He went to a Chase branch to ensure the money was there at the end of May and was not going to be removed and guess what happened. They have removed the money due to the 'disappearance' of the check Center Point claims made to the Chase Bank for this amount. The check is not found on the system reason why we are left without US$ 7032 again!!!
The unbelievable is that it is US the ones having to deal with the Chase Bank as Center Point not just kept and keeps failing to pay us back but to do it properly ensuring all mechanisms are in place with the bank.
Now I am going tomorrow to downtown to deal face to face with these people looking for a physical proof they've done what they said they did which honestly I do not believe anymore. That means, I have to miss work and money to look for a way to close this matter successfully.
All these months to make a single payment transaction???
It is unbelievable.
If anybody has any advice about other routes to proceed and get this fixed I am all ears.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - Refusal to Correct a Mistake

They came in a team to jump my fence with ladders (i keep my gate locked) and cut off my gas. When I showed them copies of my bank statement and recent bill to prove I was up to date, they literally ran away from me and refused to even call their supervisor for confirmation.

I spent 45 minutes on the phone, trying to figure out how such a mistake could be made. I'm on time and current - in fact, I overpaid last time just because it was easier to make it a round number!

They said they would get somebody out within 2 hours. When he showed up, he flat-out said he would not climb my fence. Well, the person with the key wasn't home, so I couldn't unlock it, even if I wanted to. The technician was being such a jerk about it and said he was leaving - and not turning on my gas.

When I stood in front of his truck and called CenterPoint, he decided to call the police instead (like i would let him leave without doing his job?). When the cop showed up, he told the cop that he wasn't allowed to climb fences, which we all know is BS. His attitude was so bad with me that I wasn't about to invite the jerk into my home to go through to the backyard, but that was eventually what the cop suggested. The technician said he was frightened, which was why he didn't ask if he could go through in the beginning, which is also BS, because he came to the door with an attitude.

To top it all off, after the police escorted him to my meter and back, the technician had the nerve to ask if he could inspect the hot water heater. HE HAD TO COME IN THE HOUSE TO DO THAT, SO WHY DIDN'T HE JUST ASK TO COME IN AT THE VERY BEGINNING, instead of getting all trashy and calling the cops?

I'll tell you why: because CenterPoint hires lazy people. My husband caught one hopping the fence, but he was dressed like a thug: ballcap on sideways, baggy t-shirt, baggy saggin' pants, and basketball shoes on - NO CENTERPOINT IDENTIFICATION ON AT ALL. And now this guy, refusing to turn the gas back on because it required him to get a freakin' ladder.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - unauthorized access into yard by meter reader

The Centerpoint meter reader's unauthorized access to our yard caused our older dog injuries. The results of the injuries include multiple trips to the veterinarian, high vet bill, and depression!...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - billing

Center Point Energy"...what a company.

I've been a long time paying, honest customer...& what do i get...

the tech came out to my home April 27, read my meter because my gate doesn't permit them get in my house... so of course we let him in to read the meter..
the following mth i get a $600.00 bill n the mail...Of course I call & they explain...the reason for the enlarged bill was, because the tech claimed we had a dead meter..& was changed out the next night @ 7:48 pm (yeah ok)... First of all we have survaliance cameras 2nd.. there was no way the tech came into my house...
long story short...I called ther infamous csr rep. & she strait out told me It was my my word against the techs...
They can Kiss My ###...

Not exactly the same problem we've had, but we also got told it was our story against theirs. I made a post about them here, and my husband made a website telling his story, that has been send to all their CEO's. There seems to be some people who does not belong working for that company..

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - poor customer service and billing

We had been paying our bill, never late. They changed my account number without notice. They turned off our gas and left no notice. Now they will not turn it back on. Their customer service is below zero. TO top that off, you can't change to another gas company. I am very very upset. I will retaliate in any way I can.

I need to file a complaint against Center Point (Gas). They are robbing me blind. They are not advising me of any extra charges that they keep placing on my bill due to a disconnection. Bad thing about it, I can’t choose another gas company because there is none, and they know it.

My invoice states "If service is disconnected, you must pay your bill in full in addition to a reconnect charge. Your deposit requirement will be re-evaluated and may be increased if necessary to cover payment for future service." There were no other mentions of any additional charges that Center Point keeps adding to my bill.

My $72 bill has now cost me almost $325 due to all the fees they keep charging me. The only fee I was advised of was a $62 reconnection fee and a $90 deposit. When I called inquiring about the other fees, they are making up names for them and no one can explain why I was not advised of these additional charges. I really feel this is a never ending battle and I can't do anything about it but pay it if I want to keep my gas on.

They have poor customer servicer and rude people that work for the company.

I need help!!! I feel I am being treated unfairly and this has place a financial hardship on me and my family.

I also recently ran into a issue with Centerpoint. I had a bill due 5-8-09. The bank showed my payment posting and being received on 5-5-09. On 5-10-09 they disconnected my service.

Now the trouble begins. I called them up and informed them my payment was received on time and that I have yet to miss a payment in over 10yrs. I was then informed that it would still cost me 64 dollars to have my service reconnected and I would also need to pay a 32 dollar collection fee and on top of this I would also be charged 50 bucks extra on my next two bills as a "deposit"

I'm being charged out the Butt for a mistake they made and punished further because they are the only option i have for gas in my area. Oh yea.. its 5-26-09 and they still have no reconnected my gas. I have called numerous times and always get "We will have someone right out today" or "We will be by today but can only turn on the gas if someone is home" I wasn't home when they turned it off... So now I have to miss days of work to sit at home and HOPE they will stop to turn on the gas. I have missed two days of work and they have yet to meet the time-frame they provided me.

If you have the options DO NOT use centerpoint for your gas needs and if you don't have a option go electric. I know I will be.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - abuse of customers

This Company arbitrarily Disconnected My service and there was no wy for their customer service people to listen. Taking advantage of their dominat position being the only option we have in Houston for Gas service.
Even after I was forced to pay them some money that i feel I don´t owe them. then after paying $ 62 for the reconnection they tell me that my service is going to be recconected in 4 DAYS. This is an utility and therefore necessary. Is completely unacceptable for this people to take this long. I wish I had an Alternative of a Gas company.

As long as I have been in the Houston area with service, never had service disconnected...due to an oversight last month they disconnected my gas for 31.00..when I realized that it was off I called and was told by representatives that I was diconnected for non-payment...To get my gas on I had to pay bill, $125.00 for a deposit, so it would not happen again, and 63.00 for the contractor to come out and reconnect...I asked the incompetent rep to speak to a supervisor and was told that it would not do any good to complain..I would still have to pay...I insisted that she connect me and she did...I got the deposit waived but had to pay the other charges which I did the same day...I reported the payment and was told that someone would be out between 8-5pm the next day..well about 1:00 in the afternoon I heard knocks on my front door and there stood the most obnoxious person, stating he came to turn my gas on. He moved into my home as if he knew where he was going and my son directed him to where my stairwell was. This man's pants was below his behind, mud on shoes and with the worst attitude I have ever encountered...As he was going up the ladder, I asked him how did he get over my fence to cut off my gas...He said to me in the worst way he did not cut my gas off, but there is nothing to getting over your fence, I'll show you how" I could not believe how he was talking and that he came down off the ladder to go outside to show me..I said wait a minute, he started turning my lock on the front door trying to get out, I said wait and touched his arm to move so that I could unlock my door which is hard to unlock...He yelled at me saying, " don't you touch me " ! He left and did not return and reptd that I refused let him in my house which was a lie..I called the office back to report what had just happened and was told that he reptd me as being irate and I would not let him inside, I touche him and therefore he felt threatened and left..What a joke, what a lie...I am still without my gas, 2 days later.. and all they have on file is that I did not let him in my home...We all are living in terrible times when customer satisfaction does not matter and those in positions who have the upper hand can do whatever they like and we are at their mercy...I do wish there was somewhere to really complain and get results and see a change in centerpoint's customer service and the technicians that they hire...HELP!!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - connection

I recently moved out to my own apartment with 2 kids. I thought the hardest thing would be finding an affordable apartment. Boy was I wrong. I called Centerpoint Energy to get my gas connected on March 2nd paid my deposit on March 3rd. The deposit payment has been taken out of my Bank account. They told me my gas would be connected on March 6. Today is March 14 and my Gas is still not connected. I called on March 6 they told me there was a system error, that my turn on was not ordered and my gas would be connected on the 8th. Guess what it still was not connected and Im having to order out because I am not able to cook and sponge bathe my kids cause I refuse to baith them with cold wated and have them get sick. I even spoke with a Ignorant Supervisor who was blaming me for not having my gas on and didnt even care that I had young children to bathe with cold water. It seems everytime I call the Customer Service Specialists get ruder. I call today March 14 and they tell me the connection for my apartment was never ordered and that now I have to wait until March 15 to get connected. This is the most ridiculous and incompetent customer service department I have talked to. They take advantage because they are the only gas company in the city of Houston. I hope this changes soon. Because they talk to people like ignorants and they treat people like they want.

I paid my bill and they still came and cut my service, they took my money out of my card and they came and unhooked everything, I told them my son is sick and they didnt care. All the proof is in my card account summary. I think I am switching soon and do not recommend this company oh and I talk to a lady first she was rude and hung up!

I need to report a reckless driver that nearly ran me off the road in a centerpiunt energy truck. He did not use a blinker when shifting lanes and drove on the shoulder, then proceeding to slam on the brakes to try and get me to rear ended him. The drivers truck number is 2928. Please contact me ASAP [protected]

They showed up as I was pulling up with groceries, then the guy says he's there to check the meter. I let him to the meter and he doesn't say he's disconnecting it, but just does. My step-father after making sure checks have cleared so he can pay, uses their automated services to pay, our bill was $80, but the charged an additional $70 for reconnection fee and $2.77 for automated service fee, it then props him for either completion of the order or and additional $49 same day fee (at 5pm for Dec 01). My step-father, already paying nearly double chooses to just complete the order with no same day fee and gets a confirmation number, then it disconnects. As every other service (utility, phone, internet, premium tv, etc) we've dealt with uses the confirmation as a completion and request of standard next day reconnection, my step-father expects the same. I and my aunt take off work and wait all the next day (today Dec 02) so we don't miss the technician and have two sets of ears. After hours of waiting, by step-dad checking in ever hour or so, he suggests I call to see if Centerpoint can give an estimate when the technician will show up. I make my call at 3:25 and am on hold for 10 minutes before it disconnects me, I call right back and then am on hold for another 15 or so minutes before the rep gets on and tells me that the system shows we paid, but no appointment was set to get it reconnected; She then tells me that after 4pm it requires we pay the $49 same day fee, I get my step-father on the line, because it is still before 4pm, we try to be cordial, she tells us the same garbage, despite us pointing out that it is still before fore, and she even says, "Yeah, 5 minutes til 4", we ask for a supervisor and are then put on hold for another 20 minutes. When the supervisor gets on she apologizes for our stupidity, and says Monday is the earliest they can do it, and even says that if we want it faster we have to pay the $49, we point out when I called, and she says "You've only been on the phone since 10 til 4", to which I point out that is when their rep picked up, but I've been on hold way longer, she even tells us that even if we pay the $49 it will still be Monday before the technician can get out.

It is criminal what they do. I have half a mind to let them reconnect, and then make sure anytime their technician shows up there is a sign on the fence warning about pitbulls and requiring a scheduled appointment to enter my yard, as well as claiming any entrants without permission have been warned and entry is an acceptance of liability for their own health at possible mauling and/or other bodily harm by canine and/or human defense of my property. Then when they call for an appointment I inform them of the safe passage fee, the expenditure of my time fee, the private viewing of my yard fee, the parking on or in front of my property without a authorized permit fee, the surcharge to remove the exemption from their personal liability while on my property fee, and see how they like having to pay through the nose just to try to screw me. Yes, they have the right to turn off my gas, but under the 2nd Amendment I have the right to protect my property. Perhaps it would work, perhaps it would just frustrate them like they frustrated myself, my step-father, and obviously many others.

CenterPoint Energy - Gas Reconnection

Center Point Gas Service has the worst Customer of all utility companies I've ever dealt with... !!! I have forgotten to pay the bill and they disconnected the gas service. I paid the bill immediately. However, the next day I was going to get the gas service reconnected they told me a technician will arrive between 9:00am and 7:00pm and that someone must stay home and wait "ALL DAY" because they could not tell me an approximate time of arrival. Since I have to work and I was about 10-15 minutes away to get home I left a phone number for the technician to call me when he was on his way to re-connect the gas. I called 3 times Center Point Customer Service to make sure they have the information and I would get a call from the technician. The technician showed up around 6:00pm and never called the 2nd phone number. I hope I can find another Gas utility company in Houston to change the service. I also have a business account with Center Point Gas which I will also change. If you know of any other Gas utility company in Houston, please advice. I'm also looking at another options like installing a "Califont gas water heater, " which is widely used in Europe and South America. This heater can be connected to a portable gas container and it’s much cheaper that staying obligated to Center Point Gas service. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Your meter reader man was here today to read the meter, he did not come to the door to ask me to open the gate, he forced his way in and now my gate will not close or open. it is stuck and I want to know if you are going to pay the repair bill. I have the gates for a reason, I have dogs and cats. He did not have my permission to come in the back yard.

Your meter reader was here today and broke my electric gate. Instead of coming to the front door to ask me to open it so he could go in, he forced it open and now I can not get it closed. Are you going to pay for the rapir of my gate?

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - disconnection

Centerpoint disconnected my gas on Feb. 19 2009 in error. When I called them and reported it, they ensure me someone was coming out that evening to reconnect. No one showed up. No hot water, unable to cook for my family, and the weather outside being 40 degrees, they still don't know what happened. Called Centerpoint at 7:00 am on Feb.20. To inform them no one showed up. Once again, they don't know what happened. Assure someone will be out some time today to turn on my gas. There is one catch someone has to be home. I have to work, and unable to sit at home with no time frame of when the gas will be restored. As of now, I still have no gas, due to no fault of my own. Can I please get some gas?

Centerpoint Energy has zero respect for their customers. I was disconnected 24 hours ago for non-payment. I paid them right away all the reconnect and deposit fees yet they still have not restored my service. I keep calling to ask when the service will be restored and keep getting we don't have a timeframe. Are these people understaffed or just flat out don't care about their customers. I would like to know if there is a way to file a complaint about their lack of respect and policies. I have a 4 yr old and we have had no hot water or been able to cook for 2 days due to their lack of concern. They can disconnect service right away yet they can't reconnect unless you pay them a bloody fortune.

CenterPoint Energy - Customer Service

Center point is out for themselves and the customer service providers truly suck! I wish I was a billionaire, because I would buy Center point and fire every worthless employee and those deadheads who play supervisor and managers as well!!!

My father is 89-years-old. January 12, 2009 my father’s gas was turned off because (It truly happened) we did not get the bill…. I immediately called Center point and spoken to a Ms. Johnson (they never give their first names, because Center point allows the agents to be rude and obnoxious to the caller without any implications.) MS. JOHNSON told me that I called on time and that if I pay now, the power would be restored tomorrow, well guess what? It did not happen. I paid more than what was asked, called to report the payment and the line was busy all day on January 12, 2009. When I called this morning January 13, 2009 I was told I needed to call YESTERDAY to set an appointment. Oh Yea? No Kidding! I called yesterday and the line was busy… Anyone else have an alternate number to call with the line is continually busy? I paid and Ms. JOHNSON’s word was voided. LOL! I even talked to the ### manager Mr. Brian (talking to both of those idiots gave me an indication that my account will not be taken care of properly) now another day with my 89-year-old father taking cold baths because I have no way of warming the water and another day of ordering pizza.


ONE DAY… CENTERPOINT will mess with the wrong customer and every one of those pathetic employees will lose their jobs and hopefully replaced with employees who actually have brains that are fully-functional.

CENTERPOINT act as though they can do without my business, I am not the only one complaining... There is power in numbers and one complaint turns into many. CENTERPOINT... You need to watch how your staff is treating your clients...

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - getting new gas service-

I have been trying for a week to get my natural gas turned on. The first time the tech did not show up because he called ahead(to some number outside the US)and nobody answered so he did not even come to the residence. I took a day off work because they give an all day window. When I called to reschedule "Robert" assured me that as long as I had someone at the house by noon that I would be fine. My niece shows up at noon and there was note on the door that said "here at 8:45 could not come in the afternoon. I called and talked to a supervisor and she coped a major attitude. "We did nothing wrong" AWFUL COMPANY!!! SWITCH TO ELECTRICITY.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - faulty meter and connections, overcharging

I would greatly appreciate any information concerning a class action suit pertaining to Centerpoint Energy and the company's pricing and operation conflicts with consumers. I have had an ongoing...

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Nov 21, 2008

CenterPoint Energy - Billing issues

I was on a service repair plan and paid my monthly bills by mail. One month I paid my bill online and then I never received another bill in the mail. I thought they had discontinued the service...

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Nov 18, 2008

CenterPoint Energy - Unorganized & Rude

I paid my bill at a local 'pay station' Monday morning at 9. I was told by a very rude *customer service* (laughable) representative that I did not need to report the payment because it is automatically posted to the account when it is paid at such a location. -insert lots of sighing & smacking of lips-

My service was disconnected sometime late Monday afternoon.

I did not know that it was disconnected until the raw meat for dinner had already been prepared to cook, mixes were mixed, and batters were ready.

When I called to find out what had gone wrong I was informed that this was considered my fault, my negligence, and most importantly more of my money would be needed before we could get reconnected.

$20 service fee for them to come out and disconnect me.
$40 reconnect fee.
$20 service charge for them to come back out and reconnect despite the fact that I paid on time as promised and it was their own customer service that fell through.
$47 after hours overtime fee if I want it reconnected on the same day.

$127 total just in fees.

And my bill was paid in full on time, and I attempted to report the payment.

When calling customer service I am more often than not hung up on after listening to representatives laugh & talk for a few minutes.

I suppose they disconnect after enough time has passed for it to count on their calls received quota.

I am fairly certain that they do not even have their headset on, as surely they would respond to my direct cursing, screaming and name calling when I realize that I am hearing the exact 3 females that I heard the last time I called, waited in que for approx. 15 minutes and then was hung up on.

9 out of 10 representatives that I am forced to deal with [protected]) are so completely and shockingly rude.

They seem to be very fond of eating while receiving calls. Taking no shame in making you hold while they chew.

That is, of course, if you can understand them.

I would have presumed that being able to articulate would be part of the job description in customer service.

There are no available alternative gas companies. The only option for getting rid of CenterPoint would be to convert my hot water heater, stove top, oven & central heating unit to electricity.

If this happens many more times that option may prove to be more economical.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

CenterPoint Energy - charging for anything they can!!!

I have 5 children the youngest is 7 months old. It is such a hassle making a payment to Centerpoint, I usually put it off. Since I don't deal with mailing checks, I use my credit card over the phone. First I have to call Centerpoint (on the phone for about 10-15 minutes)just to get the phone number to call for Bill Matrix to make my payment (another 5-10 minutes) plus they charge a 2.95 charge for electronic checks or plastic. THEN I have to call Centerpoint AGAIN (Another 10-15 minutes of phone time) to give them the confirmation code.

Well, my gas was cut off yesterday evening, no knocker...nothing. So I had called Centerpoint, the electronic voice said 61.08 plus $20.00 reconnect fee. But being that I wanted to speak to a person, I had to call back. I finally got through to a person and was told 157.00 and that our service wouldn't be reconnected until Tuesday. Today is Thursday!!! 5 kids, 2 adults, no hot water for 6 freaking days!?!?!?!?! The guy, can't remember his name said there was no way they could make it out here until Tuesday.

Grumbling, I got off the phone called and made the $157.00 payment, plus an additional 2.95 Bill matrix payment fee.

I called Centerpoint energy back with the confirmation code and still pretty ticked off that my service wouldn't be reconnected until Tuesday. Then by the lady I was speaking to with the receipt number, she tells me that I can pay an additional $35.00 OVERTIME fee for them to reconnect today. But through Bill Matrix of course. They have to have that additional $2.95 ya know! But I had to do what I had to do for my babies!!!

So I called, made the payment to Bill Matrix and then called Centerpoint back. They couldn't give me a time of when someone would be here, but someone has to be here! Good thing I have no life outside my house... ya right! DON'T THESE PEOPLE KNOW THAT WE HAVE TO WORK TOO!?!?!?!

They charge you an arm and a leg for everything. My bill was only 94.40 (Summertime, no heat, just hot water) and it totalled 157.00 for a reconnect fee, So it was 94.40 (gas) + 62.60 (reconnect fee) + 2.95 (pay it fee) + 35.00 (OVER TIME fee) + 2.95 (another pay it fee).

Did I mention that I can't go and make the payment at the actual company, because there isn't a Centerpoint energy or place to make a payment anywhere near. The closest one is in Lawton, Oklahoma which is about 50 miles away!!!

This just seem illegal to me and they are getting away with it. It wouldn't surprise me at all if they started charging us to mail our bills to us!!! I know they charge us a stamp to mail our paper checks to them!!!

I'm so livid over this that I am thinking about calling my attorney to see if something or anything can be done! Gas prices are high enough!!!

centerpoint sucks. whether its reliant, txu or whomever, centerpoint comes out for all providers. we dont have a choice. all you can do is PRAY that you get someone that is in a good mood when they come out to cut your services off. we have to answer to centerpoint and so one day centerpoint will have their day in GOD's court. HE is the highest chain of command.



It just happened to me. After being wrongfully disconnected and paying $62 to reconnect. The tell me that are going to take 3 days to recconect... What is this?? this an utility and public service that is considered a basic need. I think $62 is a big charge for 5 minutes they take reconnecting, I think they could work on saturdays.
I bet if they didn´t have the monopoly for the gas service in the area, I am most certain they wouldn´t have such a lousy customer service.

Sep 26, 2008

CenterPoint Energy - lying snakes

Centerpoint is a bunch of liars, and their customer service sucks on the phone. I missed work today to sit at home and wait ALL DAY for a representative to show up...NO ONE SHOWED UP...whats worse is that they lied about it and said that they showed up to turn my gas on... WHATEVER not a damn person showed up. they say they rang the doorbell and my dog started barking, strange at the time he said he showed up was right around the time our power came back on after hurricane Ike. so if he was just before the power came on the the doorbell would not have worked therefore not getting my attention, let alone my dogs to go bark at the door. if it was after the fact that we got power back then he is still a liar, because once the power came on I went and opened the garage door to take the trash out to the curb since tomorrow is trash day and we haven't had trash service for weeks due to Ike. the thing that makes it worse is that they sent an e-mail saying when they would be here, and it stated that nobody needed to be here... why then would he come out (the liar didn't come out) and cancel my turn on because he said nobody was here. DON"T TRUST CENTERPOINT THEY LIE AND THE SAY ITS YOUR FAULT AND YET MAKE YOU WAIT LONGER FOR SERVICE.

They have done the same thing in Conway, AR said they came here Friday and on a Saturday no one showed up no note nothing, now they are trying to charge another 50$ fee to come out again or we have to wait a week

If they show up, they should leave a note hanging on your with a time stamp.

Sep 23, 2008

CenterPoint Energy - ignoring downed power line reports

Center Point has been contacted over one hundred times regarding downed power lines on Spring Cypress Road between Grant and Eldridge Roads in northwest Harris County zip code 77377. Center Point is ignoring community requests to have these lines and downed poles repaired/replaced. Center Point is also diverting power restoration crews from this area to other, more affluent areas in the wake of hurricane Ike. Center Point refuses to send crews to this area even though a clear and present hazardous condition exists. Center Point is negligent and liable for this hazard.


I do not know why if I pay a monthly fee, And when I need them they cant come until a week later ??????? In my opinion they are taking my money and running. I had to buy a part that costed me $120.00 for my oven and fix it myself :(
A unhappy customer!!!

Sue em.

Sep 26, 2008

Centerpoint Energy is also ignoring downed power lines in Houston, Texas 77021 area. It has been reported to them repeatedly.

Aug 21, 2008

CenterPoint Energy - unfair equipment charges

After many phone calls and several weeks, we *finally* got someone from Centerpoint to come out and install a meter for electrical service - only they didn't. After severl days of calling customer service to see if our power had finally been installed (the service is in a different town than we live in) we were informed of the turn down, as the company calls it. We asked what the reasons were, the rep named them, one of which was a cryptic "Construction needed". We asked the CSR to explain the problems (so that we knew what to correct) and she couldn't say! We asked what "construction needed" meant, she similarly couldn't explain it and then referred us to a local rep, John Burke, which we had to leave a voice mail for. To make a long story short (and believe me, it IS a long story) John went out to our property and determined that the transformer box was just that, a box, and that the company has to intall one in order to provide us electrical service. Because the service is going to our RV rather than a home (we won't be building for a few years) Centerpoint is charging us $864.00 for the labor of installing said transformer. Keep in mind others with homes in this subdivision get this service for free, but we are being forced to pay for it. We will not be reimbursed for the cost when we build our home, and the transformer also services the vacant property next door - so once someone moves in there, they will get for free what we have had to pay for. I spoke with John's supervisor Christine Churny who made no concessions whatsoever to our plight. As the $864.00 charge is discretionary, I feel they could have given us a break. FREE would have been nice, but halving it seems fair given that it's a shared piece of equipment. I wish there were an alternative to Centerpoint. This latest is just another problem we have had with them and our service hasn't even started yet (although our disservice has!)

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